Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Got that flawless run this weekend


Has anyone had any luck as a Seeker in guided games? I’ve tried three times this weekend and got booted because the wait was too long every time.


Ya know, when you think about it, there really isn’t much difference between the Chosen Undead and a Guardian. Ghosts are just like, mobile bonfires.


TBH now I kinda wish that Warlocks could throw lightning spears. That would be rad as hell.

Also I was playing Dark Souls 2 before I started Destiny 2 and it’s going to be real hard to get back into the right frame of mind when I start playing DS2 again.


Other things to support this hypothesis:

  1. Both series ascribe to a Many Worlds interpretation of reality.
  2. Heavy emphasis on “light” and “flames”
  3. Half the story is told through item flavor text
  4. You rescue people from the world and they go to the hub to be merchants
  5. Holy shit, Banshee is going hollow before our eyes.


So I’ve been playing this game a lot lately and even attempted the raid blind with people here (got past the baths), but I still feel like I have a serious disconnect from this community mostly because I feel like I play it too casually. That’s even with putting in 5-10 hours of playing a week. Most of this stems from really just not feeling the need to delve into the lore or discourse over more minute stuff. It’s frustrating because I really want to enjoy some of the deeper details or story and harder content.


So the lore is…to be honest, there’s a lot of grimoire from D1 that really explains the world. If nothing else, read the Book of Sorrows. It’s a really cool piece that will explain the Hive to you.

There’s no such thing as “playing too casually.” This game is geared for 5-10 hours a week, if I’m being honest. There are people that are putting in 50+ and then complaining they don’t have anything to do (read: they do have any avenues for guaranteed loot).



That was really interesting. Sometimes I wish this game was like Dark Souls 2 where I could clear out an area and not ever worry about respawns to properly enjoy the environments. Especially Nessus which, wow, has several draw dropping areas.


Finally got to start the raid on Sunday. We only made it to the second of 3 encounters, but I certainly enjoyed myself. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the Castellum is my dream of killing mobs. It’s just supers and power weapons everywhere.


Now that the game’s been out for… almost a month, I’m just about done with it. I still log on once or twice a week to run around, but I am no longer playing every day. I haven’t finished the raid yet, but I don’t particularly feel the desire to do so either - it’s a bit too much of a slog for me, and there’s just a shade too much having to rely on the RNG to give you good spawns (plus the loot has not been particularly impressive). Still, it’s something to do while chatting with friends, but that’s about it. The great hibernation until the DLC begins.


I’ve been holding out on D2 until the PC release and it’s been hard to avoid the game as much as possible. The only thing I’ve spoiled myself on is the raid, as someone who has a group of at least 9 people that I play with regularly and the only one who played Destiny one, I wanted to be prepared for when we wanted to dive into it.

The raid is the only thing I think we’ll struggle with, more through having the time to do it than anything else. We all have 8-5 (minimum) jobs and don’t want to get stuck doing the same encounter over and over again. I anticipate we’ll bash our head against it a little bit, see how things go and I can sherpa them if needed.

As a tangent, I think that there are very much two groups of people who like raiding. There are those who love to explore, go in blind, figure it out and complete it. That’s fine but time consuming.
Then there’s the other group who enjoy the execution and teamwork involved in something. They don’t care about figuring it out, they just want to enjoy that feeling of being part of a team who achieve something. I, and my friends, fall into this group. To be honest though, I’d also like to sherpa other people, it’s fun to help out.


What are peoples thoughts on the Endgame? The new Token System seems like a bit of a downer to me. I was waiting around for the PC version and now I am not sure that I want to jump on that bandwagon. I really liked running Vault of Glass every week and getting a pile of drops (or sometimes nothing which was a bummer). I don’t think I will feel as stoked to get a pile of tokens which I then have to drop in to a vendor for some reason and hope that I rank up.

People who are playing now let me know what you think!


All the times I have played the Raid I still feel like I got plenty of cool stuff for the most part. I have yet to finish it though


I didn’t play D1 because it looked like a part time job. I’m level 286 for one character and enjoyed running around trying to raise my light level and haven’t touched the raid or trials. I play about an hour or so a day and would probably be burned out if I played much more than that. I don’t think there will be much to do once I cap out at 305, but I will probably focus on getting good at Nightfalls and doing more PVP. I don’t think the loot grind is as rewarding as D1, but it’s definitely way more accessible to players like me.


That’s a really good insight. When D1 was fresh and relevant my lifestyle was such that I could approach it like a part time job whenever new content dropped. My wife was in grad school and I was working a less than ideal job to keep the lights on so I really enjoyed the distraction. The new balance might make it more approachable for a bit more relaxed play. It’s good to remember that one doesn’t NEED to powerlevel and grind to get the most out of a game lol. Thanks for sharing.


I like it for the most part. It is definitely way more accessible, and it doesn’t feel like a full-time job trying to keep up with everything. I’ve beaten the raid once, and I’d like to keep running it on occasion (though it’s been difficult to find a good, consistent group on XB1). It’s a good game right now to jump on for a few hours per week, knock out some milestones, shoot some aliens, and then move on to other things. I do think they could have had a deeper endgame for those who want to grind indefinitely, but overall, I’m a very satisfied customer. I think I’m approaching the point where I’m okay with taking some time off from the game, and booting it back up once the first expansion drops.

I guess my mentality is that I’m okay with Destiny 2 not being a ‘forever game’. I had my fun, grinded some stuff out in endgame for a bit, and I’m just about ready to put in a bookmark and come back in a few months. For me, that’s great. In D1, I was in grad school, living long distance from my partner, and was able to sink in ungodly time into it. I liked that it allowed me to do that. Now I’m working full-time, living with my partner (and now married), and my game time is a bit more sparse. D2 respects my time, and doesn’t constantly give me a nagging feeling of ‘you’re not playing as much and efficiently as you could be’.

For those that want it to be like D1 where it really was a full-time job to keep up with everything and grind the content out, I feel for ya. It’s good to have those games to escape into indefinitely. But as that’s not what I’m looking for in a game right now, I feel good where it’s left me.


D1 was my only way to hang out with my friends for a solid 6 months. It was pretty easy to sink the 500 hours I ended up spending.

We’re all pretty glad that it doesn’t require that much time to “get there” anymore. Haven’t raided enough, but our group can only do it once a every few weeks. I’m kinda glad it won’t take 10 clears to get useful stuff.

Yeah I guess the 1000+ hour people have less to play, but I struggle to think of many games outside of subscription-run MMORPG’s that can support that much time.

I just wish they could express themselves in a healthier, less accusatory fashion.


This. I just want to yell at the salt mine that is the DTG subreddit that if they want an unlimited well of content, they’ll need Bungie to switch to a subscription model…which I don’t see happening.


I don’t either but I’d like to just to experience the undoubtedly epic meltdown that would ensue.