Dear Video Games: Please Reconsider Your 'Emotional' E3 Trailer Music

Your covers and repurposing of music used elsewhere is a distraction, not an enhancement.

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All around me are familiar faces, familiar songs, familiar songs, on repeat, forever. I’ve started watching trailers on mute now. I don’t need to hear the cliche songs trotted out anymore; I certainly don’t need to hear any fake commentary or fauxsports. When it’s not stock, temp music, then we can talk.

That said, still super interested in the Metro series. I’m curious how far towards STALKER this one is going because it looks like it’s ditching some of the oppressively claustrophobic underground from the previous titles.

Seeing the player take out a map and binoculars got me excited maybe this will be more STALKER/Far Cry 2. Let’s hope for that!

On topic, yeah, the Gears trailer is remembered because it was so different at the time. No one’s going to be impressed with dark covers forcing gravitas anymore.

The real issue here is we already learned that Power by Kanye West is the prefect trailer song for all video games. (whatever E3 it was where it was used for two different games. I added it to some trailers on my own and it actually fits pretty well with all actions trailers.)

Dunno what else it was used for.

Found it, Forza 4

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