'Darksburg' Blends 'Left 4 Dead' with 'Diablo' and Adds Style

Built in the image of the Left 4 Dead franchise, Darksburg asks players to put aside their petty differences and work with each other toward a cooperative goal. That goal is always somewhere over there, and the path between here and there is generally through a massive horde of zombies that need to be taken out bit by bit. This can be made as easy or as hard as you want it to be, and it all comes down to communication. Can you talk it out? Can you overcome gothic horror together? These are the questions that Darksburg asks.

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I just watched the trailer and holy hell does it aesthetic pull me in immediately.

I honestly wish Diablo 4 looked like this.

Thanks for writing this! I probably would have missed it otherwise… but that is definitely a chipmunk, not a squirrel haha

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It’s not a Left 4 Dead-like without Coach saying “Nice shot, Zoe!”

That said, this looks like it could be my jam.

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so it’s Gauntlet, then

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I’m definitely into the look of this game. Will probably check it out this weekend.