Describe for me your dream Big New Feature for an Animal Crossing game

I want to have babies!

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#1: be an animal

#2: I wanna hang out w/ my villagers and Isabelle and stuff more. Like I wanna invite them on a trip to the tropical island, or the city, or like, karaoke or something.
I guess I’m basically describing dates.
But yeah. I wanna hang out with the characters more than just by standing around in their houses. Or in the case of the like, shop characters and stuff, more than not at all.


You’re all heroes and all of these ideas are great now how do we make then reality?? :sob:

Maybe a controversial opinion but I would like to see a mobile app that has an effect on the main game. I would love to when I have 10 minutes on the bus be able to pull my phone out and play some mini game that gets me bells or do some shopping for items that when I log back in get delivered.

I would also love to see a spin off game that is like Sim Town or Sim Tower.

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Like Tom calls you everyday for his weekly payment?


They’re doing some of this with Splatoon, there’s a gear shop in the app you can use to get stuff not available in the game. Could def see the AC mobile thing doing something similar.

#1 dates
#2 Open world populated by other peoples towns

Hell. lmao. Yes. Would love to be pestered by Nook at work on my lunch break in real life.

A mobile app directly tied into the game proper sounds all right to me.

Although I am at this point in time utterly disinterested in the upcoming mobile app because unless they just do the whole game it won’t mean much to me. And if they do the whole game I’ll be mad about having to use a phone to play it. We’ll see…

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they kiiiinda put minigames like this in with the last new leaf update?

even just social link-type stuff would be cool. But yeah, I like the way they shifted stuff in the recent update with the MEOW coupons & challenges? I’d definitely like to see a less money-driven, more social interaction-driven game overall, I like decorating my house & finding new clothes/furniture, but there needs to be more.

Also bring back the top-down view.

Someone said bigger inventory and 24h stores. Heck yes to this!

More ways to make bells would be neat too, because grinding up those hundreds of thousands is a chore (although I suppose it’s supposed to be).

Speeding up some bits of the gameplay. Don’t make me press through so much dialogue every time I’m selling or buying something. It gets old quite quickly.

Just some improvements to the controls, making things like fishing and hunting insects a little more engaging and fun, somehow.

Bigger town, with some different dimensions or sizes to the tiles (or getting rid of the tiles all together) so that the customization of the town offers more possibilities.

I can probably think of a ton of little changes that be sweet, and even more bigger ones. I don’t have a Switch but an AC game could seriously tip me in favour of getting one.

the idea of social links got me thinking, it’d be cool if becoming Best Buds with different people would mean they’d help you with some activities. like help you reel in a big fish, or collect fruit from your orchard, or find all the fossils every morning, or notify you when a bug you haven’t caught for the museum is nearby, or just go shopping with you for better deals and fashion advice! arguably that would make the game “easier” in some ways but who cares!! it’d give me the opportunity to Have Fun With My Buds!


ughhhhh I just want some Terraria-/Minecraft-style persistent server shit so my budz n I can live in the same town and pop in and out when we want! I loved waking up in Terraria to find my very good friend has written “fuck u” on my roof in glass blocks <3

I thaught of a better answer than my previous one.



I want a new Animal crossing to learn from Splatoons summer festival vibe. I want one off events and holidays that aren’t baked onto the disc at launch. people complain a bit about the way time is such a factor in Splatoon with when maps and modes are available but I think it makes the whole game feel like an event which would really work in Animal crossing.

This is the sort of realistic features I’m here for.

You’re right. This is too attainable. Okay, I got this.

Instead of the Island, we go to the Moon, right? And every night as long as the moon is out, we can catch moonbeams and turn them in at a bunny that lives on the moon. In return, we get unique furniture and clothing.


hnnnnnngh yes pls

A garbage can for items that would otherwise sell at a very low price or not at all and that you don’t want.

Any time I find a dropped item in New Leaf I put it right back on the ground. You think I’ve got time to find who owns this, game? NAHHH.

If I could put it in the bin that’d be even better.