DC Fan Dome - So Much Batman

Batman’s totes dead and the Batkids have to pick up the slack

Sure does feel like WB Game Montreal made what I wanted Crystal Dynamics Avengers game to be.


I’m definitely behind on my Bat-Lore, but I’m surprised to see Red Hood in this. Because of his tendency to murder people.

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The Court of Owls assassins, The Talons, I believe are undead so maybe that’s a loophole.

This looks super cool, almost like a Wolfenstein Youngblood to Avengers’ full-on Destiny from what I’ve seen.

I hope my fave is a secret character.

Watching the gameplay trailer, it seems they have a LOT of work to do. It looked really clunky to me.

This Fandome event has been a god damn roller coaster

We’ve got this horrendously terrible Darkseid

And this absolutely incredible John Cena as Peacemaker


Red Hood is very Punisher-y: Batman doesn’t like having him around but the others will snag him when they need the help

Maybe we should make this a DC FAN DOOOOOOME thread?

i gotta say having three quarters of your roster be Just Robins kinda feels like uh, maybe they could have branched out a bit? like, couldn’t find huntress, huh.

If it’s a live service game, it needs DLC

Is it a live service game? Only details that I’ve found is that it be played solo or with a second person.

I wouldn’t complain if it was a normal game, but it definitely has loot and an open world.

Speaking of DLC, I would do illegal things to get to play as the Question in this game


I have to imagine that Question, Batwoman, and Red Robin (depending on which Robin this Robin is) are all potential DLC characters. The Bat-verse is big and full of interesting possibilities.

I don’t think this is the worst game in the world. It doesn’t look better than the Arkham games we already have. (I should play Origins, actually.) I thought Arkham Knight should have focused on the co-op stuff more than the Batmobile, honestly.

But was this worth eleven months?? This doesn’t even look all that big or prestige.

This feels like something that would come out like two years after Arkham Knight as kind of a higher quality B-game. Does it look like a game that took five years to make? It actually reminds me of Arkham Knight’s DLC a bit.

I’m actually a bit bummed that Batwoman isn’t one of the starting characters. Considering she got a CW show and she’s very prominent in the Detective Comic line.

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Origins is a hair better than it widely gets credit for.

I don’t necessarily begrudge them taking five years to make it (particularly if the co-op is drop-in/drop-out - that’s hard to do), but I agree that they shouldn’t have started teasing this announcement back whenever it was they did (in the Before Times). A brief mention a few weeks ago would have been sufficient.

Also, the Rocksteady game showing…thing is at 8:10 EST (nineteen minutes from this post timestamp)

EDIT: Here’s the trailer: https://twitter.com/suicidesquadRS/status/1297326553106325504?s=20

Jason Schreier saying this game is “Not Soon” did help set expectations here.

Basically, it’s a third-person action-adventure game a la the Arkham games. Set in the Arkham continuity. You can play by yourself switching between characters or invite people in to control the other three. Set in Metropolis. Brainiac has invaded and taken control of the Justice League. Out in 2022.

I’m meh to this too.

It’s so weird they’re announcing two different games in the same day that both co-op open world games tangentially related to the Arkham series. Eggs in one basket much?

This has to be peak Games as a Service, right?

I’m just gonna assume we can drop other DC FAN DOOOOME stuff in here, so here’s the new Batman movie. I gotta say, Riddler being written as a Zodiac type works really well for me.

Also, holy shit Colin Farrell:

And here’s Suicide Squad:

I see GAAS like I do superhero movies: folks will stop making them when they stop making so much money.

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