Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Don’t forget - armour now affects what subclasses used to. So, where it used to be that it affected cooldowns, it now changes how fast you recover damage, your mobility, and your health.

So, the beta has you in low-mid gear, so you can experience the mid tuning, but in the final game more than likely your gear will be towardsa the higher end and as such you’ll move faster, jump higher, and take more hits.


Difficult to say without knowing what the level cap will be. Destiny 1’s original cap was 20, which is in line with the current beta.

And even if those stats end up being more noticeable than they were in Destiny 1, it still won’t overcome the very deliberate design change of them removing strafe jumping.


Just wanted to say people have pulled screenshots from trailers showing gear with various cooldown reductions, from just grenade to all class abilities. Just on regular ol’ purples.


I’ve noticed that range has become pretty important for choosing the right weapon at the right time. Getting up close and personal with an SMG will give you an edge over somebody with a pulse or auto rifle, but they’ll be able to nail you from further away. I actually like all that, but I’m not a fan of the way that powers have become sort of secondary as a consideration.

I have mixed feelings about the new Crucible scoring system. It’s nice getting a point for a “defeat” that’s actually an assist, and it really encourages effective teamplay now that getting two guardians pointed at the same dude is the best way to kill 'em…but I liked the old point totals with the larger numbers and the fun bonuses. I also liked having that info in the bottom right instead of up top, seeing class status isn’t very useful here apart from seeing if a super is about to pop, but I’m not going to moan too much about minor UI changes.

Edit: I really want to just take a moment and look around the Midtown map though.


You, me, Destiny 2, 11 AM Mountain Time tomorrow. Be there, or be square!

We can do the strike and some PVP all while complaing about it!


Damn I wish I could! I’ll be on at the same time but on Sunday for the farm reveal, the social space will be open for only 1 hour on Sunday from 1-2 pm EDT. Maybe we can get a waypoint crew together to play some soccer?


Oh I can do that and then we can run off for a strike and some PVP after that?


I can’t be on for that time, but I’ll be on an hour or two after you start, so if you’re still around then send me an invite.


I have a bunch of table top stuff going on this weekend so sadly I can’t do too much later then that this weekend sadly. You’re always welcome to message me on Slack and such to see if I’m around though!


Are y’all on the discord server? There’s a very handy game tagging system in place there that I ping every so often for peeps!


Hmm, played through all 3 classes (flipping between the subclasses) in the opening campaign mission and had great fun playing with weapon combos and different styles. Lots of fun.

Jump into the competitive MP and I can get about 3 shots off with a hand cannon (two of which seem to hit yet do next to no damage) before I’m dead. Not really enough time to even get a double-press dodge off.


Agreed about the PVE! It felt expansive, interesting, and varied to me.

[quote=“Shivoa, post:193, topic:625”]
Jump into the competitive MP and I can get about 3 shots off with a hand cannon (two of which seem to hit yet do next to no damage) before I’m dead. Not really enough time to even get a double-press dodge off.
[/quote]This was my experience, too, at least for a few games. I only played the control map (solo queuing), and at first I just got crushed over and over. I think turning it around depended on 1) sticking much closer to my team and going for team shooting, and 2) just getting familiar enough with the map that I could back off when needed and move to positions with a bit better advantage. Some weapon drops that put me more in my gun comfort zone helped a lot, too. After that, I really had a lot of fun – though matchmaking varied a lot and my team got mowed over pretty effortlessly plenty of times.

I saw what you described with the hand cannon, too. I’m not sure if that’s a bug with shields? Maybe bloom or drop-off at distance? But I definitely felt like I often got what looked like good hits only to see very little effect – after which I was promptly SMGd or something. That said, I did feel pretty effective with the hand cannon that dropped (Better Devils?) after a few matches. Overall I’m feeling really enthusiastic and am looking forward to more.


Checking out the Farm was fun. I spent alot of time mantling on things because seeing it in third person is really satisfying. I made a video too:


Wow, I matchmade into an in-progress (2nd checkpoint) Strike which was just 2 people not moving (surely you couldn’t expect to farm the instances because A) why would you do that in a beta that was about to end and B) no one is going to solo drag you through the entire 20+ minute Strike (much longer probably if trying to do it solo) rather than realising you’re not there and abandoning.

Makes me wonder if there are some connectivity issues the beta uncovered and if that instance was going to get closed down by an inactivity detector. That would seem like a sensible thing to include in random matchmaking to prevent people attempting to idle-farm.


Was it possible to join strikes in progress in the first game? It’s been so long since I played, I honestly don’t remember anymore. If that’s new, at least then I won’t have to worry about having to quit mid-strike when my teammates get disconnected for whatever reason. I remember that happening a lot in the first game.


Had fun with the beta, thought they were going to open up the map a little bit, but after the alpha/beta last time, with the cosmodrome effectively being one quarter of the open world, I’m not surprised that this beta was a little bit more restrained. I think there was a lot of backlash when everyone realised that there were only three more areas after the cosmodrome.

The weapon handling feels even better, though I think I am going to grow to miss having the shotgun and fusion rifle handy - now requiring purple ammo to replenish. First mission seemed much better to anything that was in the first game, but setting it in the Tower as it is besieged by enemy forces is bound to rile the seasoned Destiny player.

Had a little walk around the world at the beginning of the strike. I’m assuming there’s going to be more of those portals and pressure pads around the game world, giving access to more secrets? Art design is still fantastic, I liked the waterfalls of Vex milk.

Multiplayer was fun, I liked the 4v4. It felt a little less crazy and more tactical.

For now it seems like the same game it was before. I just hope they are going to do something more with the game worlds, I just hope there is more to do than just grinding. Based on what they’ve said about the game, it seems as if Bungie will be providing more exploration. I guess I feel more like I know what I’ll be getting - 4 game worlds and a raid, some multiplayer maps and 3x classes. Then await for DLC for more content.

If they take a leaf out of Titanfall, no reason why they couldn’t bring back Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars later down the line.


They look like they’re on the right track with the world content. Gameplay-wise it’s still kind of depressing to look at; even yellow bar enemies look like total bullet sponges in the absence of special weapons. If you’re going to force everybody to use peashooters 99% of the time then at least re-balance some enemy health totals around that.

Destiny 1 felt awful when you had to dump 3 magazines into a Minotaur because your cooldowns were down and you didn’t have any special or heavy ammo. That’s what this entire game feels like.


I’ve been bouncing between playing Destiny and Destiny 2 most of the week, and I’m super excited about basically every change I’ve noticed.

The biggest one for me, which I haven’t seen discussed, has to be encounter design for the strike. To be fair to those having discussions, one beta strike probably isn’t a large enough sample to draw meaningful conclusions from, but I love the change so much I gotta write it down somewhere.

There weren’t any scarab fights. No ten to twenty minute fights, where you’re hiding behind cover, avoiding one-shot kills, reviving teammates, and relying on spawns of add waves to refill your ammo. (Which you will run out of several times over, just unloading into a giant, bullet sponge.) In Destiny one these were all over the place. It wasn’t interesting, after the first 10 seconds of “oh wow!” shock, the fights were slow, repetitive, and boring. They didn’t challenge players, they just ate time.

Again, just one strike is hard to celebrate, as they didn’t exist in every single mission in the first game, but the boss lends some insight into possible changes on this front. You could trade blows with it. It wasn’t “oh, the boss is looking at me, or charging it’s weapon, if I don’t take cover I die now.” It did chip damage. (Well, chip suggest small amounts, and it was fairly heavy.) You could shoot at it while it was shooting at you. You needed to take cover, and the adds were now a complication to how and where you took cover, and target prioritization, instead of super and ammo regeneration mechanics. They had to die so you could heal up, and had safe spaces.

It just… struck me as a vast improvement. The boss also died in a reasonable amount of time. It wasn’t “Hey, don’t mess up badly for twenty minutes.” it was “Here’s the target, here’s more targets, don’t all die at the same time, the more shooting you do, the faster this goes, we’ll all be out of here one way or the other in five or so minutes.”

I also really like the changes made to weapon slots, weapon types, and ability charge rates.

The sniper always felt like an awkward secondary weapon, because it was that special use, super hard hitting, not really traditional mid-short range combat weapon, like the rest. It functioned like a super most of the times you used it, you just got to use it all the time for whatever reason. Even as someone who had one slotted almost 100% of the time, it just makes more sense to me as a heavy weapon, and being free to have a scout rifle and a handcannon, or a scout rifle and an auto-rifle is really nice. It makes needing to swap between primary and secondary far less painful, and helps with the feeling of being able to fine-tune play style, and pick situations where similarly powerful weapons are slightly better for one situation or another.

Ammo did feel a bit on the scarce side of things, but I think I only ever ran out once, and it was as the last boss was doing a 2-3% health left enrage charge at us.

Finally, I did some PvP, which felt pretty good.

In the first game, I did a few matches for quests, and hated it. Everyone was sliding around on the ground with shotguns, killing me before I could react, or taking my head off with a sniper rifle before I knew the map.

This time I felt like I had a much better chance to play until people got the heavy ammo, which is what heavy ammo should do, I think.

It wasn’t too slow to feel sluggish or boring, but I felt like I always had a chance to return fire.

All in all, I’m rather excited for the game to come out. Pre-ordered on PC… now it’s just a matter of waiting.


The story content (and just mentioning narrative chains that unlock after the campaign story sounds like an important thing to prevent a hard cliff at the end of the main story) sounds good. As does some of the exploration of the areas. I do wonder if they’ll be some narrative chains patched in as time progresses or if it’ll be rather quiet (beyond raid unlock and hard mode) until the first paid DLC drops.

It still does feel a bit strange how few zones there are vs traditional MMOs. But we are far more aware of it than when compared to the original game’s launch. I guess that’ll work well for expectation management.

Definitely interested to see how it feels on PC, which is where I’m probably going to go (unless it’s really not capable of running well there or has some terrible mouse acceleration or other weird control choice with no way of disabling it).


I’m finding myself wondering what sort of graphical options we’ll have for the clan banners.