‘Demon’s Souls’ Finally Going Offline Next Year


Back in 2012, Atlus tried to move on from Demon’s Souls, announcing the game’s online servers would soon be turned off. Fans revolted, however, and Atlus promptly announced the servers would remain online for “the foreseeable future.” That “foreseeable future” is apparently February 28, 2018; on that day, Demon’s Souls will finally—for the second time, and likely for real—be going offline.

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I wonder how this’ll affect the world tendency stuff. I didn’t really see or engage with a lot of that stuff and I was totally going to get around to it one day—after I play these bajillion other games.


It’s been a while since I had to deal with it, but it should be possible to do everything you need. I believe I was one or two materials shy of crafting everything to get the platinum before my PS3 hard drive died, and I played a lot of it offline. You just have to redo things a lot.


I think when you’re offline Tendency is locked in a neutral state? Maybe it’s only affected by your actions, and not by the community? That system was always weird and nebulous, though. I’m not exactly sure.

In any case this is a sad thing for me. I played Demon’s in like late 2009 and I’m not even sure where I heard about it. I just remember playing it one day and being completely confused and intrigued by it in a way that no other game in that series has really matched. Part of that was how weird and unexplained the online stuff was, and while I’m sure anyone going back to the game now views it as a known quantity in terms of it’s online structure, it’s still a shame that stuff is all going away.


I’ll always remember Demon’s Souls as my favorite holiday gift after hearing how it sold out when it came out.


It’s the other way around where if you are online the World Tendency is locked to the server average and you need to be offline to really pursue World Tendency events.

This is sad news. The Souls community regularly comes back to Demons Souls for online events and charity.


Yeah I looked at the couple of the walkthroughs way back when trying to figure it out and I never quite got it. If I can still do it offline then I guess it’s no biggie to me but it still sucks when functionality is taken out of any game.

In an ideal world the servers for every game ever would still be running. It’s kinda why I’m dreading all this money I’ve put into mostly multiplayer games now. Like what if I get the hankering to play Titanfall 2 or maybe Overwatch a decade and a half from now (this is actually a bad example cause Blizzard still support Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2) ? I dunno, it all just feels so ephemeral.


Sad, it’s a really great game. First game I ever got for my PS3. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Dark Souls will follow in a few years.


Even if functionality still stayed on, a lot of online multiplayer games are just going to die because the audience moves on. Whenever I buy an online only game, I do so knowing it’s a temporary investment at best and it will ultimately become useless in the relatively near future.


I’m just wrapping up another NG in Dark Souls, and was already considering running through DeSouls before this news even hit. I’ve beaten all the other Soulsbourne games multiple times, but not DeSouls, so this is probably the last real chance I have with it.

So, basically, anyone else gonna give Boleteria another go for old times’ sake? If so, feel free to send me a DM for my PSN name to better coordinate jolly cooperation. Lordran knows that my ability to beat these games is deeply dependent on the kindness and assistance of other players, which is probably the main reason that I love these frustrating and idiosyncratic games.


i’ve promised one of my best friends that i would play this game since at least 2011, i guess i now really have no excuse but to do it

i’ve tried to get started a few times, but something else has always taken precedent. it’ll be nice to have a more pressing reason to get into it


What do you folks think about the theory that this could be a sign of a Demon’s Souls Ps4 remaster or HD re-release?

The supposed signs being all regions pulling their servers at the same time, coordinated closely before the Japanese fiscal year, and announced closely to Playstation Experience (PSX) 2017, not to mention that we haven’t had any From Software news in a while.
It wouldn’t make sense with a sequel, since theoretically people would want to go back and play the original first, should they announce that, and a new IP would be unaffected.

Could be wishful theory-crafting, it’s been great that they’ve kept the servers up, even after the server shut-down scare back in 2012, and it could just finally be its last call, but hey, here’s to hoping, right?


As someone who has replayed Demon’s Souls I feel like I should say that the online has basically been dead for five years. Almost no one is doing the co op and the only people who are still doing PVP are hyper skilled players who have been playing since launch or hackers so in all honesty I don’t think much is being lost here. I don’t even recall seeing much in the way of messages


I may have to give the game one final spin (with messages around) early next year, before it’s retired to offline-only. I guess it’s still not a terrible move to keep the PS3 out.

Although, I do wonder how far emulation will go towards offering a new definitive experience in the future (and if that dedication to making things work forever will extend to someone reverse engineering a server for the emulated game, at least to the point of allowing message passing, even if live connected play never happens).


I hope the rumor about a PS4 port is true because that way more people will get to play this awesome awesome awesome game.

I also hope if that happens the King’s Field series (and/or FromSoftware’s other dark fantasy games) get re-released in the US. Part of why Dark Souls was so successful is that it changed a lot of stuff from Demon’s Souls to make it even more like King’s Field, and while those games are clunky by today’s standards they still have impressive atmosphere and other things going on in the for the time. The second in particular doesn’t seem like much now but has a great soundtrack and a very ambitious setting - it’s a 3D first person game with room over room that predates Terminator: Future Shock and Quake I - and really set in stone a lot of things that became mainstays of their games even into Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s Souls fans may get a kick out of Shadow Tower in particular. It’s a game where you don’t really stats but instead upgrade your weapons with demon’s souls. And has the same basic setup as Demon’s Souls where you’re in a big spiraling nexus that leads to different realms. The graphics hold up a bit better than some other PS1 stuff in a weird way because they chose to go for very low quality scenery in exchange for higher quality models for the monsters and stuff. It also lacks in-game music like Demon’s Souls outside of special instances. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a cool time for FromSoftware because they took things that were sort of vaguely done in the King’s Field games and built entire games out of them giving us Shadow Tower, Otogi, etc. and all of that coalesced back together into the ultimate game, Demon’s Souls. :heart:


Probably wishful thinking. They were going to be shut down years ago, in 2015 I think, and then they reversed their decision and kept them online for longer after people were upset about it. I think this is them finally pulling the plug for good.


The plan was to shut it down all the way back in 2012 from what I understand so they’ve kept it around way longer then they had planned


What would be really great, but very impractical, would be to cull some sort of “best of” list for bloodstains and messages, and add them to the offline game in a patch. Just grab a whole bunch of them based on ratings and rotate them in and out randomly. It would at least allow for some of the flavor of the game to stay alive after the fact.


I think we should all do a end of MMO style runs either play game at a certain point or try to do some PVP of our own. Think you up for it @austin_walker & @patrick.klepek?


Whenever one of these goes offline they should keep all of the creative messaging uses of “Hooray for amazing chest” and “Huge rear ahead” and “Beware of sticky white stuff.”