Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


I’ve been looking around and I haven’t seen a great answer anywhere else. For those playing on PS4 with a PS headset, what sound profile are you using? I see the original Destiny listed there, but no idea if it also works for Destiny 2.


I just wanted to drop in and say that so far I’ve been playing the campaign as if it were just a new halo game and it has been very cool. I put on my nice headphones and was completely engulfed in an awesome scifi/fantasy world for like 10 hours yesterday. It felt very much like I was back in high school staying up all night playing the new halo game.

Side Note: I’ve never taken so many screenshots in a game before, every environment is astonishingly well crafted and coloured. I just want to shout about how good everything looks!


This is going to sound remarkably stupid but… does this game have a tutorial? My sister has been playing the game and allowed me to try it tonight while she slept. She set it up for me so I could just create a new character. Having just played for about 2 hours, it was a real struggle to understand what to do in it. Admittedly I don’t play first person shooters often so there were some genre hurdles to get past, but I feel like I played through what must be the tutorial to this game and at no point were the UI or controls explained. I actually had to look up whatever “Super charge” meant by the time I got through the next mission to get the Light back. I even got stuck in the turbine room because I didn’t understand how the jump worked (I wish it told me the Warlock default jump had a glide-like double-jump to it). The closest thing to a tutorial that occurred was at the start of the next mission, the woman on the radio was impatient with me slowly figuring out the UI and told me to crawl under a car.

I still don’t understand what any of these currencies I keep getting are, I don’t know what the different life-bar colours mean, and the three weapon classes (normal, energy, power) weren’t explained at all (I don’t know why sometimes one is better than the other). So while I spend my time looking all this stuff up, was I just given a quicker intro/all the UI help turned off because my sister had a main character and the game knew it was just a second character? Or is this just how the game starts?


I think the most you get is some popup text in the opening mission. It’s possible that you didn’t see these if you played on your sister’s account, since they might not appear after the first time they activate on that account. Destiny 2 does a good job of teaching you about equipping gear and starting missions in the open world, but it leaves out alot of the gameplay basics. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you mentioned in your post:

Currencies: Glimmer is money. Tokens are for increasing your reputation with different factions. There are tokens for each planet, and tokens for some characters in the Farm. When you turn in enough tokens, you get an engram. You have to be level 20 to actually get the rewards from factions, so don’t worry about turning those tokens in for now.

Health bar colours denote how strong an enemy is. Red bar enemies are normal, orange bar enemies are tougher and yellow bar enemies are bosses. The white part of the health bar shows how much shield is left.

Weapons (This is the worst one for not having an explanation): Kinetic weapons do standard damage to everything. Energy weapons do significantly increased damage to shields, and slightly less damage to enemies without shields. Power weapons are stronger weapons with rarer ammo. If you shoot a shield with the matching energy type (i.e. red shields with a solar weapon), the shield will explode and cause additional damage to that enemy and any enemies around it.

In the Crucible, energy weapons don’t have any damage penalty, and also do increased damage to players who are using a super ability.


That’s not stupid at all! I think … I didn’t play Destiny 1, but I have read about it and listened to people talk about it on podcasts so I kind of understood some things going into it but, no, I don’t think the game does a very bad job explaining very much beyond “this button shoot.” If I wasn’t playing with my brother (an experienced D1 veteran) there’s a ton of stuff I would have never figured out.

It feels like there’s a lot of things that it just expects you to know already. It would be really great if it had a “Help” UI overlay so it tells you what things do when you hover over them.

Oh, here’s a thing I still don’t know after finishing the campaign and reaching level 20: how much things costs. I can’t find the cost of an item from a vendor. I think it’s 2,000 Glimmer? But I feel like it changes sometimes too?

I love the game but boy-o it feels needlessly inscrutable sometimes.


@Gary_of_Nivea Thanks so much you two. Admittedly I was very tired after a long day before playing so I could have missed stuff, but now I feel a lot less embarrassed about it. You’ve both been a big help.


No problem! I’m Tevin_II on PSN, feel free to add friend me and invite me into your fireteam (a two or three-person party that do stuff together) if you see me on and need some help.


Thanks but I’ve decided I enjoyed it enough but I’ll wait for the PC version for myself. While it means I won’t be able to play with my sister, it will run better, not require me to get PS+ and has more settings like Fov and graphics that help me deal with first person games (I have constant headaches). I also don’t mind waiting for it.


FYI - Get the shader ‘Tarnished Copper’ for a little Waypoint Green™ stripe!


Good lookin’ ship, too!


Well I’m officially done with the salt mine that is the Destiny subreddit right now.

I don’t know what it is with gaming subreddits on that site, but those people just want to be miserable all of the time.





What an entitled gaggle of assholes. They talk to Bungie like my five-year old talks to me. “I want reusable shaders! I want the Vault to be nicer! I want Mods to be better!” wah wah wah.

I can’t recall any post that’s been on the front page of that sub that talks about how fun it is to actually play the game. It’s all about how so and so loot/quest/item mechanic does or doesn’t work.

And it’s not even all game-related subreddits! All the Soulsborne subreddits are really good places to go to talk about the games and get helpful, encouraging advice! They’re a community that can celebrate the strengths of those games, acknowledge their weaknesses, but mostly just talk about the games themselves without the endless griping.

I think that’s what I was expecting in the Destiny subreddit. Like, yeah, sure, no game is perfect that’s fine. Nobody wants to talk about great something is all the time either. So, like, I don’t know - maybe talk about the game itself? I’m looking at the front page for /r/destinythegame and 14 of the top 20 posts are complaints.

Get over yourselves.


Do not get me started on that subreddit. Well, too late.

What a bunch of petulant children. I’m not one to say that Destiny 2 is perfect; it’s not and there are lots of valid criticisms and constructive feedback to be given. I’m on board with a few things that have been brought up there. Mainly, wishing that Lost Sectors and Strikes in particular were just a bit more rewarding.

But my goodness. Things go south so fast there. They go from ‘Hey, here’s this idea I had that I think would make the game better, what do all of you think?’ to ‘Bungie are the dumbest of fucks for not putting this in the game, what the hell is wrong with them, it’s like they don’t even play their own game!!!’.

Like, the idea that maybe there is never going to be (nor is it reasonable to expect) an endless supply of #content to consume when playing at least 4 hours per day, every day, for weeks and weeks on end is apparently incomprehensible to everyone there.

And oh boy, if you dare to suggest that hey, maybe you shouldn’t complain about a lack of content when you took a full week off from work and have been playing nonstop for two weeks…well, brace yourself for a torrential rage. What I’ve gathered from that sub is that if a player can’t devote all their gaming time to this single game for months and months on end without running out of stuff to do, then that is a huge problem and a direct insult to anyone who bought the game. I mean, for crying out loud.


I might have, uh, made a text post that I’ll end up regretting.

On the other hand, it felt real good to write so I guess I’ll just ride the Downvote Train to Catharsis Station.


After listening to last weeks Waypoint Radio with Patrick and Rob, I feel like what Patrick is talking about is an MMO version of Destiny. World of Warcraft had all the lore in the world and a ton of ways for you to discover it, but it wasn’t necessary at all to play and enjoy the game. You could do the quest line that led down a “main story” or you could complete other events, instances, quests and adventures to level up and look like a badass.

I had a ton of fun with vanilla Destiny through Taken King, so I’m gonna like Destiny regardless (once it drops on PC that is).


OH BOY! Best of luck with that.

But seriously, how sad is it that the most upvoted post is one reveling in how salty and negative the sub has become again? Like, what?


Welcome to Reddit!


Mind sending a link? I would love to read.


That’s my biggest issue. There was a post titled “Destiny 2 is 5 miles wide and an inch deep” that was a good way of capturing what was working for the game and some suggestions concerning what the author would like to see moving forward.

The sub was really fun for about a week and then the hardcore players “ran out of things to do” i.e. stopped getting showered with loot. I swear parts of that sub don’t even like the game they’re playing. I’m sad because there’s usually a ton of useful information or lore/story bits that I might have missed. I don’t want to leave, but my blood pressure spikes every time I open the stupid page up.

Ultimately, yeah a good portion of the sub are hardcore players that are probably over 100 hours now. Destiny was never going to be a hardcore MMO and I get frustrated when all of the posts consist of whining #content and not getting enough drops. Yeah it’s a loot shooter, but there have to be some limits on drops or the game breaks even faster.


Here you go.

Edit - I will say this: the conversation did not go how I thought it would go.