Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


Yeah, you’ll want to level up a bit to get access to the more recent ones too probably, but I could help with that. I’m quite keen on hanging out and just doing some casual, low pressure multiplayer. Check the thread over here:


I understand D2 will have more in-game clan features. Maybe this is an obvious answer but are clans in Destiny 2 going to be big (1000+?) groups or does it look like they’re designed for smaller teams (so only with a few active raiding groups and the rest just social/PvP matchmaking) to match the smaller scale of raiding?

Dabbled in Destiny 1 on PS4 but only the very early game and am thinking about jumping into this when it arrives on PC (get some of that combat going with the new weapon system for shield & armour swaps just like a classic Halo game). The 33% poll result says there should be a decent number of players (ok, that may have been before the delayed PC release was announced) as I’m assuming no cross-play.


Speaking of tank levels, anybody else thinking we can expect a few of them this time around?


I think maybe a handful of well-established clans will get that big if they so choose, but I have to imagine that the majority of clans will be just a handful of people.



So, from what I’ve seen mentioned around:

Clans will be 100 members. So, basically, they’re Companies.
This “get a guy in” feature is going to fail - because frankly a lot of the LFG pages have better tools for weeding out games and gamers you want to avoid.
Most veterans will stick by the tools they have - and those systems will continue, and they’ll continue to be a better experience than the official solution because they have those tools - meaning that feature will be somewhat abusive.
Graphics are much improved, effects are nicer, enemies have been tweaked - it’s still Destiny. Expect no massive changes gameplay-wise.
Expect more at E3 - not much more, maybe a peek at the Raid - and then silence until release.
It seems PC release not being day and date may be a huge misunderstanding, and Bungie are as usual AWFUL at communicating this.


Release dates!: September 8th!
Betas!: July 18 for PS4 19th for XBONE sometime in August for PC!

Exclamation Point!


I just want more Destiny with new stuff. It felt great, it was an easy game to relax with, and a well executed Raid was one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I have ever had. I haven’t played in almost 2 years but at the same time I put in like 400 hours so I think I got my money’s worth.

If anything I hope they have one or two Raids that could be mastered like Crota’s End. With a good team you can finish that in around half an hour.


Should we get some Waypointers up and ready for the PC Beta in August? I am ready to grind “content” until i’m blue in the face.


I mean you can but that’s still 2 months away so you might be getting a little ahead of things


@VulpesAbsurda I know I’m jumping the gun I’m just planting the seed.

EDIT: and speaking entirely in idioms apparently.


I was curios about this game until I checked the price, is u$d120 in my country and the mild interest turn into anger WTF, I don’t understand. Well … f u Activision.




I really don’t know about this. Apart from managing the balance mechanics, is this maybe a pitch for competitive esports style gaming, where all players can more easily share the same weapons in the meta?

For me, the variation that came from different rolls and the full-on joy in getting a really, really good one, is so much fun (if frustrating sometimes). I got a god-roll Saladin’s Vigil the first time I went to Archon’s Forge and didn’t even know it until much later. So many good gaming stories come from that roll or this roll, and I guess I’ll miss that.

Will these weapons just be much more rare, in order to encourage the loot grind? I wonder.


It sounds like they’ve added a mod slot which might let you mod in perks ala the original Destny and that might end up fueling the loot drive in this and isn’t far off from my ideal version of Destiny where you buy the guns as frames you fill in with randomly dropped perks ala gems in Diablo 2 but they way they’ve announced this is weird.


How can my second, third, and tenth Better Devils hand cannon be interesting? That’s a question we should be asking and answering as quickly as we can… We have ideas. While I would like nothing more than to share those ideas with you, we’re up against [a deadline]. I don’t know if they’ll make it for our Sept. 6 [release] date. But we have some ideas that we’re pretty excited about.

It feels kinda weird that one of their (big? I never played Destiny) changes doesn’t even have a fully developed solution yet. Wouldn’t the idea of finding weapons when looting that are both rare and also god level be one of the driving forces of playing Destiny? They’ve put a ton of emphasis about how important the loot is in D2.


I JUST read this article on PC Gamer and I felt a little worried. Maybe they’ll do something like increase the rarity of certain legendaries or exotics or perhaps they’ll come up with a new way of driving that sweet sweet loot grind. To Bungie’s credit there was nothing more annoying in D1 then getting a sought after legendary with a garbage roll.

All in all I remain optimistic. There has been one type of MMO loot grind for quite a while and hopefully they are trying to change it up. In the meantime I will satisfy my never ending desire to grind with some Diablo 3. My stash is full of awesome legendaries and sets with sub-optimal rolls.


PvP remains low priority for me so I’m not stressing it.


A lack of random rolls could be fine if they compensate by having way more loot.

If not, then yea, it’s just another strike against player choice in a long list of strikes against player choice thus far.


Ehh. I’m burned out on the way the Destiny subreddit discusses stuff like this so my whole take has become contrarian to any opinion-having. I preordered it because I’m gonna wanna play, and because I know have friends embedded. And I’ll muster up energy to care more about all of it when the game actually comes out, only because the speculation is exhausting.

Hey at least the beta is finally getting close. That’ll be a good chance to be hands-on instead of just guessing endlessly. And it looks like we’ll see a control mode in PvP with the beta. So that should be nice.