Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Thanks! Hey we’re not alone.


Leave it to reddit to ignore much of the actual substance of a post, and latch onto ‘snack dad’. Hahahahaha

But seriously, truer words have never been spoken: “This is not a sub to go and talk about a fun game you are playing. This is a sub to go and complain about an imaginary perfect game that will never exist.” Take your Karma!


Good post! I was going to offer an upmote, but D2 doesn’t have motes and that joke is no good anymore!


Well it was gilded and at the top of the sub so, uh, I guess it struck a chord.

Or people are really into Snack Dad, idk.


Snack Dad could be an exotic grenade launcher with MIRV rounds.


“S.N.A.K.D.A.D. Is way OP in PVE, Bungie please nerf!” is what the posts will read.


I got a god roll SNAKDAD from a blue engram!


The Destiny Lore reddit is pretty cool at least.


“Snack dad” is fast becoming a thing in the Destiny community. And in Bungie:


The mods incorporated it into the Subreddit’s design. We’re through the looking glass I guess.


This is magical to watch.


Sometimes good things do happen on the internet!



What is even happening


Rising odds of Nathan Fillion getting paid to say “snack dad” in the expansion is what’s happening.


Oh my God if words I write come out of Nathan Fillions mouth I would be so happy.


Damn, now I want a SNACK DAD shirt, too.


It’s everywhere.


The saga continues.

I haven’t listened to the podcast, just noticed the title.


I listened to the whole ding dang episode.

They only addressed Snack Dad in the end, didn’t know what it was, and moved on.

Judging by the rest of the episode…they would have been well served to read the post because yeesh they were whiny.

Edit: One thing that really struck me is they did not care about playing the game to experience the game design. They played the game to get gear which is a thing I recognize as a reason to play but doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Like, I play the Strikes because the levels are fun and I like doing with friends, some of them hadn’t played the Strikes because the loot wasn’t good enough. There’s no wrong way to play, but there are very different ways and that one doesn’t seem like much fun.