Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Everyone should do the Blue icon quests asap after the campaign! They lead to exotic quests and give good loot. Start with the titan one, then Nessus, Io, and EDZ


I’ve already done the Nessus one save for the last bit I need a fireteam for and was thinking the Titan one would be a good next one since the reward seems right up my ally!


Titan one is also very easy, I think it has the lowest light requirement.


Even tho I was a Future War Cultist in Destiny 1, they should be selling “Dead Orbit Was Right” tshirts.


I’m fascinated by Destiny 2. I got to the first game years late, loved the gunplay, didn’t have a squad to do endgame, and wasn’t that interested in endgame either.

So, is it possible (fun, even?) to play Destiny casually? A few hours here and there without a group to be raiding end game etc.?


I mean, it’s not a complete answer for your question, but so far I’ve genuinely enjoyed the Destiny 2 campaign enough that I think I’d actually recommend it to someone who wasn’t all that interested in the multiplayer component of the game. Particularly if they’ve enjoyed Bungie’s past work on the Halo campaigns, and - like you - already know that they’ll like the basic gunplay.

(Also, play a Warlock. We rock. :sunglasses:)


I feel like %90 of people play that way. That’s more or less how I play and honestly even the raids can be done pretty casual after a month or two


See, guys, what I really needed was reasons convincing me not to get this game


I got the game kind of hoping that was a thing. I’d like to do the strikes and maybe even raids, but I’m absolutely not going to spend a ton of hours grinding for stuff. I’m enjoying it so far. If you end up getting it for PS4 then feel free to add me on PSN and we could casual it up sometime (my PSN name is the same as on here)


Oh, arguments is two doors down. This is the enablement room.


I picked up Destiny 1 again Tuesday, and put in some time while waiting for my copy of 2 to arrive. So it was very fresh in my mind as I got to D2. I had just started Taken King in D1, and the storytelling there vs. the base game was a marked improvement. But compared to the first hours of D2, it completely pales in comparison. This just feels so much richer and more robust, with characters and stories and places that have stakes.

I know there are issues with the game, but storytelling got a huge upgrade and that’s making it worth the purchase for me.


I really hope there is some small backstory in Destiny 2 that’s as good as the Assassination of Jaren Ward by the Coward Dredgen Yor.


I just did my Voidwalker subclass mission. Now that’s what I’m talking about. That’s a good way to incorperate the girmoir into the game.


Destiny 2 is good.


I’m so happy the Void bow class is back, still so much fun to use, and so effective.
I’ve been playing the game since yesterday evening, around 2-3 sessions (excluding breaks) and I just hit the cap today. I feel like I have been levelling like a racehorse (i.e. fast), started my session today after leaving my last session near the transition to lvl 15 and got to max in a race (horse) and I was showered in legendary drops.
Felt so good.
I also hadn’t turned in any EDZ tokens since early game so I was surprised with how profitable it was:

Yet to finish it, been doing a lot of addicting side-stuff. The adventures are a great mid level activity, coupled with public events every few minutes (which I often run off the path to do, since you can just do that mid mission :ok_hand:).
I’m having a lot of fun in the patrol areas, and I haven’t even gotten my Sparrow yet.

I suspect I’m getting close to the end of the story, got the old team back and preparing an assault on the enemy weapon thing if so isn’t it a bit short? or am I just losing any sense of time while playing?
Not that it plays a big part in my enjoyment of the game, it’s been a joy, and I can see strikes, adventures, raids and replays to continue to be a joy, I’m just wondering.


I’m starting to organize for this week’s raid launch! Here’s a doodle poll: just add your forum/discord name for the times and dates you could do a raid, Depending on how many people are available and willing, we’ll split into different groups! You should be 265 light (currently the assumed minimum to enter the raid) by raid time!


So I like the new shader system

I combined a few different shaders to make a pretty cool look. This whole thing has been majorly overblown. I didn’t want to pass judgement on the system until I’d reached the level cap and started equipping shaders, but now that I have it’s totally fine.


I don’t know where specifically you are but if you just got the gang back together you’ve still got a final “Act” of story to go through, it’s not just another mission or two. It’s probably 3 or 4? If I"m remembering right?


Alright cool, guess I figured it was just a couple of missions. Either way I’m not exactly hurting for #content, which I’m glad for. Also is it just me or does the Adventures feel like pre-taken king original Destiny missions in length and amount of story context?


Yeah I’m about where you are and I haven’t had too many issues. There are a few shaders in particular that I want more of, but the level of customization is great! My Warlock is looking absolutely frab right now, and I’m running 4 different shaders on my armor.

Plus some of the gun camos are SO COOL!