'Destiny 2' Is Better with Friends

Despite having the option to play the story campaign and the rest of the game alone, I’d much rather do it with friends.

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I mean, that is like, almost every game ever isn’t it?

Especially the ones designed around co-op/MP. :sweat_smile:


To me it’s similar to going down the pub. We’re not going there specifically to drink. It’s an excuse to hang out and catch up. Increasingly I’m using multiplayer video games in the same way. Even a game as intense as PUBG becomes a glorified chat room while we spend the first 15 minutes gearing up and talking about whatever comes to mind.

Destiny is a great podcast game. It’s also a great game for you and a few friends to mindlessly shoot aliens and gossip. I think that’s why we’re so much likely to team up even in cases where it makes progression more difficult.


Yeah, I’d rather play it with friends, but I don’t have friends who play games, so I just feel left out. Who would rather play a co-op game alone?

I enjoyed Borderlands 2 more Solo, likely thanks to the Mechromancer class giving me an AI companion to make me feel less alone. Same with Torchlight 2 and it’s engineer class. Generally I enjoy co-op games solo if I get some sort of customisable companion(s) to fiddle with.

I like robots.

I love playing Dragons Dogma. It’s a great time. I love running around Gransis with my pawns. Just me & my pawns fighting monsters & dragons. Although sometimes I wonder…what would that game be like if I could play with my friends…like…an MMO. Just imagine it, Dragon’s Dogma: Online. What a neat idea that would be don’t you think? I think it would be grand. I sure hope Capcom makes a Dragon’s Dogma: Online one of these days. That would really really really be great.

Localize DD:O gosh darn it! Please.

A friend and I were planning getting Destiny 2 so we could play together, but things fell through and he wasn’t able to get one, so we basically put those plans on hold indefinitely. Would still like to play it eventually, but it kinda sucks knowing that I’m probably getting an inferior experience when I don’t have any friends to join me.

I’ve realized that games like Destiny 2 and Overwatch now fill the gap that talking on the phone used to fill; I don’t talk to my friends on the phone basically ever, unless something is really wrong. But spending hours chatting about our lives while we shoot alien baddies? Yup!

Almost my entire friend group bought Destiny 2; I was really hesitant because I generally avoid games like Halo, Call of Duty, etc. Overwatch was the first online FPS game I actually enjoyed. But Destiny is fun, and it’s even more fun when I spend it hanging out with my friends.


I agree what @slaughterhouse5 said. Destiny is the first game where me and almost all my friends gather around to have genuine fun. I mean sure cod or any fps shooter has a group chat thing but most of the time you gotta have that “win a match” mindset while in destiny is just chill, laid back complete a quick objective then maybe do a strike or just patrol around planets talking nonsense then do pvp. Really it’s a unique experience to have with your friends.

I think this description of Destiny and other online co-op games like it is what has always drawn me away from playing them. I’ve just never been interested in using online multiplayer primarily as a vessel for social experiences. I certainly have my games that I play with friends (recently PuBG and Overwatch), but they’ve always been centered around a team-based competition. The joy of besting other human beings has always seemed more satisfying than besting an AI which has been deliberately programmed to provide the illusion of competition. (In other words, the AI could beat us 10/10 times if the programmers wanted it to, but that’s poor game design.)

In competition, there is always a clock ticking down to when the current match will end and the next will begin. It doesn’t matter if we’re crushing our opponents or getting crushed ourselves, because the next match is right around the corner. In contrast, online co-op games only end when the objective is met, making the least skilled player an impediment to everyone else’s progress. The nature of these online co-op missions usually means that one player is often carrying the other one, and I’ve always found that to be un-enjoyable regardless of if I’m the carrier or the one being carried.

I really enjoy the social experience of local co-op games like a Super Mario 3D World, because there is the additional context of being in the same room as the people I’m playing with, and we can always go do something else if we get bored of the game. Additionally, that game comes with the premise that all challenges can be reasonably completed by a single player, and the co-op is mostly there to introduce the usual shenanigans that arise from humans being flawed and unpredictable creatures.

Speaking of being better with friends, I’ve been looking for chill people to try Destiny 2’s raids blind with, and Waypoint folks seem like they’ll be pretty cool to play with. Problem is, I’m on Xbox, which seems a little rarer in the Destiny 2 community. I’m toohsieh on there-- anyone interested?

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We have a small group of Waypoint people on Xbox in a group chat. We’re for the most part not in the Waypoint clan(s), mainly due to how few Xbox players there are. I’ll add you into our group chat, my GT is Gjallarsean.