Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


I’m a very big Destiny fan but haven’t played this (yet?), but I’m disappointed in a few things mentioned here.

I watched some stream or video yesterday where the player character nodded strangely as a response, and I understood they removed the voiced character. Very strange! I’ve seen nothing so far that suggest the storytelling has improved over Destiny 1, in which it was fine, btw.

And the thing about “actually adding the lore into the game” was not true I guess? The Grimoire cards should’ve been readable in-game yes, but removing them completely is a huge mistake. And scanning things? That was in the first game too. Destiny 1 was just kinda cryptic, and people didn’t like that. So instead they turned up the comedy for some reason, which I can’t believe anyone seriously asked for? The heavy presence of Cayde-6 in promotional content has really turned me off.

And I hate that PvP is 4v4. I did not like it in the beta at all, and that every mode is that makes me genuinely sad. Can anyone share any impressions of this, how it feels now? And are there still 3v3 modes? That’s barely a difference, while before the change from 6 to 3 actually made sense and felt very differently.

I’m not thrilled about the changes to shaders and weapon loadout either.

Anyway. Sorry, since I haven’t actually played the game maybe my opinions aren’t worth much. But I’m bursting with pent up frustration about this game and the discussion around it and had to vent it somewhere.


The promotional materials have not been awesome, even if you don’t mind Filionbot.

As a cleanse, you should watch this Japanese trailer they put out:


I like the somber self-serious tone of Destiny. I can agree with the argument that it needed more personality, I just don’t think adding cooky characters, Whedon esque quips, and dancing is the way to go about it.
It feels like the transition between Borderlands 1 and 2, where writers recognised people’s complaints about the lack of story and personality, but decided to double down on Claptrap and make every character loud and annoying like Scooter.


I like that the missions in D2 have actual denoument scenes/resolution. It was initially jarring, in the “Wait, is there another beat in the mission?” But no, you’re just getting the resolution and a kicker toward the next mission in-scene and/or with a cut-scene. I really like it. Better than a short VO summary and then back to your ship.


I like this, too! It is a little jarring, but fits very well both as a storytelling mechanism (the cutscenes are cool) and with the more “continuous” gameplay where you can go to the next mission right from the same location.


I agree with this sentiment toward the humor, but a few hours into the game itself I’m finding the tone to be much more serious – even somber – than the Cayde-6-heavy marketing and trailers. And I like that. The story actually feels weighty to me, and the developing conflict between the “retake the tower” and “new home in the wilds” points of view is a good hook.


Huh, very glad to hear that, all I’ve seen have been the BETA, the opening hour after that following Austin and Patrick, and Giant Bomb’s quick look where they play a later mid-level mission which had some more Cayde-6 stuff, so my impressions of the tone so far is probably more coloured towards what the marketing ran with.

I’m probably getting the game over the weekend, still very excited to play despite some of the disappointing details being pointed out in this thread.


Welp, beat the game. Now I have to figure out what out of the seemingly 60 plus options I want to do now


Welp, beat the game. Now I have to figure out what out of the seemingly 60 plus options I want to do now

Okay since there’s way more interest in PVE we’ll start there!

What time and day works best for you?

(all times are US mountain time as that is where I live and after years of basing everything on East Coast time I want my vengeance!)

  • 10AM to 12PM
  • 12PM to 2PM
  • 2PM to 4PM
  • 4PM to 6PM
  • 6PM to 8PM
  • 8PM to 10PM
  • 10PM to 12AM
  • None Of The Above

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If none of those times work please feel free to start your own poll for UK times or what have you!

Once we have set times I will add them to the OP for weekly events


Whoops forgot the poll for what days work!

  • Sat
  • Sun
  • Mon
  • Tues
  • Wed
  • Thurs
  • Fri

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I think a doodle might be better for this?


Okay let’s try this you don’t have to sign up for anything to vote!:


I removed my vote because while I’ll be available most of those times, I still haven’t gotten the game, and will need to play a bunch before joining any events.
Hope the WP community keeps arranging for team-ups through the game’s lifespan, glad the interest seems to be pretty active.
(edit: ok, re-added vote)


EDIT: Note to self, do an extra Grammer check when typing in a car and talking to someone

This is more about being around at a certain time for random stuff kinda thing. Less like planning a raid and more like planning to be in a party chat to split off into groups.

It can also be a set time to say, do the nightfall every week, but for now I’m just testing the waters


My brother is a huge fan of Destiny 1 and is wildly excited for D2. This isn’t normally a game I would play but I picked it up yesterday because my brother lives half a country away and this is a cool thing we can do together.

I played through the first mission up until the farm and … it was pretty fun! I haven’t played a Bungie game since Halo 2 but holy guacamole did I play A LOT of Halo 1/2 in the dorm back in the day. I could practically smell the well-loved dorm couch and burnt popcorn as I worked through the first area, it felt just like Halo in all the right ways. Almost all the right ways. My Warlock feels a little slower than Master Chief, like he’s always slogging through an ankle deep pool of a hearty soup. It’s not bad but it will take some getting used to.

Also D2 is way prettier than Halo, wowee. That scene in the alleyway with all the neon? Rad as hell.

I really know very little of D1 except for what’s been discussed in WPR. As dense and overly complicated as the lore of the first game seems to have been, they did a pretty good job of setting the scene for me in D2. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about any of the characters or setting I was genuinely touched when I stumbled on the busted camp of a group of slain Guardians right outside the city. I felt angry and motivated to go kill some more aliens.

Then I got attacked by an ass load of dogs. So many dogs. With the constant reminders that I wasn’t going to be resurrected, that was kind of a stressful fight. But it was a good introduction: beautiful open areas, a swelling score, and - fuck, more dogs.

I’m excited to finish the campaign but I’m also kind of excited to do more MP as well. I have never played any kind of MP except for invasions in DS2/BB and I’m kind of interested to see how that goes.


The default run speed in Destiny does seem a bit lower compared to old Xbox shooters, you’ll probably find yourself sprinting most places. Also, your next mission will help open up some mobility options that are core to the experience.

Kind of glad to hear from somebody without a bunch of D1 under the belt! Lot of folks in the thread have a bit of baggage from the previous game.


They’re doing a pretty good job of putting more lore in the adventures that you pick up. They’re usually small offshoots to the main story, but I’ve already learned a ton about the backstory for some of the races and their histories. Still miss the Grimoire though, the new system can’t really give us something as cool as the Books of Sorrow!


Hey heads up the clan stuff is in game now so go do stuff and get me free engrams!


According to Brad, Destiny 2 story ends very strongly so that’s good.


For what it is worth, I went with the “Do a whole ton of Public Events” route, and it seems to be the fastest way to level up so that you can then do the after-story stuff on the various worlds.

I also played a bunch of Crucible, but that did not seem to drop too much stuff.