Describe your fashion style or whatever

My style is “extremely tired dad” all day, every day.


I own too many hoodies, which never seems to stop me from acquiring more hoodies. I have five hooks on my wall and each of them has multiple hoodies and sweatshirts. And that’s not even all of them. It’s a problem.


Currently I’m too basic to survive. But before I wore so many hoodies and loose clothing. It was mainly to combat dysmorphia, as it pretty much hid my body completely. So from like 12 - 21 it was all black/grey hoodies and loose blue jeans.

There’s not really a name for that style, AFAIK. But it was nice to not really care at all about my clothes.


I’m trying to work more colors into my wardrobe, I feel so trapped into wearing the same dark blues, grays, and browns that male-coded clothing seems to dictate. I’ve been shopping around for more colorful shirts at thrift stores recently and I’ve found some good stuff. Also, I’m moving from the mostly cold for a lot of the year of Kansas to the more sun of southern California in the middle of this year, so I’m going to have to start shopping for more warm-weather-focused clothing soon. This all comes at a time when I’ve decided to shop more ethically, like away from Amazon and Wal-Mart, which is probably the worst time I’ve come to make that decision because I don’t like a lot of my wardrobe but it’s tough to replace that which I don’t like with things that I might.

Also, I’m wearing a beret now.



Why thank you! And a wrestling reference from an era I actually know, nice.

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Sup jacket comrade. It’s actually coming to be that time of year where I slowly begin to come to terms with it being a bit too warm for leather and it’s bumming me out. I wear it as often as I can. Hell, once I drop a few pounds I’ll probably get pants as well.

And don’t worry about why you wear something. Our presentation is always a means of self-expression, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with expressing the idea of being different.

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I think the most recent wrestling thing I watched was circa 92, so I’ll have to take your word for it : p

I guess the descriptor for my style is “stylish gay”? I tend to wear stuff ranging from jeans, boots, and a t-shirt to chinos, loafers, sweaters/cardigans, and button-ups. In the summer I turn into exclusively brightly-patterned short sleeve button ups and shortish shorts (denim or chino). I really wish winters here (the US South) were longer and colder so that I could take more advantage of layering and winter accessories.

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I only wrote black as a teenager, then rebelled against myself when I left home and started to wear very colorful clothing. At that time it was mostly hippy crap, but since then I’ve got well into climbing which has amazing options for brightly coloured, comfortable, and practical clothing!

My problem now is that I have almost nothing smart to wear for nights out, but that’s only a few nights a year so whatever.

You folk are so American by the way, and I say that with love. ^^

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lmfaoooooo ur stylish gay im alternative gay we’re a team now. We’re gonna combat shitty straight people fashion like wearing all this adidas sports sweatpants shit and shaving ur head thinking ur the manliest bitch on earth like no thats STRAIGHT CULTURE

kdsakjadskjdaskj I’m actually european and people here do not find goth-ness cool at ALL

black and/or white plus One Single Colour

trying to coordinate different colours is too much effort


Right now, ripped jeans, wrestling t-shirt, and EQTs. Keep it simple and comfortable.

From Liverpool, so trainer game has to be on point

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Ever since middle school I’ve dressed like a hardcore punk so a lot of Chuck Taylors, jeans, & a t-shirt. Recently though I’ve gotten more into fashion and started a jacket collection to put on top of my T-shirts which has lead to good results. I would say I have 3 types of t-shirts in my closet. “Intentionally Poorly drawn”, Pizza & “anime aesthetic” so I kind of describe my look as “Teenage garbage”. I tend to like either having one item of clothing that kind of screams out in comparison to everything else, usually either my pink vans or my Pizza shirt or a bunch of somewhat mismatched colored items.

Recently found a chain necklace my mom made & a bracelet so I’ve been adding those too which has yielded great results

Since it’s winter I don’t wear hats or shades much so I’ve started experimenting with my hair for the first time & finally let myself have somewhat of a mohawk & am hoping to look as good as Sanada.

At work my look is “Work in the lowest position at the office but dress better than the boss & everyone else I work for”.

Inspirations: 90’s & 00s teens, Hardcore punk, wrestling.

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As loathe I am to admit it, my fashion sense is entirely what my wife thinks looks good on me. Yes, I am a walking 90’s sitcom stereotype.


Best description would be “E3 presenter but with patterned shirt instead of pop culture tee.”

Also fun fact: I own more denim tops (1) than I do jeans (0).


As a lesbian, I own a lot of flannel.

Generally I start with what pair of shoes (like these or these for example) I want to wear that day and grab some jeans and a shirt/hoodie/sweater to match.


FLORAL RED/BLACK PUNK??? YES GOD!!! I STAN :sob::sob::sob::sob:

if ur a lesbian and u wear flannel i will literally give u money. flannels were made for lesbians. when i see a lesbian with a flannel of any color its like seeing the lord on a lords day like I LOVE YALL SO MUCH :sparkling_heart::sob::sparkling_heart::sob::sparkling_heart::sob: