Darksiders 3 is a thing now, 2018 for PC XB1 and PS4


From Gematsu.com
Darksiders III reveal leaked for PS4, Xbox One, and PC - Gematsu

After many months of waiting the new Nordic THQ has seemingly unveiled a new Darksiders title starting Fury.

I won’t post the entire article but I think the most important point to note:

  • Explore an open-ended, living, free-form game world in which FURY moves back and forth between environments to uncover secrets while advancing the story

From the looks of it, it’s going to be continuing in the same vein as Darksiders 2. Or maybe a hybrid of the first and the second. I really enjoyed the 2nd game and thought it was far more interesting and fun than the first, with a better character to boot.


This is fantastic news to wake up to! Darksiders 1 & 2 are a real good experience.

Yay, looks rad so far. Didn’t finish 1 or 2… but am happy to see they are picking up the franchise again. Gives me another chance to jump in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those screenshots suggest this one’s gonna be set primarily on Earth, unlike DSII, which is something I can dig - I love that overgrown post-apoc setting.

Cool, I really like those games! But also man, Amazon is really terrible for leaks.

Oh HELL yes.

The cliffhanger for 1 was one of my favorite moments in an action adventure. I hope the designs and action are as over the top in this one!

Keen. I wonder if this was going to be an E3 announcement.

This looks very pretty. Maybe I’ll actually go and play the first two! They’ve only been sitting in my Steam library unplayed for literal years

That’s so great! Are any of the people from Vigil at THQ Nordic though?
Edit: Ah, so gunfire games is Vigil people.

Updated with official trailer!

Seems this is taking place during the events of 2. If they managed to make all these games (at least 1 more game with the final rider or maybe 1 after to combine them all) it’ll be pretty fucking cool they managed to pull it off.

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Oh wow. Nice! Didn’t think they’d ever continue the series. Hope it turns out well.

Not sure how I felt about that trailer. CG animation isn’t up to the standards of say, Blur Studios, just seems a little stiff and lifeless.

Hopefully the gameplay trailers excited me more.

Joe MAD is a numpty but I’m not sure why you’d think Darksiders would work without his style.

But maybe this is the best that they can do…

God I hope they do not fuck this up. I really really like the Darksiders franchise for some reason? I recognize they are not great games but I also have a very real adoration for that series. Fury was a good choice out of their 4 established horsemen given that the other one is almost entirely gun based and they’d probably just have to go a straight bayonetta route which I trust no one but platinum to do.

I remember at some point after DS2 came out, they said that DS3 was going to be a co-op game where you’d plays as Fury and Stryfe. Wonder if that concept is going to be in there anywhere.

I really liked Darksiders 1, I thought Darksiders 2 did some interesting things and had a great score, even if I liked it less, but man, is anyone else feeling generally trepidatious about what this third one is presenting? Why are we fighting the Seven Deadly Sins of all things? Fury’s appearance feels sexualized in a bad way for someone named “Fury” and not “Horny.” Maybe my tastes have changed since I played the first Darksiders. Thoughts?

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She looks straight out of Legacy of Kain. Tbh fam, I’m not sure how I feel about her design; I wish they’d stuck closer to her initial designs, (only clothed.)
But I’m still really happy this is happening. This is literally my dream come true. I thought the series was done for after THQ blew the fuck up, Vigil split apart, and it seemed like no one was buying the Darksiders IP. God bless you, Nordic. They even got back to me when I emailed them asking if DS2 was coming to Xbox One.

I really hope the remasters aren’t indicative of the quality of this game. Ideally, those were poor because everyone was focused on this.

Yeah I’m not sure where this fits in with the other stories - after the events of DS1, we’re supposed to be getting on with the apocalypse and a final war between heaven and hell.

Fury’s design is… eh. At least she’s not wearing armor that leaves her navel and nipples exposed.

i swear to god, i see “Drakengard 3” every single time someone talks about this and i have a heart attack at the thought of a DoD3 port