'Destiny 2' Isn't the Sequel I Was Hoping For


New guns but fewer choices, more storytelling but less story—why does everything feel like a trade-off?

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With how much money Activision put into Destiny and how long they wanted it to go on and the state of this game I feel like they had originally planned on it being called Destiny: Subtitle and not Destiny 2.


I’m going to play devil’s advocate here, because I think there’s a very good PvE reason for special weapons and heavy weapons being moved into the same slot. The theory behind the weapon categories in Destiny looks something like this: Your primary weapon is your standard for killing badguys. Your special weapon is more powerful, but also situational; you’re not always going to be in a position to use it. Your heavy weapon is very limited in terms of ammo, but also deals the most damage.

In practice, there were so many outliers and exceptions in what different weapons could do that those rules almost never applied. A sniper rifle has more ammo than a rocket launcher and consistently does far more damage to a raid boss, swords one-shot major enemies etc. And while those outliers are fun, they create a situation where there’s a massive range in the potential damage a player can do. That means you either balance for the players who are doing low damage and make the encounters trivial with the right gear, or balance for the players who are doing high damage and force players to bring the optimal gear to raid night, or not raid at all.

If all the most powerful weapons are moved into the same slot, then that variance in potential damage becomes significantly more manageable. I think that’s what the “freedom” line really means; not freedom to use any gun you want, but freedom to use the guns you like without feeling like you’re using the “wrong” ones.

Taking off the devil’s advocate hat, it could still be completely terrible. The kinetic and energy weapons might not be interesting enough for you to even want to use two of them, or there might still be specific weapons that trivialise encounters. Overall I’m not worrying about this change just yet, because it’s hard to judge what it means outside of the context of the entire game.


As somebody who still played Destiny’s PvP almost every day until quite recently, I’m not at all thrilled with some of the information coming out of this reveal, either. The two core pillars of Destiny 1 are the movement and the weapons. They’ve ruined the movement, and have severely limited the weapons. So much for those pillars.

Perhaps we can chalk the movement changes up to them being unintended in the first place (although this would be like Street Fighter removing combos, in my opinion). Whatever the case there may be, the weapon slot change is the most egregious, and, frankly, speaks to Bungie’s long-running ineptitude when it comes to satisfactorily balancing Destiny 1’s special weapons. Rolling special weapons off a bridge is the lazy design fix here, and does nothing but sewer weapon variety in player load outs. The primary weapons are going to have to get a hell of a lot more interesting for me to have any desire to be stuck using them for 90% of my Destiny 2 experience.

Part of me also wonders how much the PC release has to do with these changes, as fast a movement + a shotgun combo–which was already effective in Destiny 1–would see an even bigger boost with a mouse and keyboard, as will sniper rifle accuracy.


First off, that was kind of bold of Lars to slyly insult some of the most fervent fans of the game. He’s not wrong, as a visit to r/DTG will show you.

I’m on the fence about the weapon changes. On one hand, I’m stoked to be able to roll with a more diverse set of weapons. Having a scout and auto rifle/SMG sounds wonderful for 90% of Destiny 1’s content (Nightfall, strikes, story missions etc). Especially considering how static my loadouts are these days.

My concern with lumping snipers, shotguns, and fusions in with the heavy hitters is that there won’t be enough differentiation to make them worthwhile. Fusions rifles especially looked underpowered compared to the other Power weapons. I’m also a little nervous how they’re going to handle DPS against endgame bosses, as snipers and rockets/Sleeper make up 95% of the loadouts for raids etc.


I feel like I must be missing something cause the weapon category changes sound like a pretty strong improvement over D1’s in terms of loadout variety, but literally everyone else seems to think it’ll turn out bad. I guess most of this is also coming from a PVP perspective along with adjustments to ammo dropping there while I’m mostly thinking about it as a PVE thing.