Destiny 2, It's Like Destiny, But With A 2 At The End [Megathread]


I will be interested in jumping into the public beta (on PS4) and getting a very brief feel for it before waiting for the PC beta (where I’ve got a pre-order and presumably that’ll also provide a few more days of time as the thing notes it comes with a code for the beta). I only played a very small amount of Destiny so it’ll be something new for me, doubly-so with playing a Bungie shooter on mouse/keyboard - I somehow enjoyed Halo more with a controller despite normally being mouse-first; maybe those early PC ports couldn’t get over my muscle memory of dual-stick play when going back through levels I knew?


I really wish we had more than one hour to check out the social space, but I’m looking forward to it all the same.


The Titan crucible footage that they put out today looks better than what we’ve seen so far, although strangely people who seem like they would know are saying that today’s footage is from an old build and that they’ve since reduced the movement speed again? I dunno.

Also the Voidwalker has blink still, which I thought they were getting rid of.

Control looks like control except there’s no in-between phase of capturing a zone?

Power ammo weapon system still looks depressingly limited.


Given how limited the Beta is I expect I will just skip it and go in totally fresh come launch day. I will, however, be paying close attention to my fellow Waypointer’s opinions on the new ammo system and some of the mroe controversial changes. Hopefully it’s still got that sweet sweet Destiny feel.


I’ve never really “got” Bungie storytelling. I don’t know what it is, but something about their lore doesn’t sink in. Maybe it’s the characters, or the bouncing from one side of the galaxy to the next with multiple factions/enemies/protagonists. I think the major problem I had with Destiny was the choice to dub storytelling over the loading screens while ships are in orbit. I never really pay that much attention as it’s the same scene over and over again. Hopefully the cinematic direction in Destiny 2 is a little more fleshed out.


I think I’ll skip the beta. I’ve felt so much better about just letting all the analysis float over my head, not to dunk on anyone who wants to do that. They might all be valid concerns, but I just don’t want to be sad about a game I haven’t even played yet.

I’m excited about playing another Destiny along the general lines described, and if it turns out that some of the details aren’t exactly what I wanted then … well, that describes almost every game I’ve ever enjoyed, so I think at this point I want to let this beta pass and jump in more or less blind.


Hmmm. I wonder if we’re importing an old Guardian if we’re locked into the class they were before. Guess it’d be pretty weird to turn a Hunter into a Warlock.


I’d kind of assumed it would just change the defaults in the character creator to match the looks and class of your old character (and unlock the perks related to your D1 achievements) and then you could tweak it just as you’d tweak any other created character (especially for any of the new visual styles that’ll surely be added for D2) before starting the game.

Hmm, maybe not (that wouldn’t be great, having to manually go through and recreate your character’s visuals just so you could change the last part of class selection) - I’ve not seen it discussed in depth exactly how it’ll work.


You can now link your Bungie account with your Blizzard account. Be VERY careful when you do this, people are reporting you can permanently lose your Bungie account if you do this wrong.



OK t minus 20 minutes to beta and I’m just agonizingly waiting for little delicious bit-lets of news to dribble out. Please send help (and cookies and beer and maybe beef jerky)


This seems real fun! The jump feels a little slower for sure but after some adjustment I kinda like it on the Warlock at least. And the changes to weapons seem really smart honestly. The like of a sniper rifle being available at all times makes the scout rifle and hand cannon seem way more useful.

Plus it looks like shaders can be applied to each piece of armor individually!


My two big concerns for PvP were the four player limit and the new weapon system. Having played a few matches tonight I’m completely on board. Control feels so much faster with the changes they’ve made to zone capturing and map size, and the player count works really well with that. They also seem to spawn power ammo pretty frequently so you still get to play with your big guns. The only problem I have is that ability cooldowns are really slow, but that’s probably not an issue if you have the right gear.

Spoilers for the story mission:

I don’t know if it happens for everyone, but I had a fun moment with Zavala. I walked up to him and he immediately got blown up and disintegrated. I genuinely wondered for a second if they were going to kill him off, before his ghost popped up and I got the prompt to revive him.


That happened for me as well


Happened to me as well, I assumed it was scripted to happen to give a kind of un-enforced tutorial.

The game… feels like Destiny in just about every way. Still the best shooting in the field. Still the (imo) poorly written dialogue. No cringe worthy line deliveries like good ol’ Dinklebot but, from the one mission shown, the writing has not made giant leaps forward.

I’m very interested to see what they do to change up the more ‘open world’ segments of the game, which they don’t show off at all in the beta, and to see exactly how well the whole integrated sherpa thing works (I forget the official name they gave it).

I really enjoyed Destiny as mostly just a chill grindy thing I could do in the afternoon when I didn’t want to think too much. I can’t imagine Destiny 2 is going to mess with that formula too much, so I’ll almost certainly enjoy this as well.


As far as I know, disc/int/strength are gone, so ability cooldowns are universal and gear won’t do anything for them.

The concerns I had are pretty much coming to pass after spending a few hours with the beta. The movement is worse and the shooting is worse. The strike in particular serves as a microcosm of the missteps they’re making; lots of traversal that makes you realize that it’s not as fun to traverse as it used to be, and a bullet sponge boss whose bullet sponge-ness is amplified by the fact that you’re stuck flicking it to death with your primary for 99% of the fight.

Bonus marks for making fusion rifles good for once, but, uh, they might be a bit too good right now. The shotgun in the beta has an amazing range stat but it may as well not exist compared to the fusion.


They definitely have some weapon tuning to do, the boss fight is fun but takes longer than it should. They’ve also acknowledged that ammo is dropping less frequently than intended.

After seeing the cool abilities that Titans and Warlocks get, I’m really underwhelmed by the Hunter dodge. For all the distance it covers it barely seems like you could dodge anything with it. Reloading your weapon is a pretty boring ability compared to what the other classes get, and the cooldown is so long that it’s barely worth using. I played Hunter through all of D1 but it makes me want to play another class this time, just so I can actually do something useful.


I really hope the cooldowns are tweaked for PvE play because they’re really leaving most of the game to be about core weapon selection (with a 2-weapon system, basically) and that seems like it could do with a bit more variety. Maybe I’m just too new to the game to see why the cooldown have to be so long (TBH, I’d rather grenade drops rather than infinite but this timer that means you can barely use them).

It’s certainly an ok looking game but some of the rougher edges are…

…well that lighting/transparency effect appears to be rendering to a 1280x720 buffer and that’s not exactly creating worthwhile edges when merged into the 3840x2160 output buffer. Hopefully that’s something they can tweak before the final Pro release, although I suspect I’ll want the added precision of a mouse (and FoV options?) and to set my own compromises for fidelity (I’d rather lower the res and get good anti-aliasing everywhere for a coherent scene rather than stuff like this).


One change that I do appreciate as a Quake player and that I haven’t seen anybody bring up anywhere yet is that everything in this game is super noisy now. With headphones on you can hear somebody jump in PvP before they’re on your radar. Every action pretty much has a shoulder charge-level audio cue now.

But yea, another night in and I dunno how much more I want to play. The gameplay loop isn’t as satisfying as it was in Destiny 1. It’s less of a loop now and more of a straight line consisting almost entirely of shooting a primary weapon and very rarely getting to do anything else. It’s night two and power ammo spawns in the crucible have already reached Quake Quad Damage levels of importance with teams just rushing the opposing spawn to make sure that nobody gets to use any.


Played the PS4 Beta at a buddies house last night. Unfortunately I felt pretty disappointed by my experience in PVE.

Destiny was a great chill out game and I really enjoyed the mobility. D2’s guardians feel sluggish and the power of power weapons doesn’t seem to justify their limited ammo. I know they’ve already said their going to adjust that for launch though.

I enjoyed being back in destiny’s world but I am going to pay close attention to the console launch before committing to a PC purchase. As of now what’s i have seen of PVE has made me less interested in the game overall.

Edit: I want to add something positive. I was really into the aesthetic of the weapons and the gunplay as per Bungie’s strength. I get the impression that weapon mods will really help you customize your loadout and build.