Defence, Of The Ancients... 2

This game is incredibly hard. I have over 1000 hours in it. I watch pro stuff all the time. I am still monstrously bad.

It has maybe the worst community of anything I’ve ever seen.

And yet, I stick with it. What a video game. Talk DotA to me baby.


the only good video game to ever exist

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Dota 2 is the best game that I don’t play anymore

I can’t deal with just how good OG are. RIP vp. WHY DID YOU SELL THE SOLAR CREST RAMZES

I don’t play it as much as I’d like because I can’t find people to play with. A voicechat less dota is a not as fun dota

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wait a second arent you the guy that fed in one of my games recdently

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Me? Seems unlikely last I played was in December (maybe Jan)

I haven’t played in a couple years. I’m debating dipping a toe back in, but I lost so many hours before…

your name seems really familiar for some reason

It’s stolen hundreds of my English monies and 2000+ of my Earth Hours. I’ve actually taken a break from it over the past few months due to some mega games coming out and I… feel better.

I’m one for taking it too seriously and getting mad at friends so I think the break has done me some good and I don’t miss it all that much.

Love you, Dota2.

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Also dota has the best community of any game out there. this is some slander

I mean it depends who you are, everyone (including high profile personalities) seems incredibly hostile to the idea of making it more welcoming to anyone who isn’t a straight dude and not hurling slurs around and calling everything cancer or triggered.


Put more than 1300 hours into it before I stopped. Have since been steadily selling off my accumulated items and I am 100% sure I’ve made a profit off it.

Only items I’m holding on to right now are common ones that aren’t worth selling and ones for Luna, Sven and Juggernaut because they are my wife and husbands(who I could play pretty damn well).

I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm because Police D.Va incoming and my old DotA skills have come back in force, I kick ass.

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I was boyfriends with a dude who had good MMR and he taught me how to play. Qing all random or random pick with 1 or 2 ppl was pretty fun. I played Rubick, the dweeb, a lot because I love to punish and I love dumb ability interactions.

But I kinda felt like… awful at least half the time I was playing. I don’t wanna spend 45 minutes playing a match that has 5050 chance putting me in a bad mood. Like, not so much getting stomped as interacting with awful boys, which doing that well is a good part of making whatever team you’re in the one that wins more if ten. Idk idk idk

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I think the most important factor in OG’s ongoing dominance in the pro scene is just how well n0tail and Fly work together. In many ways they’re the perfect combo; Fly is the hot one, but n0tail is the cute one. Between them, they’re better looking than most other teams combined. That’s what it takes to bring 4 majors home.


This is incredibly not true. First of all if you’re going to play solo then just mute everyone else. The language of dota is all you need to coordinate at a low level. Have you ever been to a DOTA event? The community is amazing, yeah we all flame each other in game, but it stays in the game.

Dota and other mobas are games that you have to play with teammates. There will never be a “non-toxic” game or whatever. These games are high on stress and rely on teamwork. Add to that fact that we have anonymity and you get flames immediately. I play with straight people, gay, girls, all types of people and we all flame equally.

Is a hero like Naga Siren or Terror Blade a “cancer” in dota? Not really, but they can provide the most frustrating games to play against, so you see where that language can come from. I don’t think you (or a lot of mainstream press personally) give dota the respect it deserves as well as its community. Its incredibly inviting, but its a meat grinder. You might be playing “for fun” but everyone else wants to win.


DotA is, like, the closest esports has ever gotten to actual sports for me? By which I mean that I’ve played a total of maybe a dozen games of DotA ever, but watch pro DotA recreationally in much of the same way that I used to be into baseball when I was a kid. It’s a great game that I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours watching and studying but will never play.

If you want to talk about sports. I got up at 3:30AM, 3 days in a row to watch it, I think dota has made me understand the sports appeal.

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HOT TAKE, buff alc.

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no. u monster :triumph: