Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Clans aren’t platform-specific, so you can join FATT from whatever platform you’re playing on. There’s a 100 member limit, so if we get too many people we could look into splitting them out by platform.


And it’s at that point where I’ll weep, with the grand total of 3 Xbox members in the Clan…


Played the first mission, the strike, and a round of crucible. So far it feel like some Destiny ass Destiny and I like it.

It looks as though most of the worries from the console Beta were addressed, like Bungie said. I found PLENTY of power ammo and my super charged fast enough to use often. Of course I wasted it a bunch because that’s how I roll. Looking forward to the full thing in a couple of months.


I’m going to be playing Destiny 2 on XBox in order to play with some non-Waypoint friends but would love to join whatever action there may be Xbox-side.


You know what, I’m starting to think that Destiny with a mouse at 60fps is real nice. Jumping from those in-engine cut-scenes at 30fps to the flowing gameplay sure is something. The console rendering issues (no actual way to deal with the shader and particle aliasing or the low res lighting/smoke buffer that makes it even worse) are still here but I guess that’s just how this engine rolls (Bungie: please combine a temporal reprojection with AA resolve to hit these 4K res - your sharp bright line visual style needs something more than what you’re bringing to the table right now).


Fortunately we can just all friend up :slight_smile:

…There are four of us, aren’t there??


Whoooo, I’m watching some streams of the PC beta, and I’m even more tempted to build a PC now. Must … resist…


The explosions and lighting are just very pretty. It’s a lot. Especially when you’ve got the FoV set wide and a big 4K screen around you.

In 5 years when this level of visuals are easily possible (and driving HDR screens that can cook your face with the max brightness) in VR is going to be a lot. *sweats*


Good to hear about more power ammo drops. I did the strike a couple of times on each class during the PS4 beta and on multiple occasions went the entire strike without firing a power weapon. Really made things feel ultra bullet spongey and tedious when combined with the slower traversal speed and never having a grenade/super available.


Yeah that shouldn’t be a problem. I grenaded/super’d/class ability’d very often.

I found the hunter’s dodge reload mechanic VERY handy in PVP.


Even without using power ammo on the boss (I went shotgun and used it on yellowbars earlier and just didn’t change it) they’ve definitely tweaked the boss health. Finished that encounter in what felt like 3/4 of the original time, it was a pretty big jump!


Aside from being just lovely, I noticed these adjustments on the streams I watched, too. Nice to see the ammo drops and refresh rates!


Wooo I got the beta downloading! It’ll only take * checks math * 9 hours!


Clan is joined via the website (instructions) but so far I’m yet to see it do much in the beta. Expect the in-game features are going to be there only for release.


I’ll be going online for more beta stuff at 8 EDT if anyone wants to group up! Cado#1144 on bnet :slight_smile:


I played the beta on PC and it felt floaty and sluggish and the KBM controls didn’t feel natural at all. I rebound the keys and that helped but there are so many weird console-specific choices in the PC build that feed dumb or awkward. Hopefully stuff gets smoothed out by launch. Also no kickback on guns does feel weird and the game feels more comfortable on a controller even if I’m sacrificing some accuracy.

Wanted to add the slide feels like the worst copy of a warframe mechanic ever.


I love point and shoot. Can’t get enough of that precision and lack of kickback. The actual movement felt responsive with no overhanded mouse filtering and that 60fps was *mwah*. Push the chair forward and max that FoV (would still like it a bit wider but I guess we get what we can).

TBH, I’m not sure what I’d do to make this work any better on KBM for my own tastes. I’d redo the jumping physics (the triple jump is the only things that doesn’t feel like an eternal floating slomo to me) but obviously that’s not going to happen before release. So that does feel sluggish and like you’re stuck on the moon (but I’ve played Bungie games before, I know what their preference is in this area). But everything else is just really doing it for me.


@ChefLuBu I kept trying to bullet jump for the first hour or so I was playing. Didn’t go well.


Played the PC beta when it launched yesterday and it feels fantastic, despite the initial button mapping of skills not completely clicking with me, had to do a couple of key-mapping passes to get it just right.

When I went back to Destiny on PS4, and later tried out the beta for 2, I realised first person shooter games on controllers just doesn’t work for me any more, especially when they require precision shots to be successful at it; D1 had me fumbling to attempt to shoot Taken enemies, turning around felt like a confusing slog and I didn’t feel like I had any control whatsoever of the situation.
I still have hand cramps from using scout rifles for so long.

Now that I’ve tried it on PC I’m convinced it’s the way to play; the aiming and target acquisition felt fantastic and natural, the cursor style menus feel even better than how they did on consoles and not to mention the game running at a smooth stable 60fps at high settings.
It feels like a high quality port and I’ll gladly wait a month to play this instead of the console releases.


I may be being stupid but I can’t seem to find the Destiny Beta on the battle net launcher. Am I missing something?