Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


I had to update Battlenet to even see it


I’m probably not going to get to play this beta for internet reasons :frowning:


This game does not look bad.

[A handful more photos from daytime social area]


For PS4 players: there’s a free dynamic theme that’s available on the Playstation Live website for the next few days. Click on the “Quests” tab and you’ll see a trailer to watch, which you’ll then get the theme after finishing it (it’s only 30 seconds).

Also: there’s a quest that lets you enter a PS4 Pro contest.


I managed to get it! It looks real good! The PVP feels like a human aim bot competition! I kinda don’t like it! But it’s pretty!

EDIT: So I guess the Console aim assist is still used in the PC version and now KBM players are complaining about how people with controllers are “BASICALLY AIM BOTS HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US THE SUPERIOR PLAYERS BUNGIE” and I don’t like to indulge in petty schadenfreude often but I am SO here for this right now and will be enjoying it with popcorn and a KD of over 1.0 until someone caves on the issue.


It’s so weird because speaking of my own experience I found it so much easier to find and shoot at targets with KBM. Fair enough if people think the aim-assist is too much but imo it balances out, not that I play much PvP in Destiny anyway.


I think The Division went through this too (they had aim assist on initially for all users and only later on even switched it off for mouse users? At least I think that’s how that unfolded). Totally agreed that, from my personal experience and having a few extra years of familiarity & a lot more hours aiming with a mouse, when I played the two betas there was no comparison. PC on the mouse felt like I could target weak points at any range and consistently hold gold numbers while on the console then I would take longer to dial in the aim and only at mid-range (too close and I couldn’t twist fast enough to hold the aim, too far and I couldn’t precisely aim for those few pixels I wanted).

For everyone to have fun, I’d expect some aim assist (redirecting the true aim towards the nearest enemy when close enough) to be on for controller players. I’m not sure I’d say they need aim-follow (so once their aim is roughly on, it automatically tracks the target without input - actually moving their vision to follow), at least in PvP mode. Maybe that’s also needed. I suspect Bungie are better placed to judge exactly how the assist should work to best balance the play.


This was my experience too, played a few hundred hours of D1 on consoles, playing the demo level last night felt about 50% easier than the PS4 demo. I could aim at everything’s head as a default


“Nightfall: Ready when you are
Raid: 10 AM PT, September 13
Trials: 10 AM PT, September 15”

So… who wants to do the raid blind?


Very surprised we don’t even have a name for the Raid yet. Nevertheless, it’s very exciting stuff!

Ghaul has to be the Raid boss, right? Or is that too obvious? There are bound to be some surprises.


I’m in! 15 characters!

If it’s early in the day before I have work or on a weekend!


Raid name is out there if you’re interested in leaked trophy lists, but yea, Bungie hasn’t said anything at least.


I was going to get this for the PS4, but after the beta, I’m not so sure. It runs so much better on the PC! Is PS4 still going to have first call for all the DLC? I’m also wondering whether the player population will be higher and remain higher throughout the years on PS4.

Also, I should finish the Raids from the first game…


I’m definitely up for a blind raid!


Now that we are close to the full game being out if anyone has requests for things to go in the first post here let me know! I’ll add links to the clan thread but if anyone wants anything else up there let me know


I am, hilariously, considering buying the game both on Xbox and PS4 in order to be able to play with one specific group of friends but then also be able to access more of the Sony-exclusive material.

I’ve been got. Not happy about it, but I’ve spent more money on sillier things.


It’s so crappy paying for a game that has objectively less content in it just because of the chosen platform. Thankfully, in the past, the exclusive exotic weapons usually haven’t been too much to write home about. But yeah, it’s just garbage.


It really sucks that Ps4 gets to buy itself exclusive rights to some content for a whole year, that said it doesn’t seem like there’s much lost from not playing on Ps4 save for a strike, which is the biggest bummer (especially if it’s good).
I hope it doesn’t mean that the PC will be underpopulated in favour of the Ps4 due to these exclusives.


Showing up late to say I’m also down for a blind raid!


Thanks to @Cado for taking a bunch of us through the raids yesterday!

After a 7 hour session yesterday, we were able to do Crota’s End, King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine. This was my first time playing any of the raids and it was epic, can’t quite believe I’ve been playing core Destiny for the last three years without experiencing any of it. That’ll change with Destiny 2!

Think Wrath of the Machine was my favourite raid, the bit on the wall with the mad max style wrecking machine was amazing. That said, beating Oryx (finally) was one hell of a climax. The crew were going through the meticulous plan for the fight and everybody’s role within it. I foolishly went out to get this one piece of ammo at the far front of the arena. Obviously, I accidentally started the fight. I really wasn’t expecting Oryx to be that big…

Still got 3 days to go before Destiny 2! Anybody up for doing Vault of Glass one last time? I’m free from 6pm GMT (2PM EDT). There will be ascendant shards?