Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


The last Destiny game was quite good, if it was not for the homophobic and transphobic community. Also quite toxic I remember. But Destiny 2 seems to be a step in the right direction, less of a farm fest…

However, they could have just updated the original and made it free to play instead of releasing another game entirely.

Also it seems like the Beta for Destiny 2 already has a small hacker problem.

I really hope Bungie works on this game for a few years instead of taking the money and running with it.


Does anyone know if you need that latest Destiny expansion to do raids or or strikes outside of that DLC? I’d love to play some Destiny 1 with some kind folks here tonight or tomorrow if anyone’s interested, but I’m not buying 30 dollar DLC on the eve of the sequel being released.


You would only need the DLC if that’s the raid you want to do. Vault of Glass is base game, Crota is in “The Dark Below”, Oryx is in “The Taken King” and Wrath of the Machine is in “Rise of Iron”


Great! Well, if anyone needs a partner for older strikes/raids I’d be happy to oblige.


I’ll be up for any raid, have never done any so I will be doing them blind, but if you’re lacking another person add me on Ps4: roughplague and I’ll make time. I’m a Hunter hovering around 300 light.
I only have Destiny 1 to play until 2 releases on PC later next month anyway.
Just @ me at cyberspacecat on the Waypoint Discord group.


Are we going to talk about all the lore included in the Collector’s Edition? Because it seems to me that overthrow of the Cabal has flavors of the Protestant Reformation and man, I love every time Bungie’s worlds are inspired by Catholicism. It’s always just often and specific enough that I have to wonder if there isn’t someone who’s been with the company for a long time that has a Catholic theology background and a lot of creative sway.


Looks like the servers are up now! People with physical copies can play right now.


Getting my copy tomorrow. I’ll have to wait until after work though : ( unless this is an actual cold that is playing havoc with my sinuses at the moment! Impromptu sick day that just so happens to land on Destiny 2 day…


Hello all, literally just setup my WP account for this despite hangin’ around the Discord for a while now. Preloaded and ready to go at midnight EST!


Looks like Waypoint is streaming Destiny 2 right now!

I also updated the first post with spoiler rules!


Destiny 2 Microtransactions may affect in-game stats


This game is real fun and I am way better at the PVP on a controller


Hey guys, I have a question about Destiny 2. I played a lot of Destiny 1 but haven’t decided if I will get this yet. If I do, I might wait for the first expansion to come out (might not be a good idea since nobody will be playing the old stuff by then). Anyway, since D2 is trying to make its characters actual characters does anybody know if the faction leaders get any screen time? I would love to see Arach Jalaal of Dead Orbit sniping fools as he sputs nihilistic philosophy or Executioner Hideo of New Monarchy sword fight a cabal warrior or Lakshmi-2 phase through time like a robo-wizard massiah.


I woke up early today (gosh, I wonder why?) and played the two intro missions before settling in to get ready for work. All stuff I’d seen before watching streams yesterday, but it is definitely fun so far, and I am excited about the stronger promise of storytelling. I have a group of friends playing on Xbox with their own clan, but other friends who will be on PS4. It’s enough to make a fella consider buying a used copy for PS4 in a couple of weeks and splitting my time. And then, of course, people can’t stop raving about how good it looks on PC. :stuck_out_tongue:



Very fun so far. Strong opening, and the pace of the game with staying out in the world instead of jumping in and out of orbit/Tower helps a ton.


EDIT added more stuff to this post: Weapon types spoiler:

There are swords and they are cool. There’s even generic green ones! And there seem to be more subtypes within weapon types as well. I’ve gotten three types of sidearm already and a few different types of hand cannon


I like this a lot but the lack of any voiced dialogue for my Guardian seems like a huge mistake. Instead of talking, my wonderful robot lady just sort of gestures vaguely and purses her robo-lips. What the hell kind of half-assed nonsense is that? You’re gonna give me a better story but not have my character comment on it?

That’s some clown shoes.


There was one cut scene where an NPC asked my character a question, and she gestured her arms like she was about to start talking but then my ghost interrupted her to give the answer. I was mildly amused for a couple of seconds before being annoyed that they would acknowledge the fact that your characters have always been silent statues in cut scenes without actually addressing this as a problem with the story telling.


That’s what kills me. You talked in Destiny! You had a sense of humor and everything!

Why on earth would they go backwards on this?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this for the most part, but… man. Voiceless protagonists like it’s fuckin’ 1999? Come on, man!