‘Deadly Premonition’ Designer's Next Game About a Town Full of Secret Cats

You know what, that's just weird enough to work.

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I’m extremely happy that Swery gets to flex his weird muscles. I’m sure there’s some element of intentionality to his weirdness at this point (based on some of his GDC talks), but I’ve not had the chance to pick up one of his games myself yet, so this is hopefully a good jumping off point.

I just want to be a cute cat with shades and a crescent moon necklace…

The cat dimension!

I’m so ready for this, my excitement is already through the roof.

I will forever be saddened that the excellent D4 will never have a proper send-off though

i’m always excited for a new swery take on an established genre, but i never thought he’d tackle a harvest moon-style RPG. and wow if the image posted in the article is representative of the game’s art style then it looks like he’s trying a buncha new things at once! i’m already incredibly hyped for this

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a day-in-the-life RPG where I get to turn into a cat every night sounds A+

as an english woman who turns into a cat at night im excited


And of course I’m listening to A Fan’s Mail by Thundercat as I pulled this up. Reality could have aligned no better!

So that’s where all the Murakami cats go

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I’m about 1000% down with this premise.

By the way, someone pointed out to me that the town the game is set in is called Rainy Woods, which was the original name for Deadly Premonition, back when Francis York Morgan was called David Young and it was somehow even more Twin Peaks than the final game.

(Interesting to see what was kept, what was changed, and what was recycled. That sting…)

I want to go to that town.