Debating Fascists?

I don’t necessarily agree with Destiny (mainly because I’m not anti-violence against Fascists). But I think he makes some point here that deserve to be addressed.

Tried it. Lots of books about how that worked out.

Same with deferring to “the will of the people” and justifying it as democracy when millions of people voted for it and so it’s “anti-democratic” to question the elected government and their invocation of the politics of fear to drive through authoritarian changes. Same books.

In fact, there’s an entire strand of academic exploration that specifically looks at how fascism incubates within various structures of “acceptable” hatred and the demand for open debate of all topics. How it grows support before consuming the democratic institutions that it claimed to just be exercising more vigorously than others.

We don’t need to listen to fascists, we know what they want and how their old tired ideas operate. We know they have no genuine interest in democratic institutions which hold power in check but have a very strong interest in subverting those institutions to enable an authoritarian takeover.

Ethnic cleansing isn’t a debate topic, it’s a statement of intent. It’s the silencing of those whose eradication is being planned.


Agreed, fascists have already gone past the point of wanting or needing debate over their ideas and are simply carrying them through. Dangerous for us to waste time with it if they’re not.


Bad idea.

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