Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Here’s my mini review and thoughts on D2 with story completion and little play time on End Game stuff. (Spoiler Free)

Right from the jump, showing your past achievements completing raids and completing the D1 story was a nice touch. They leave you with the characters you left off stripped but your default gear until BOOM! – it kicks off with the beta introduction mission but with a few sprinkles of adjustments which is nice since I usually tend to skip what the beta offers. GREAT TWIST. The story progresses strong and well with some background on The Traveler and Ghaul’s motives, More articulate than Oryx’s revenge plot.

The story campaign is full of content and immersion compare to D1 and side missions and patrolling. Missions are action packed while showing you the kinks of the game and introducing the new planets. More cutscenes to compliment the story rather than leaving a sour taste after slaying hoards of enemies and acquiring an item/artifact. I’m not sure if I’m correct but I do remember your guardian having voice lines in D1. Don’t remember if that’s true but it was a little weird for me to not hear your guardian talk in D2. That’s my main gripe about the campaign. Other than that, the story is great from beginning to an explosive ending. YAY you completed the story! time explore! The planets are more lively since public events seem more frequent and defeating major enemies offer rewards which gives you a better reason to keep on a lookout for more enemies.

Each world also have their own faction to offer more bang to your buck for your patrolling which is a nice add on. Golden Chests are now Regional Chests and they don’t disappear once you open them which is another good thing, more loot. Not sure if there’s a big reward for getting all chests so get back into in that in the future. Lost Sectors is a new edition to patrolling that offers a discover hidden area and find loot after going through a lengthy cave/underground area that leaves you satisfied. Also there’s more scan interactions for your ghost for background story to the world and DEEP LORE to counter the grimoire cards people hated. I honestly don’t mind having a mini version or something similar to grimoire cards since they were so well written and gave a little more detail to the Destiny universe but I can understand why its completely removed.

Every guardian class has a new subclass which is nice since I always thought one of each of their subclasses were glorified melee attacks so maybe with that there’ll be more variety when your in a pvp/pve event – yet again i feel like there’s not enough Warlocks. I can count with my fingers on how many I’ve seen since release. (I contribute to the cause sorry! Hunter Boyz)

What I don’t like about the grinding since they introduced the three of coins item, you can get an exotic quickly which kinda throws off the value of the exotic gear piece. More common than you expect. Sure the quests are fine to reward you one but outside from that, they should feel more exclusive. The shaders this time around are a little funky. They’re a one time deal which makes me scratch my head but they become more common later in the game so I guess its alright to me. I played crucible 3 times so i dont know much yet but from what I played, the speed of the super build up, gun balances, ammo count etc. the map designs are good so far. Shotguns still rekt which is welcoming. 4v4 is a weird number to say though. Maybe in the future they’ll add back 6v6?

The game is great.

A way better experience from the first for newcomers. Lets see how the DLC will play out later this year.


Did you guys know that the scannable Vex stuff in the environment says different stuff if you play as an EXO?


Oh really? What’s different? I guess I’ll have to roll a human and find out (I already roll EXO because robots are cool).


Your Ghost will mention that some of the scannable Vex tech on Io and Nessus only activates because your an EXO. It makes sense because in the Grimoire lore it’s said that EXOs were created during the Golden Age by the Future War Cult back when they were called the Ishtar Collective so that they could download their minds into them and make it easier to interface with Vex timestream tech as well as fight in the eternal war.

Robots ARE cool.


Ok everyone, I’ve made the teams based on the Doodle Pool for Day 1 blind raids. If your name is on this list don’t sign up again unless you are willing to take a back seat and not spoil the raid for other people. We might need some filler since there weren’t a lot of overlapping folks for later in the week. Here is a new poll for the rest of the week: PM

Let's do some Destiny raids

Just making sure you are aware, I’m the one who used their full name to sign up for doodle (Chauncey) :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha thanks for the heads up! I was about to try to find each person and message them :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi raid friends I’m BadfingerSA on PSN. I’m at about 245 light right now, and I believe I will be raid ready but I need your help! Let’s get together and do things and also stuff this evening to be ready and chat a bit?


Ugh how are you guys so fast at leveling!


I’ll be on pretty much all night after 6 PM EDT if you are looking for someone else to do stuff with :slight_smile: I’m Edeam on PSN



Oh yeah definitely they’re very generous this time around to level up at a quicker pace. I don’t mind, everyone can join in on the fun and not being left out because you couldn’t meet the requirements.


This might be the wrong place, to ask, but are there any Waypoint/Waypoint adjacent PS4 clans with spots open? I’m new to D2, in that I skipped D1, and am fairly casual with my play time, but still am interested in finding a clan to improve the social aspect of the game and better experience the end game stuff.

Any leads? Thanks everyone!


Hi, the thread with all the details is here:

It’s also worth considering organising with Discord as a lot of people in the community (including those who aren’t in the clans) use the channel there to arrange meeting up for casual play and exchanging names for friends lists.


I found an “ascendant artichoke” and I’m floored by the lore implications of artichokes being rare.


WOW you can see the giant raid ship from Nessus!


Has anybody done the Enemy of my Enemy quest on Titan? It’s… it’s kind of fantastic. Mithrax the Forsaken is best boy.


Did you see the flavor text? Cayde is absolutely hilarious!


How long, roughly so Strikes take? Or does it vary too much to give a good answer? Are these closer to 30 minutes or 2 hours?