Deep Dive Club - Share what games you're reading a lot about

I love reading games crit from all the sites I follow and from the compilations at Critical Distance but I feel like a lot of the old written pieces get forgotten due to the constantly updating games discourse. Critical Distance (shout outs again) covers some series/work-focused ground with the critical compilations they publish, but it seems like it would be nice in a forum.

In this thread post what games crit you have been diving deep into reading lately!

:dizzy: I’ll post mine below this :dizzy:

I just beat Sonic Forces after not touching the series since Generations released in 2011 so I’ve been going deep into reading #sonicstudies as Zolani Stewart calls it. I’m really interested in the series after beating the most recent game because it just feels like no one can come to an agreement about what/who Sonic really is, and it is really boggling my mind that each iteration in the series doesn’t seem to take the prior entry into account.

Here are some of the pieces I have been reading:

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