Death Grips- No Love, Deep Waypointdotzone


Hate Death Grips? Love them? Don’t know where to start or how to get in? Aching to discuss themes/lyrics/concert experiences or what have you?

This band is a conundrum and there is a thread about them on literally every other forum on the internet, so hey. Why not on here?


I find Death Grips to be the best music to work out to.


I did that horribly thing where I first heard Death Grips and thought “Wow this is funny and weird” and then flash forward tow years and I can’t stop listening to Death Grips send help


I got to see them live during their NLDW tour. The entire club was like a sauna. I’m pretty sure Zach Hill broke some of his electric drum kit. I got to mosh to No Love. MC Ride screamed into my face. My life peaked that night.


Death Grips is exactly my shit. For some reason music that is incredibly off-putting to others like the Butthole Surfers, Negativeland & the most hardcore punk is incredibly relaxing for me. Death Grips do good by me.


I almost got to see them when they were touring The Powers That B and I will forever regret not being able to go to that show



Have loved Death Grips’ bizarre vibe since I heard Ex-military back in the day, lost my shit with each successive release up until and including NLDW, but have gotten kinda cold on their last few releases. Fashion Week and Interview were their strongest releases since NLDW imo, though NotM has some serious bangers on it.

@ligeti I’m insanely jealous of anyone that’s seen them live.


I was one of those who got burned when they cancelled their Money Store tour, but when they announced shows for No Love I never accepted a service charge so fast.

Definitely try to make it out to see them if ever you can. Feeling the synth bass drum hits during “No Love” was one of my all-time favorite concert-going experiences!


I’m lucky enough to have seen them live twice, once in SF and once in Philly. Both shows were incredible. I’m a long time fan, but I think they’re getting a little long in the tooth. Bottomless Pit felt a bit uninspired to me.


Used to be really into them, still listen on occasion, had tickets to see them when they were supposed to play that NIN your they were on and dropped, and got to see Dillinger escape plan instead.

The instrumental albums were really surprisingly good, and I’ve enjoyed most of their disography so far, hopefully they stick with it.


Yeah, unfortunately it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever make it down to New Zealand so the only chance I’ll have is if I’m somehow in the states and they’re playing at the same time and I can afford tickets AND they actually show up to the gig. A guy can hope.


Yeah I actually really liked Fashion Week and Interview 2016, but they don’t get a lot of love.


No Love, Sick Beats


Big big fan. I remember getting a text in class that Government Plates dropped and rushing back to my dorm to download it. I feel like there’s a general perception that they’ve sorta exhausted their style, but I looooooved Bottomless Pit last year, and I hope we get more of that sound in the future.

Also shoutout to The I.L.Y.'s. I think I liked their album last year a little bit more than BP.


I enjoy Death Grips quite a bit (The Money Store is almost a perfect album tbh) but I’m starting to get a bit tired of their whole aesthetic and sound. I didn’t super like the instrumental albums they released recently, and even though “Giving Bad People Good Ideas” is a 10/10 fuckin jam, I thought Bottomless Pit was just mediocre overall. Who knows, maybe their next stuff will bring me back in again?


The fun thing about Death Grips is how they dont stick to one style for too long, so their next record (if they even make a next record) could pull you back in or drive you further away! Who knows!?


I used to be into Death Grips but as is typical in my life, I moved away from it when it got too popular.

I saw them in Chicago when they were missing Flatlander, and went to see them again at the infamous show they bailed out on. That was maybe the start of me losing interest in their antics.

From the few times I’ve bumped Bottomless Pit it was awesome, but I think the time of my life is past where I was so obsessed I found myself falling asleep to No Love Deep Web


I kinda fell off of them after Government Plates but I still love everything they put out. Just that I used to listen to them constantly 100% of all the time. I think I just got, for lack of a better term, bored of them. It all started to sound sameish and I just kept going back to The Money Store or No Love Deep Web since those are my favorite versions of what they do.

I remember I would play their music all the time at college parties and everyone would be vibing nice and hard until the vocals would kick in. Always had fun with that:


Oof. Well the instrumental albums they have dropped would probably be much better for parties


Here’s my ranking

The Money Store
Bottomless Pit
Niggas on the Moon
Jenny Death
No Love Deep Web
Government Plates

I ended up linking Bottomless Pit more than anyone else. I really liked how it was like this big combination of all the styles they had experimented with in the past to make some of the craziest and most catchy songs in their discography yet. I understand how people said it was a retread and wasn’t as envelope-pushing as past releases, but I appreciate what it did.