Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


I was wondering about that. Haven’t played more than the first mission after you reach the farm, but I was hoping for a chattier Guardian after a few DLC’s worth of silence.


I’m not up on Destiny lore too much, but if I’ve been brought back to life by the traveller to be a guardian of the traveller. Can I truly trust the traveller?


No but only if you read deep into the lore


This is Dredgen-Yor talk!


It’s funny no one remembers your character actually talked in Destiny, not only that, but that it was GOOD!
I’m so disappointed they removed their voice for The Taken King and D2.


Was it good though? Was it?


Not sure I like how Shaders work in this. You can apply a different one to each piece of armor but it’s shader is now a consumable and costs money to apply.


hearing about this today single-handedly turned me off of purchasing Destiny 2, and i was a huge fan of the first one


And of course, shaders drop from the bight engrams you can spend money on at the eververse stall.



After too long playing Destiny 2 considering it’s not even been out for 24 hours, my opinion is basically the same as when I left the beta. This is just more Destiny. There’s a lot more story, but the story is just as bad as it ever was so I’m really not sure that this is an improvement. Is it really preferable to have a bunch of poorly written story beats over almost no story at all? Destiny was never a game I cared about knowing WHY I was shooting this particular alien, I was just there for the real good feeling shooting and the loot treadmill.

Lots of minor quality of life changes that feel way bigger than they actually are because of how long I played D1 without them. Some very good and much needed changes to how the ‘patrol zones’ work that makes them feel more interesting and more alive. Still very early, and the end game of D1 was where that game really started, so it’s hard to say one way or another how I’ll end up feeling about D2 when all is said and done.

Oh, and yes, the change to shaders and the whole microtransaction situation in general is garbage. I hate it.


You get bright engrams every time you have enough XP to “level” post level 20. (Like motes in D1). There is nothing in this game so far that you can only get with real world money, everything is attainable in game through regular play!


Yeah but that doesn’t mean it’s not designed to encourage you to spend cash on stuff that last game you would never even need to consider it for

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So, to dive a little bit deeper on why I really do not like the new shader system / being able to gamble for shaders with real money.

In theory I actually really like being able to assign shaders to different pieces of gear, rather than setting one shader for your whole ensemble. It lets you mix and match, lets you be more unique. This is a really cool and good thing!!

Unfortunately by making the shaders all one use consumables, Bungie completely undermines this. As far as I can tell the UI doesn’t even let you preview your whole outfit if you are wanting to use more than one shader. It’ll let you see everything colored with one shader, but if you want to mix and match you’re gonna have to use the shaders and experiment. Hopefully it turns out good, cause if not those shaders are gone now.

Destiny is a game about acquiring ever better pieces of gear. I’m usually not sure how long I’m going to be using a particular piece of gear. Which makes it hard for me to justify using shaders on things, because if something drops in an hour that has better stats and/or looks way doper, then I just wasted a shader. Hopefully I’ve got extra of that particular kind.

Because Destiny is a loot game where the entire end game is getting better and better gear, you’re either going to have to hold off on applying that set of rare shaders you lucked into until after you’ve found the perfect set of gear that you won’t ever change away from (and futily hope that they won’t become obsolete when the next expansion hits). Or you use it on whatever you have now and then just infuse that to a higher light. Hope nothing that looks cooler / has better perks drops for you.

This is all exacerbated by the fact that you can gamble for rare shaders with real money. Spending money on this stuff isn’t ever going to tempt me personally, but it might some. At the end of the day this is FAR from the most predatory microtransaction I’ve ever seen in a game, but that doesn’t make it good. What does making shaders one time use actually do, positively, for the player? I can’t really think of a solid case for one time use shaders, other than as a possible way to sell more microtransactions.

It sucks that Bungie took a really cool change to the shader system and ruined it because of a need to sell people digital goods. Anyway, this was way too many words complaining about cosmetics for a game that I actually really really like! Destiny 2 is a great game! I’ve got bones to pick with this one aspect of it.


I haven’t played this yet but it looks like they have done what I was worried about. They scrapped the Grimoire cards because everybody complained about them but haven’t actually incorporated any of that lore in to the game.


I’m not clued up about all this shader business but I’m enjoying the overall improvements they’ve made to Destiny 2. Everything felt so compartmentalised in the first game. Go to director, select mission/strike, go do that mission. They seem to have grasped that part of the appeal of the game was doing patrols where you were left to free roam. Even though the four worlds from the first game were a bit flat in terms of content. It wasn’t until the Dreadnought that things became a bit more interesting. I liked what they’ve done with the free roam, essentially rolled up all the story quests, side quests, public events and the new lost sectors and it feels much more organic and fun to explore.

I’ve only explored a little bit of the EDZ at the moment, but it feels much bigger and much more engaging to explore than the cosmodrome. The Cosmodrome was this flat space with a couple of interiors and the same respawn caves literally cut and pasted around the place. The town environment you first land in the EDZ has more varied interiors to explore, it feels like a real place, there’s much more verticality and ‘things’ to discover. I guess time will tell whether it holds up to all the backtracking, and will the lost sectors become a little redundant once you have explored them all? Will there be any reason to go back apart from to farm potentially more interesting loot crates?

First impressions are strong, the writing and storytelling seems like a vast improvement. The big bad of the game came across as a little one note immediately, but it looks like there may be some depth to his character through the cutscenes. I’m hoping so. He comes across as Cabal Bane. The thinking man’s ultra powerful villain.

Also I got 27 kills in my first crucible game. Lord Shaxx got very excited. Which got me very excited too.


When watching the Giant Bomb Quick Look and Jeff equipped and unequipped a shader, thereby exhausting one of its uses, I got very disappointed.
I liked how shaders encompassed your whole gear in the original Destiny, it unified the gear and previewed a lot better, I would welcome the piece-by-piece shaders if only they weren’t now under a consumable model.

I got very excited over weapon shaders and ship shaders, often the look of the weapons / ships were mismatching or simply just had poor colour choices; you’d get a really high stat weapon or a cool ship design only to have it be covered in ugly neon green decals, being able to change that is great. (Still use the ship with the Taken look because it’s the only legendary ship I have and I kind of hate how it looks)

Making it a consumable (ex. Jeff had 3x shader uses in the QL) you’re permanently limiting what you can use your shader on, so as an example: out of 4 gear pieces, 3 main weapons, a ship (guessing same goes for your Ghost and Sparrow too), you would only be able to equip this shader to your legs, torso and arms for example, or two of your weapons plus a ship; what this indicates to me is that shaders are now a grindable currency instead of a freely available skin toggle.
What if you got a really cool rare shader drop in a Raid or an event? would you have to redo the Raid and hope for another 3x drop?

I wouldn’t even be mad about shaders being micro-transactions in addition to drops, but by making them consumable instead of persistent they’re really ripping off both those who buy them and those who earn them in game.


There is a lore tab on every exotic now which are just like the old cards, there are scannable objects in the world that give bits of lore, and adventures give a lot of side story and lore


That’s not really what I meant by implemented tho.


With a game so heavily focused on loot, I’m glad exotics and unique items have lore, needless to say Dark Souls is one my favourite games of all time.
It feels weirdly game-y to call it “lore” and to have you bring up the “lore tab” though, it really does feel like they just stuck grimoire cards onto weapons.
At some point before I dive into Destiny 2 I will try to give Grimoire cards a once-over, find some overall compilation of them all, I never even looked for them in the first place.