'Destiny 2' Is, Thank God, Finally Leaning into its RPG Roots

"The entire time we've been making Destiny, the action game and the RPG have been fighting. It's the forever war,” Destiny 2 Game Director Luke Smith, wrote yesterday. On a stream today, Bungie showed that the RPG elements are winning that war with “Armor 2.0,” the new customization system coming with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep this October. This revamp brings back three stats that influence the cooldowns of your Class, Grenade, and Melee abilities, mechanical changes that had been relegated to the rarest of Exotics since the launch of Destiny 2.

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I am very excited to see how this all works, a little worried about the changes to microtransactions, and also not interested in playing the game until this all comes out because I don’t want to spend hours grinding armor that won’t really matter once it all comes out

While I’m interested in the mechanic changes coming, I’m struggling to find a way to keep engaged with a game that give me little more than a drip of story/content every release. There may be a better way of describing this, but I feel like I have access to a ton of game modes, and no new content.

I try to come back for every Iron Banner, my preferred PVP mode, but even that is periodic. The EAZ is an interesting map, but it’s just a map with a few boss fights that people kept bailing on, and it’s just as much of a grind with little content as Gambit and Gambit Prime.

I’m starting to be reminded of the reason I fell off WoW, however long ago that was… reach max level, complete any remaining solo content, drop into discord (teamspeak back then) to see if friends are on, try to solo something that’s intended for a group or log-out.

While I’m typically an adventuring type in RPGs, wandering around to find things hidden out of the way, the wandering occurs while I’m on a path to/from something. Unfortunately, Destiny hasn’t had a path since the end of Forsaken, and I can’t wander off the path if there isn’t a path to begin with.

So now I’ll have nice armor while I farm for a pulse rifle that’s close to good?

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Not sure what your preferred game mode is, but the curated Bygones may count as good, not sure if the ol’ Nightshade bounty is still available from Zavala if you don’t already have it. Alternately, you could grind out a blast furnace if you like forges.

Personally, I’m still working on Outbreak, but I haven’t quite been good enough to solo in time.

Mercifully the solstice armor actually will matter once the expansion comes out this time, unlike last year.

But yea, about time for some of this stuff. Maybe it was just Activision focus testing telling Bungie that RPG stats would scare people, or something?

I’m not convinced the Solstice set will matter at expansion time. While it will be the only set we expect to carry forward to armor 2.0, there’s no way that they can expect to grow the player base if a set that’s no longer obtainable is that important. So they’ve said every armor set obtained after the launch of shadowkeep will be 2.0.

FWIW there are things that you can do in armour 1.0 that won’t be possible in 2.0. Most obvious is double stacking Scavenger perks, but also weird things with the 2.0 armour and weapon elemental affinities will effect some combos.

So armour now isn’t going to be totally useless cone September.

I am excited that all Y1 armour will be available in 2.0 variants

At the very least it will be an instant 2.0 set as well as a decent looking cosmetic you’ll be able to apply to whatever armor you get moving forward, as opposed to just being something that sits in your vault like last year.