Dead Cells, metroidvania, rogue-lite, souls-like, etc etc


I noticed we didn’t have an actual thread just for this game. There’s threads about content surrounding the game but not one dedicated to discussing it.

For those that may not know, Dead Cells is a 2D pixel art rogue-lite metroidavania style game with extremely fast and fluid combat similar to Symphony of the Night or a 2D Dark Souls. It has similarities to Rogue Legacy in structure albeit a little bit more linear, but combines it with many aspect from other games from the genre.

There’s plenty of video content out there.

I’ve been playing the game for 3 hours and I’m rather enjoying the moment to moment gameplay and combat. It’s so fluid and pulling off complex moves is really easy. I’m not 100% sold on the structure of the game though.

I managed to get to one of the first bosses that takes places on The Black Bridge and managed to kill it. It was a really good feeling which invokes feelings from other Souls-like games, narrowly squeaking by with a little bit of health. I died shortly after and had to restart from the beginning since this is a rogue-lite obviously but when I got back to the same area I found that the boss had respawned. I was genuinely shocked at this. I honestly thought that once I defeated a named boss in the game it would stay dead, allowing me to proceed to the next area or at least give me some kind of ability to get to this part of the game much quicker.

This bugged me because it seems the game wants to have big event style boss battles from a Souls game, but not reward you with the catharsis of dispatching them for good. The fact that I know the only way I’m going to proceed is having to fight the boss again bums me out a little bit. In addition I’m starting to wonder if that’s how it’ll be at the subsequent bosses as well.

I know this is a rogue style game and that’s generally the point, but I feel the design there is trying to combine two things that don’t mix. If you have a Souls style boss encounter it needs to stay dead after you kill it.

Any I completely off base here?


This game has the same effect on me that Destiny, BotW, and PUBG have on me: just reading the name makes me want to play immediately.


How far have you managed to get? I’m wondering if there will ever be the option to skip early levels.


There is a rune that lets you skip to the “hard” levels (don’t know what their being called) from the intro dungeon.


Interesting. I also just started feeding cells into getting a new random starting melee weapon which should help vary the intro parts.

The thing that confused me is that when I beat that one early boss to get the ability to create the vines, it didn’t respawn… i think? I figured beating the boss after The Ramparts would give me the ability to interact with the weird monoliths you see around.


Just started this up and having fun so far. After watching a few Quick Look style VoDs (including Patrick’s), I’m looking forward to seeing what comes later in the game.


Everything about this looks like something I’d gobble up in a heartbeat. Once (if?) it hits consoles, I’ll be jumping right in. Guess it’s Let’s Plays and thread watching for me until then. :-/


Prays for 2018/2019 Switch version.


Yeah, gating/progress feels unclear and incomplete.


Hoping it’s something that is refined in time.


I am loving the hell out of this game. It has also had a pretty severe “Just one more run” effect on me that lasts hours longer than I’d meant. I’m not super sure I really see too much call for a dark souls comparison.The animation is so good.

It’s tough but there are times and weapon combinations where I get into a pretty good flow and do really well. I like the branching paths you can take depending on what you’re feeling/how you’re equipped. The animation is super good. I’m hoping the guy you give cells to get’s a bit more chatty in the future. I’d like to more than just the same thing every time.


The combat and boss design is VERY Souls-like. Even the dev’s themselves described it that way!


:frowning: I just didn’t particularly super see what was so similar myself.

Boss stuff makes sense though

I’ve only fought the one, once


I love this game. I’m not too experienced with rogue-likes, but I am with souls-likes. It’s really fun to play, it’s very fluid, and the style is so nice.

My main gripe is that it just needs a little bit more variety in terms of challenges you can do. Those “Secret Area” timed challenges that end with one hit are hardly rewarding to complete. Both times I managed to finish it, I got something that was worse than what I had. The Elites are more or less just harder enemies that don’t seem to drop good gear most of the time, so I tend to ignore them. And the Curse Chests all have the same “kill 10 enemies without getting hit to get rid of the curse” deal. I’d like it if there were other rewards or options in those challenges to coax me into taking a risk. As it is, I only do them if I know I can crush it, otherwise I just ignore everything until I know I’ll be okay. Just give me some other curse options that might be easier, but it’s random which one you get, like disabling your second weapon, getting rid of rolling, a damage debuff, and so on.

I’ve managed to get all the way to the Graveyard before dying. It’s so addicting and hard to resist jumping straight back in.


I’m really fucking enjoying this game. Its grabbed me and taken hold.

But I’ve still only gotten to the second past the first boss once. Gotten to the zone immediately after the first boss multiple times, but I keep dying on the way there.

Which is both frustrating and super addicting


The zone after the first boss is a real motherfucker. I’ve only managed to beat the Incomplete One once though… I have a hard time falling in rhythm with it and keep dying near the end.

I finally found the boss that gives you the ability to interact with the teleport monuments and got to the Ossuary which also a real motherfucker with some super interesting enemies.

I unlocked the rapier this morning which I think may be my favorite weapon because it benefits from my style of play which is roll in, do an attack, roll away because it crits when you attack directly after a roll. Super fun.


I bought and played this game for about… six hours, according to Steam. I really enjoy it, but I have one big problem with the game, and that’s the way random weapon drops work.

I don’t mind trying or starting with new weapons. But it sucks when I have a good combo setup, like say the phasing active ability combined with the backstab dagger, and I never get either of those again, and end up having to naturally replace them because the enemies have become too hard for a level one or two backstab dagger. Yeah, I can pump a lot of points into strength to compensate, but I still end up feeling weaker than I should, and I have to switch it up with a less desirable, and often less fun set of equipment. And the more weapons I unlocked, the harder and harder it became to find one of those good/fun combos!

I wish I could… pay to upgrade my current weapon, even if it ended up costing more, instead of having to pray that the next shop has a new one.

I’m ready to feel like a fool if someone tells me there is a way to do that. O:

Also turret plus grenade is my go-to skills combo. But I tried magnet bomb and buzzsaws on my last run and damn that was nice and good and that might become my go-to, provided I can build it.

Weapon-wise, the electric whip makes a lot of the game super easy, but the rapier is so much more active and fun. O:

RE: Dark Souls comparisons, it really feels like anytime a game has rolling and shields people see the similarities and scream SOULS! It’s a bit silly, and I don’t really think it holds here beyond a shallow or superficial level. I do understand the devs cite inspiration as such, but even so. Not a big deal, though. C’est la vie!


Guess I’m going to Necro this conversation. Man the game is good

You know that run where you suddenly decide to try a new weapon on a boss (and a shield for the first time also), so you farm the area around it so you have enough gold, finish with a sliver of health and no flask, get to the upgrades, upgrade all your weapons and then run into the boss fight. Only to realise that in your excitement you hadn’t healed / refilled your flasks?? Yeah, I just had that run.

I think one of the funny/small indicators of how fun it is is that I’ve done plenty of “farming” runs where I’m not going to buy anything, and just fill up my purse, only to find myself buying all the things because they’re all so fun


Has anyone started going for time gate runs or other specific runs?

I have found I can get to final boss most runs by running through all areas just collecting scrolls until first boss. Then slow down and clear areas and find a solid loadout. Generally putting all scrolls into tactics as I seem to have more of those blueprints so better chances for drops.

Not beaten last boss with this tactic yet but is a good way for me to practice vs him with different load outs reasonably quickly. Normally getting to it in 35-40minutes


I think they only ever contain 1 scroll, so its almost never the “best” choice since AFAIK all areas contain 2 scrolls as standard so you’ll tend to miss out by not exploring. I think the idea is that as you get further into the game you use them as guaranteed upgrades when you know you don’t need a ton of stats because you know the bosses weakness, or are farming for specific BPs