Describe your fashion style or whatever


I saw this topic by Metalsnakezero called “Life as or with a goth” and I was inspired to do this to see where yall stand in the dimension of FASHION!!!

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say right off the bat most of yall are grungy and wear the shit out of flannels and I FULLY SUPPORT IT!!!

Me personally: I’ve been emo, I’ve been faux punk, I’ve been traditional goth, I’ve had this weird phase where i mixed black clothes with neon colored ones and was like a walking highlighter people we’re like weirded OUT when they saw me. Right now I’m kinda settling on just punk. Leather jackets/ all black/ black hair/ spikes/studs/pins/chokers etc. I just love everything about the signature punk style.

EDIT: yall can also list ur “phases”. Like if yall were ever metal heads or like manic pixie dream gorls yall know the drill.


i am Reformed Punk, so i still wear Propagandhi shirts and jeans and sneakers, but they are very nice shirts and very nice jeans and very nice sneakers, and I wear a very nice sweater on top, and they are also ethically-made because that is a distinction I can afford to make now.

When I was in high school, I had long hair and I did a thing where I put got2b hair glue in my hair, then rub it out with a towel so it was all mangled and malleable, and then I’d use more glue to shape it into a huge charger around the front of my hairline (imagine the Statue of Liberty, but not spikes). then in college i smoked a lot of weed and stopped trying to do anything aesthetically. then i was in a relationship with a rich woman and I was introduced to Fashion, so now that informs how I loop back and represent being a Reformed Punk through the lens of nicer clothes


Reformed punk, reformed goth, now whatever this ridiculous getup is:

I own three pairs of checkerboard Vans


GORLLLLLLLL LMFAOOOOO that was the weirdest story ever u sound fucking cool dasjkmasdkjsadkjsad U WENT FROM DEMOLISHING UR HAIR, TO SMOKING WEED, TO DATING A RICH WOMAN now those are the kind of transitions i’d never thought i’d see on this topic. But i mean i can relate to u cuz i didnt put glue in my hair but when it was long i would literally put extra strong putty on it and hairspray the shit out of it and every time i would shower and comb my wet hair the comb would literally get stuffed with gross left-over putty and my hair looked like a post-apocalyptic birds nest so it had to GO.

@dogsarecool so like…is reformed punk/goth like a preppier version of it? sorry if this is a super dumb question but ive never went through “reforming” my fashion styles i just kept adding more and more darkness and androgyny till it wasnt safe for me to leave the house and i had to settle for an everyday “artsy kid” look.


My current fashion goal is sewing patches that show my interests into a denim jacket I got second-hand from a friend. It’s going pretty well, but I need more enamel pins. I won’t be satisfied until that jacket can double as armor in some places.

Aside from that, I dress pretty casually because I’m very tired almost all the time, and stuff like dressing nicely and wearing make-up takes more effort than I can muster


so like…is reformed punk/goth like a preppier version of it? sorry if this is a super dumb question but ive never went through “reforming” my fashion styles i just kept adding more and more darkness and androgyny till it wasnt safe for me to leave the house and i had to settle for an everyday “artsy kid” look.

naw, like I was punk about 1995-2002 and then I had a goth phase from 2002-2010 and now I’m not either of them


Oh i’d kill to wear make-up. If I could wear make-up and not get murdered in cold blood by skinheads on the street I would talk to school looking like a clown like i would stuff my face so hard it would be hard to blink. But I mean its whatever fashion is art art is subjective love urself even if u wear like…a band t-shirt and baggy denim jeans who cares

@dogsarecool ohhhhhhh…awwwwww…I feel like I’m gonna be weird and gothy for life. I feel like when i have children im gonna have like hair down to my ankles and people are gonna be like “is that ur mommy” and theyre gonna be like “yeah i guess lmfaooooooo”


I mean I still have my battlevest and UK Underground boots and shit, I just don’t rock the look all the time.


also patches on denim are trendy as fuck now so i hope u have a lot of fun with it!


I mostly don’t wear it because if I do, people are even more likely to code me as a girl, especially if I’m not binding or wearing baggy clothes and slouching. :c


oh i totally feel u. It sucks. I have to walk out looking like a dude because if I don’t - death approaches - and the stupid thing is if i COULD wear make-up people would probably think im a trans woman which is even dumber. IGNORANCE IS AWFULLLLL

@dogsarecool did u ever play the guitar. I’m thinking of buying either a guitar or a keyboard.

I’m just sick of the idea that trans men/ trans masculine ppl can’t wear stuff like make-up or nail polish or whatever without people getting all up in their shit. The same with trans women/femmes where if they walk out barefaced and people are immediately like ARENT U SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE A GIRL. like stfu people can look like whatever they want to look like that doesn’t change or impact their gender identity.


My daily look is usually plaid or band shirts (or both), with accessorising done with a multitude of beard braid styles. I’m waiting eagerly for it to start getting colder so I can embrace my new ridiculous fashion style of Viking From The Post-apocalyptic Wastelands of Australia.


Metal trash my entire life, with no end in sight.


Nice. Shorts that look like they’re from a High school gym class is totally my thing right now. lol You actually look how I looked for most of last Summer.
I totally get the reformed punk, reformed goth thing, because I did the exact same move you did. I wore a kind of bright colored short, but the inner goth in me could not divorce himself from his black shirt. I actually like that aesthetic though. Goth/emo it up then slap on some neon somewhere in the mix.


Ayyyeee now that’s dope. I’m jealous of your hair. You got a awesome Bret Heart thing going on with those glasses.
You can never go wrong looking like " The Best there is, the Best there was,The Best there ever will be"


ok - you look fucking cool like the beard braids and the waiting for a specific season to come is 10/10 cool (btw i do the thing with the seasons too - i wait for summer to come so i can dress in black and leather jackets and have people looking at me like im an alien its so fun)


I’m being nice to y’all because I wear a lot of very tight yoga shorts - those Soffees are more presentable


omgggggg i found another leather jacket friend!!! though we share leather jackets im sure our styles are totally different - i dress the way i do to stand out u dress like u do because u probably like that type of music. I kinda feel like my reason is shallow but in all honesty i just like the clothes whether or not they stand out


my partner alternatively calls it grunge or “Looks like I know how to fix a car” plus Slytherin Cap and Backpack


Not sure if you’re a wrestling fan, but you look like you should be managing an ECW tag team c. 1998. And I mean that as a compliment!