DELTARUNE A game? I think?


Having a reusable healing spell makes it easier to push through difficult encounters without worrying about how many items you brought, but the core bullet hell mechanics are the same. If you really didn’t like them the first time I don’t think there’s going to be a significant difference for you.


I did a thread on my thoughts of the game here on the twitter, its about the themes of the game and is spoiler-y

Please enjoy it and tell me your thoughts on my thoughts


Like you, isolation or loneliness is certainly what I felt a lot of in it. Looking only at Kris, they don’t seem to feel like they belong in the town. People ask them about how it feels to have red blood and years ago they wore a head band with horns to look more like the others. Just one class mate seems to be a decent friend, but they don’t seem particularly close any longer.

A lot of this to me neatly shows how life changes in adolescence and how rough or even devastating it can be. Kris has grown apart from their good friend without making new ones. Their brother and other good friend has long since left town, with a shower of accolades that Kris can’t live up to. On top of that their parents have split up on bad terms. Things just aren’t working out the way they should have.

For us players this is again emphasized by how characters are changed from how we knew them in Undertale. We know most of them, yet they feel like strangers. The world has changed around us. I think that’s a neat change in tone from the first game, and I’m excited about it.

PS: I cannot fricking believe that I missed the anagram Ralsei :left_right_arrow: Asriel when playing it. I even remember thinking that there must be something to the name when first hearing it, but never made the connection.


So here’s some thoughts re: the ending of chapter 1.

At the start of the game, when you save the first time, you overwrite a savefile labelled ‘Kris’. At the end of the game, you see Kris’s body pull the players SOUL out, and reveal the knife + red eyes. The birdcage has seen a lot of wear-and-tear, indicating that this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Given that the SOUL is in our control, indicating that it is not Kris’s (I think), and that there is a previous save, what happened to Kris? They no longer inhabit the body, it appears that Chara, or Chara’s in-universe equivalent does. The player’s SOUL is the red soul left in the birdcage. Kris is conspicuously absent from this scene, because we overwrote the save at the start of the chapter. ‘What happened to that deleted save’ is a question I don’t think is answered in this chapter, but I think its the question I want answered most.


Danganronpa 2 spoiler: the major twist at the end of the game is that all the main characters were the head apostles of the death cult that caused the apocalypse, and are being put into a simulation by the first game’s survivors in order to be re-conditioned.

I don’t know if they’d want to hem so closely to that game’s big twist, but the pieces are certainly there. Gaster and Sans are aware of the player’s influence in allowing a vicious murderer to gain enough power to effectively destroy timelines, Gaster is (without a shadow of a doubt) a major player in this game’s story. He created a new version of the world, stuck the corrupted soul into it, and is trying to see if they can massage out the bad parts through railroading them into a Good Path.

Tangentially related, I remember there being a fair amount of frustration from people along the lines of “the murder ending of Undertale is trying to guilt me for choosing to see/do it”. I’ve always disagreed with that reading, you’re supposed to see that bad route because it’s where the full breadth of the story’s themes come into complete focus.

It’s setting you up with an unambiguously uplifting ending, knowing just about everyone will be curious enough to see what happens in the other route, and then fundamentally destroying everything about that good ending to bring home the point about how we sometimes unhealthily obsess over the things we love. The fact that Deltarune is directly referencing elements exclusive to that playthrough, makes it clear that the bad route is core to the reading of Undertale’s story.


omg how you just described Gaster describes Killjoy’s entire plan in The Suffering 2 if you load a clear file from 1 of an evil Torque.


This makes me wonder if anything is different if you play through the entire game without saving.