Descending into the Madness of 'Outlast 2'

Patrick straps on his night vision camera and descends into the religious madness of Outlast 2.

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I dislike this game with a passion.

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Excited to watch Patrick play this- Spookin’ with Scoops back from the dead.

But oof, I got about two hours into this game myself and had to stop. I was skeptical but curious about the setting- and I guess I wanted to be optimistic that maybe they’d gotten better after the first game leaned so hard on the troubling, exhausted “creepy asylum” trope. But I found it to be gross and crummy in new, different ways :\

This’ll still be a fun video, I’m sure. Godspeed Patrick.

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Before this I watched some other playthroughs of Outlast 2 and made it only so far before getting kind of disgusted with it. It doesn’t do the religious thing particularly well, and really leans on the “dumb redneck” thing far too much. I dunno. There was also a torture scene in a church that was just…ugh…too much.