Describe for me your dream Big New Feature for an Animal Crossing game

Here’s mine: a Switch version.

Here’s my actual dream: a single town hosted on The Cloud ( D: ), run by multiple people together, hop in, hop out. Tight knit group of friends could have so much fun together.

Here’s my weird dream: go out into the wilderness with your fellow villagers to hunt down some cursed monsters, Dark Souls (or Monster Hunter?) style, freeing the souls of the cursed and bringing them back into your cute and happy town. Maybe Little King’s Story style! That’d be a good fit I think? There’s something though about the idea of all my villagers formerly being scary hulking masses that makes me so pleased.

Here’s my realistic dream besides the first one which will obviously happen it was a joke please don’t judge me: towns in different climates. Mountains, jungles, rivers, lakes, beaches, grassy plains, deserts. Go all in on all of it. Make towns more unique than a random layout within the same theme and which fruit is special. In theory it’d allow even more player creativity, too!

I love Animal Crossing, and I think there is so much potential for enhancing the experience in a wide variety of directions. I have accepted that Nintendo probably doesn’t want to step outside the very specific tone and flow they have, but still.

Maybe it’s time for an indie developed Animal Crossing, ala Stardew Valley. I’d take it.


An enitre RPG subgame where your villagers are your party members. A spin-off if it has to be. You’d go out on quests with villagers you’ve convinced to tag along with your dumb questing job, you’d come back with bells, tropheys and tales of adventure. Belting.

But the more realistic answer is more detailed housing stuff. Custom positions for extentions, larger, multi-floor rooms, conservatories, proper mansion-building stuff. Full on Sims. And maybe some more stuff for outside. I wanna live the dream baybee.

Banishing Tom Nook to the Animal Crossing equivalent of Siberia


I’d love for the RPG subgame/spin-off to still keep the very relaxed, mundane tone the games have though. Your big quest is… arranging a really good day trip to the mall! Exploring the woods efficiently on your hike! Making sure everyone has fun at the amusement park!

I’m not sure how actually good of a game this would be, but it’s still a cute idea I like to think about.


I want more robust features for keeping in contact with villagers who have moved away, and perhaps making friends with villagers who have yet to move in. Perhaps a village newspaper with a sort of ‘personals’ section of animal and if you mail them, they might be the next person to move in. I’d like a little more choice than the camp site system had, at least, or trying to catch my faves moving out of one friend’s town. A proper pen pal system, I suppose.

A newspaper in general would have the potential for a lot of features. Could replace the bulletin board and having to ask Isabelle for things like the town’s approval rating. Weather forecast, villagers could post wanted ads for things so you can seek them out for trades instead of missing something if you miss them that day. And it’d be cute if you wake up every day to a newspaper outside your door. You could turn them into hats when you finish reading. :newspaper:


I don’t think they really want combat in a mainline Animal Crossing game, but it could be interesting in a spinoff.

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Jiggle physics :smirk:

A less esoteric character creator. Just let us make a damn character without having to answer dumb questions. Let us change skin color without having to make the character stand in the fucking sun or use a Mii mask.


Much better than my joke answer.

Hell yeah animal ears with jiggle bones. All ABOUT that!


I think Happy Home Designer has all of this. Considering some of the features made it into the mainline game in New Leaf amiibo+, I think the character creator will make it too into the next mainline.

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Yeah I’ve heard the same and expect the same. No arguments from me that it’s been shit up until now, though. Although I personally dig the esoteric character designer, ending up with someone who looks nothing like what I do - just make it an option, and I think that’s fine.

so many things come to mind, definitely improvements can be made, the character creator of course…
In the next one they’ll have to change it up from being the mayor…maybe the persona of the traveler, visit exotic locales on your train, player created places or otherwise… which would mean much more variety in landscapes, customizable train car home that you’d buy from tom nook, you could take the concept further and visit dreams, videogame worlds, the Nintendo universe, micro and macroverse, etc.

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private property is abolished, tom nook is exiled


I want to be able to send animals to the gulag.

Just put it on Switch. That’s all I want.

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Oh man a travel-themed Animal Crossing game would be so amazing.

For me, I’d love for there to be an AC game that you don’t have to log on every day for, and one where the longer you don’t play, the harder it is to actually get back into it. I think a camping/travel game could do that pretty well without cutting out the important features that are tied to the game’s clock?

Empire mode. It’s just Dynasty warriors with animal crossing characters.


GIVE :clap:t4: ME :clap:t4: A :clap:t4: FRONT :clap:t4: YARD


A 24 hour store so you can fish and hunt bugs all night and actually have more like than 20 of them at a time.

It’s the craziest dream and it’ll never actually happen.