'Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth' Is a 'Lodoss War' Game in Name Only

Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth is as upfront about its existence as a game can be. From the opening moments of the titular character waking up in a mysterious forest clearing set-dressed for Nicol Williamson’s pagan exasperations in Excalibur to the flimsiest of plot-threads and the way it interjects characters from the original anime property. Wonder Labyrinth is what Team Ladybug does best—draping borrowed IP over a hypercompetent metroidvania skeleton.

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Cado voice: EXCUSE ME

There was a Shin Megami Tensei Metroidvania?? And it came out in 2017?? And nobody told me??


I just wish it was longer. I finished it with 98% map completion in four and a half hours, which is less than i’d like for the genre.

I didn’t know anything about the anime going in, and I guess it’s not saying something great about the game when I say I still don’t know anything about the anime now. These characters pasted onto a game is exactly how I would describe it. This game would work the same with any series.

It’s pretty good! It’s got a Silhouette Mirage mechanic and is focused on the Jack Bros.

Yeah, these developers tend to make pretty short games… On the bright side, they don’t wear out their welcome, but on the downside its always a disappointment to see them wrap up so fast! I kind of feel like the Metroidvania elements of their games is kind of incidental. I mean, yes, there’s backtracking and secrets and stuff, but the focus for me so far has been on the combat and action.