Describe your fashion style or whatever

Punk solidarity over here

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my style is that im too broke to have a style and wear hand me downs from my grandad mostly and get bad dysphoria

when i have money to buy clothes, i will have lots of sleveless shirts, some of which will be crop tops, many shades of black jeans, and combat boots


in australia, they call my style “deadshit” but i think of my fashion sense as “regular”

I like to be stylish and fashionable. So I wear different clothes on different occasions to look more stylish.

I once decided I wanted to cosplay Max Caulfield at a convention.

The only bit of her outfit I didn’t already have in my wardrobe was the Jane Doe shirt.

(Well, that and the Polaroid.)

Depends on the time of year.

This time of year, when it’s face-meltingly hot outside, you can usually find me in a super light soccer jersey or an Under Armour shirt and a light pair of shorts and flip-flops. In coat weather: some kind of a nerd printed shirt, jeans, a pair of Pumas, and either one of my Under Armour coats or some kind of nerd coat (need to get rid of that Harry Potter one, while I’m thinking of it).

So, “comfortable but probably in need of some kind of fashion consultant”

Man it’s funny looking at my old comment on this thread, because while I still own too many hoodies, I spent the last year just completely refreshing basically every type of clothing I own. I’ve gotten very into denim jackets, and now have a few with a bunch of enamel pins that I put on them — which achieves the “hey I’m a nerd” look of graphic tees/hoodies without making me look like a sack of potatoes. Also started wearing a lot more flannel in the winter, which I really ended up liking. In general, I’ve settled on a very “everything basic except one statement accessory” type of fashion sense, so usually like solid color or simple-patterned shirt with jeans or chinos, sometimes a belt, and either one of those jackets (if it’s below 60 degrees at least), a watch, a hat, or something that gives it a focal point.

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I’m also pretty quick. I have to dress up for work, so I’d just casually wear sweats for the longest time / very unflattering yet comfortable clothing … But after a while, it wasn’t about doing it for me.

I’ve been trying out dresses since then-and love them-they’re so easy to wear and there’s no coordinating involved (other than fun things like shoes or accessories). Most of them look as if they are fine.

I also have a lot of neutrals-a few bright casual tops at this merch, but because everything else is neutral, pairing up is easy.

I’ve got a lot of jewelry, but really, I just wear it to work. I like simple pieces, stud earrings and necklaces influenced by nature. The rest of which I only love to look at and own.

this is also my look. the pair of jeans or khakis or shorts next to my bed that likely haven’t been washed in at least a week, t-shirt from the same pile. a shredded and bleached yet comfortable pair of shoes-for-crews from my last job completes my tired dad ensemble.

I once went to a restaurant and pulled out my polaroid to take a picture of our group that was hanging out and my friend mentioned that i looked like Max lol. There was also this thing where in class we put aliases so the professor could pass around a single grade sheet and I picked Max Caulfield. Someone guessed that it was me without knowing anything about me

typical look for me:
brown bob cut
light zip up hoodie (my favorite one is grey)
mostly one color t-shirt
khakis or jeans
over the shoulder canvas bag

only missing some black chucks which i have wanted for awhile but just haven’t gotten around to getting them

tbh tho i do kinda want to change things up because to me its a pretty bland look.


I recently updated my style after someone told me I look better wearing well fitting button ups then I do tshirts. I already enjoyed button ups because it’s basically a t-shirt for the business casual so I just made the full switch. Also I feel like a medium button up makes me look slimmer then a medium t-shirt somehow.

So basically I just wear a vneck + button up + shorts/pants + vans. Maybe a watch depending on what I’m doing. Love my watch but the thing keeps hitting my desk so it’s almost always off.

My next look upgrade is going to be new glasses but I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet.

My grandmother used to make quilts out of old jeans. Can’t always reuse everything but definitely reach out to local sewing groups to see if they’re interested in old material before tossing them.

That said love the style and will definitely check out raw denim!

I was too broke until like 5 years ago and since then I’ve just latched on to streetwear and the occasional extravagant purchase. As much as I like streetwear I think it’s led to a homogenisation of style as it’s so easy to look good and cool with Supreme, Adidas etc.

What I’m saying is like everyone I am actually extremely nostalgic for when I was a kid goddammit.

Style is more important to me when buying new clothes. I want my clothes to look good and not feel like they are uncomfortable. For example, if the fabric of a shirt feels nice against my skin but it’s too tight in the shoulders, I’m going to find another shirt that will make me feel comfortable even though it might not be as stylish or expensive.

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I wear a lot of jeans, but I also like to mix in some other types of pants from Kit And Ace. Commute Slim Fit Pants are my favorite because they fit me best and look good on me. I like wearing long-sleeve shirts with Commute Slim Fit Pants or shorts when it's cold outside. When the weather is warm, I usually wear tank tops or short sleeves with shorts or capris.