Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Oh 30 minutes for sure. I’ve never seen even a nightfall go much over an hour


AFAIK the Nightfall time limit maxes out at around 23-25 minutes, depending on the strike. Non-nightfall strikes are usually a bit shorter than this.


I just did that questline the other night and it hits the notes I was hoping to see from the game - I think the Fallen are the most interesting enemy group because they are just out trying to survive, and I don’t always feel great about the concept of fighting them. I think there could be understanding between Humanity and Fallen - certainly the Queen in the Reef has come to an understanding with the House of Wolves, but it was more of a “I murdered your Kell and now you are my slaves” thing and less of a “hey we can all agree the Hive is fucked up right” thing.

Anyway that’s my way of saying I want to be able to roll a Fallen Guardian in the next expansion.


My favourite enemy group is the Vex because I love incomprehensible timestream Lovecraftian space robots. But totally, the Fallen are by far the easiest to identify with, especially if you read into their backstory and with Variks who was great in D1. The Fallen and the Awoken\Humans\Exos could so easily come to an understanding and form an alliance.

Have you seen the hints at who rules the Fallen now?


I have not gotten a good idea of who’s running the show - just that someone seems to have come along and united all the Houses. The color scheme suggests they’re still under the thumb of the Reef, so maybe Petra? But their continuing desire to shoot Guardians in the face suggests that either 1. relations between the Reef and the Tower are worse than usual or 2. Varriks decided to strike out on his own.

EDIT: Oh god it’s probably the fucking prince of the Reef, isn’t it. That oily fuckboi.


Listening to ByF’s lore video, I was thinking that I want one of the “Lost” to become a playable faction. Agree that the Fallen are the best choice there. Though it’d also be fun to have a freed Vex or a non-conquering clan of Cabal.


Yeah the hivemind natures of the Vex and Hive make it difficult to have one (although arguably the quest to find the Captain on Nessus implies the Vex may not necessarily have complete consensus). The Cabal are a possiblity, as their empire seems to be in the throes of civil war or outright collapse - and it is further stated that ‘Cabal’ is less a species and more of a structure a la the Covenant.

The Fallen are a unified species and Verriks’ belief that “not all are Fallen” makes me think there could be redemption for some, if not all. I like a good redemption arc, particularly when it is the redemption arc of what are basically space racoons digging through everyone’s garbage.


All this talk about the setting and the factions makes me really want to see Bungie exercise this license with tie-in novels, anthologies, and comics.

Not least because I am a working novelist and love Destiny’s type of science fantasy, so I’d very much like to write one of these hypothetical novels or stories.


Haha yep, Prince Fuckboi is the main theory right now. There is even a Grimoire card from D1 that mentions after the Queen “dies” he is trying to take over the House of Kings.


Xur, how does he work? Specifically, what level are the items he sells? All the pictures I’ve seen are of lvl 270 items, but is that just a coincidence that all the players taking pictures are around that level, or all his goods at 270 regardless?



Uuuuuuugh that guy sucks


Yes, I agree, that guy sucks but I thought he died in Destiny 1?


All of Xur’s stuff is 270 regardless of your power level.


@WTHall @Mechanations If you’re above 270 then Xur’s inventory caps there. If you’re under it will be around your power. I went up with my level 10 titan and the gear was all 215, so I assume it will be 215 - 270 depending on your current power.


Has anyone finished the Sturm/Drang quest? Is the last part soloable?


If you’re talking about the boss on that quest, you don’t need to do it, you’ve likely already done the required step.


But, and this could be very naive, can I just enter the strike solo?


There is no strike objective tied to the Drang/Sturm quest, although it does take place in a Strike area, follow the quest on Nessus and all that and you’ll get the gun after killing the Servitor boss.
There’s a quest for a different gun that requires a few steps, but that one does requires a fireteam (and at least 1 member with the same quest) on all its steps. Recommend just hitting up the good Waypoint clan for those activities if you need a second or third member.


Ok, thanks, that clears it up!

Just got the Rat King quest, and if anyone else needs to group up to do the early parts of it let me know. I’ll be online later this morning/afternoon (PST)


Okay so the most popular times for that doodle poll about a weekly Destiny 2 even time were 12PM and 2PM! As for what to do with that time I was thinking it would be a good hop into Destiny 2 and just group up for whatever time but right now the game is still really popular so it’s not really needed. Still if anyone has ideas for a good weekly thing just let me know!