Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]

What are your hopes? Your Dream for Destiny 2? More stuff to do in the open world? A story? Or, perhaps most unlikely, in game readable Grimoire cards?

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Also since we are close to release here’s the spoiler rules!: Story spoilers should be tagged for the first month, basic mechanics get a week (though tag them as mechanical spoilers not everyone cares about those so make sure they know in case they want to know how say, an exotic quest works), and raids get two weeks at a minimum. Thanks!


If the grimoire doesn’t make it into the actual game I’m going to, at the very least, google who my sternly-worded email should be directed at.


All I want is a coherent IN GAME story that it’s possible to give a shit about. I started after Taken King and enjoyed the hell out of the game but wow did I just ignore everything story related even when I was playing through it the first time solo.

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I like how we both joined this forum and immediately made Destiny threads.


2 Destiny 2 Furious coming in 2024 or so.


We have to spread the gospel!

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So confession: I like that Destiny didn’t have a story. In a world where every shooter feels the need to have some plot about some ill considered news topic I like that Destiny decided to be weird and almost sterile in it’s plotting. I also totally get where people don’t like that


I sort of agree with you. I had a blast just running around with my crew and blasting fools away. At the same time, playing through The Taken King’s story was wonderful.

More Gun Diablo!!!

Honestly all I want out of Destiny 2 is an extension of the refinements made to the loot side of the game all the way up thru Age of Triumph. It’s so much more enjoyable to play it when you know there’s a reward at the end of the tunnel, even if it isn’t something you’ll necessarily use. The Diablo 3 model, basically.


I liked some of Destiny’s gameplay and from what I’ve heard they’ve fixed a lot of the loot problems it’s had for most of its life. I like the option for a story, but given how often you’d end up replaying a single encounter on Destiny it was a blessing to have the story so hidden.

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This is what I’d like too. Keep the loot system feeling consistently progressive.

And I’d add something probably unrealistic: a LARGE number of levels that feel handcrafted to encourage varied styles of play.

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Seconded. I liked the sparse storytelling. I don’t want to have every mission end with a cutscene. Let players tell their own story, there is plenty of room to tell a story without interrupting gameplay.

Is it bad if I’m kind of okay with that? I would like more customization in the new game. I never felt like my guardian was THEE guardian like the vanilla story kind of made it seem. I would also like more open areas not just connected halls and a bigger fireteam, at least 4. I would not like an open world though.

I definitely have a huge love/hate relationship with Destiny. It does so much so well, and tries to be forward thinking, but then ties it’s own shoelaces together. So basically here’s my wishlist.

If D2 wants to be on PC it can’t have 6v6 multi with Peer2Peer Skill Based Matchmaking (P2P SBMM), it needs to use servers. The lag in multi after Taken King had dropped off a bit was insufferable.

Raid matchmaking needs some kind of help for those who don’t have a ready made, or weekly group to play it with, some kind of sherpa system or a way to make it accessible.

More depth in the open world spaces.
Don’t make it so a quest is (warp into tower) pick up quest (warp to planet) do quest (warp back to tower). I’m hoping that removing sb360 and ps3 increases the overheads Bungie has to work with in D2 and makes it a much more fluid experience.

Put the grimoire in the actual game ffs.


How would you feel about randomized areas/dungeons a la Diablo 3’s Nephalem/Greater Rifts? I think it could work really well for a game like Destiny but I dunno if that’s asking for too much, also… cuz I do agree with you also.

Generally speaking, I want an experience that resembles original Destiny as little as possible. The clean slate of the Tower being destroyed gives me hope for that fresh start. New classes, new weapons, new enemies, new planets. If they barely reference the events of the first game, it wouldn’t be so bad.

The details of that Kotaku article awhile back really seemed to suggest that some fatal design decisions held that game back from its full potential. They’ve clearly learned many lessons and Taken King was a breath of fresh air.

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I go back and forth regarding story. On one hand, I get the criticisms of Destiny’s story, but I started playing with The Taken King, and the story itself felt pretty coherent to me at that point. And on the other hand, I’m attracted to stories with reference to “offscreen” larger-than-life myths – and am not sure I want to read a lot of grimoire on-screen, anyway.

What I think would make the game experience a ton better is more in-game explanation of mechanics. It took me a couple of podcasts and a whole lot of r/DTG trawling to figure out how things like factions and weapon leveling (and, gawd, weapons day) actually worked. Too much of how to play wasn’t discoverable in-game, I thought.


Fate of the Destiny is about the dumbest title for anything ever.


In theory I’d love that. But I’d be afraid that truly randomizing every dungeon would mean no dungeon feels distinct.

Some games do random really well (Spelunky), but some games don’t (No Mans Sky).

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