Deathloop - Stylish Time Loop Action

Making a thread to talk about Deathloop, which just got delayed to September 14:

And here’s this Game Informer interview with director Dinga Bakaba

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Shit, this is delayed too? Well, I might actually have time to play Cyberpunk 2077 this year, huh…

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Comrade, you’re going to have time to play whatever you want this year. I’m pretty sure the Nier remake will make it and that’s about it.


Dang, this likely pushes the eventual Gamepass release for Deathloop way back. Oh well, better than rushing it out I suppose.

So this is a bit tinfoil hat-y but I have to imagine that Microsoft was just fine with a Playstation exclusive getting delayed.

I’m glad they’re getting the time that they need but I’m a little sad because I am very excited for this game. As much as I enjoyed Dishonored I was always a little annoyed with the way those games gave you a bunch of fun ways to murder people then docked you points and gave you a bad ending for doing so. From the preview coverage it’s seems like Deathloop has a similar power set but encourages you to go wild with them. I’m also just a sucker for mid-century modernism.

I also hope that this is a hit since Arkane does some of the best level design in the business and it feels like they don’t get the credit they deserve.


The thing I’m wondering is if Microsoft acquiring Bethesda gave them the needed funding to take the extra 3.5 months they need to really polish it. I hope so and that it’s not a crunchathon.

And like you said, I hate it when games give you a giant toolbox full of cool stuff and then penalize you for using it. Dishonored was extremely guilty of it; I’m hoping Deathloop won’t go that way (the interview I posted suggests that they’re quite keen on letting players off the chain).


So far, none of the material they’ve released on it even hints at something like the Chaos Level mechanic, so I think we’re good there. Pretty sure it’s just going to be a pure Immersive Sim type of deal.

I think there’s an argument to be made that it’s in Microsoft’s strategic interest to get these legacy deals finished earlier than later, especially while the PS5 remains supply constrained and an exclusive can’t really move the needle on console sales. But I’m glad that this strategic need isn’t getting in the way of giving the dev team the time they need.


Yeah, exactly. The faster these exclusivity deals expire, the faster Microsoft can run the “Big Game You Want Now On Game Pass” ads

Thanks to PS5 shortages (I managed to get one, but I haven’t had an experience like that since trying to get Arcade Fire tickets from ticketmaster in the long before times), there’s probably a bit of a game of chicken going on with the big PS5 exclusives. You’ll get more sales the later you release, but if you release too late, another game might eat your lunch.

True, but in this case the sales of Deathloop on PS5 is a secondary concern. The “real” debut is when it comes to the Xbox ecosystem, I would imagine. Whenever it hits it’s going to make a major splash for Gamepass.

I really looking forward to Deathloop. Arkane Studios just make the best games don’t they? I loved how Prey and Dishonoured were so open ended and allowed you to play in a variety of different playstyles, whatever playstyle you wanted. However, I do think that their open ended nature was always spoiled by the consignant nature of the game whereby you do have this overall objective to get a specific ending. Deathloop looks more like an action game, what I’m hoping is that it’s Arkane deliberately allowing the player to choose and adapt with different playstyles depending on the current loop. If I was a smart man, I’d say Arkane are looking to build off what they did with Mooncrash with players not getting too precious about ‘the run’ and building a game where players are forced to adapt more to their immediate surrounding and adapting from there.

On the other hand, it looks a little like Bulletstorm.


Is that bad? Maybe I’m the outlier here, but I thought the gameplay loop of Bulletstorm was great. The game was dumb in every other way possible, but that game had “it feels good to do the thing” in spades.

So put that together with the incredible level/systems of design of Prey, and a dash of Mooncrash, and even more here for whatever Arkane has planned than I was yesterday.

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I’m still a bit unsure about how the gameplay ‘loop’ (pun unintended) of this is gonna work in practice, but Arkane have more than earned my trust at this point. Plus the last trailer showed off a power that looks like Blink in all but name, and that alone is enough to get me to play.

Hopefully the extra few months will give them time to polish the whole thing, since if I remember correctly Dishonoured 2 (at least on PC) was a bit of a mess when it first came out, though as I didn’t play it until much later I can’t speak to it myself…

Imagine a cross between Hitman and The Outer Wilds. You go through the time loop assassinating your targets, picking up information about everybody’s schedule as you go. Once you have enough information (that you’ll get by reading computers etc.), you can try for the so-called “golden loop” in which you kill all eight targets (I think it’s eight - either six or eight) in one loop. This may involve kicking off some light “mission story”-esque things like making sure somebody early in the loop gets an invitation to a party so you can take out multiple targets at once later on in the loop, for example.


I definitely think the Mooncrash influence is there. I just replayed Mooncrash for much that reason, actually, and even the second time I think it is so incredible how they blend the roguelite and immersive stuff together. You get the same world-building by digging through computers and things, but you don’t have to find everything on the first pass because you’ll be back soon enough. And perhaps most importantly, because these games are so good are providing you with a breadth of tools and abilities that interact with the world in different ways, it’s great that the randomness of runs and the different characters forces you to adapt on-the-fly.

I suspect Deathloop will be somewhere between Prey OG and Mooncrash on that final point, given that it seems you play persistently as one character. In any event, I’m super hyped for it.

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CW: blood and gore

I guess it’s not a fully ticking clock but you have the ability to pick the time of day at which you explore the different environments. I wonder how that’s going to work out.

I was a big fan of the original Dishonored, and when Dishonored 2 came out, I played it but stopped at the Jindosh mansion for some reason; I think I jumped to a different game or lost the will to finish it because of other things going on.

I did try out Prey when it came out – but that one didn’t click with me too much for some reason. It was a little more survival horror and I felt it had gameplay freedom on a slightly different axis than what I wanted back then (just … more open I guess).

I recently got the itch to go back and finish Dishonored 2 and … I had no idea about the incredible set of levels waiting for me. Crack in the Slab is an all-timer, and Death of the Outsider wrapped everything up with vengeance, which felt amazing. Arkane are so good at what they do. I’m willing to give Prey another chance now, and absolutely can’t wait for Deathloop!


I turned Prey down to easy about halfway through and had a lot more fun - I appreciate that the tension of not necessarily having enough bullets to win every fight was a big part of the original System Shock games, but I much preferred being able to blast my way through and enjoy the world Arkane created

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We didn’t get any Deathloop at E3, but a teaser just went up on Twitter. Dishonored 2’s “Domino” makes a return as “Nexus”. This is far and away the most Dishonored-like any of the gameplay I’ve seen has been thus far. Not just the power being showcased, but also the aerial assassination and assault-blink kick ability.