Describe for me your dream Big New Feature for an Animal Crossing game

I seem to recall New Leaf had that. the post office had a recycling bin to dump unwanted items in and sometimes to pick up weird items dropped by villagers. basically a replacement for the dump in older Animal Crossings. and if you bought a trash can you could put it in your house and it would feed into the same inventory. the same way all the closets were connected in later Animal Crossings.

Wow cool. It’s entirely possible I missed that feature while playing. I’ll be sure to check it out if/when I work up the courage to visit what is surely a horrible nightmare town by this point.

Making your own little events with the towns folk. Post on the notice board a time and activity and then your neighbours who want to show up. It could be fishing by the beach, or hide and seek, or other little games. Or there could be a picnic blanket item so you could have a picnic together. Yeah!