'Destiny 2' Opens With a Surprisingly Touching Trip Down Memory Lane

A triumph of digital scrapbooking.

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Like Zacny, I’m not much of a Destiny-head (is that what we’re calling them?), but, when I saw this on Waypoint’s Destiny 2 launch stream (archive pending, I presume), I was really tickled by these and really liked them, particularly the moment when Austin’s version of The King’s Fall was the stream he had done (and livestreamed) over at Giant Bomb. The way Destiny 2 reached out to the past of the player is super smart and it does show a respect for their time that reached out to me.

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Does the game detect which things you’ve accomplished in Destiny 1 and compile a scrapbook, Facebook-style, algorithmically? What happens for new players who didn’t play Destiny 1?

I’m glad Rob did a little write up of this. This little addition was surprisingly moving to me, too. What seals it is the music in the background. They did such great work for the Taken King, especially with the main musical motif, so when the first “page” for TTK came up and you could hear that motif in the back ground… It got me smiling such a goofy smile.

It really had me thinking, though. Obviously, I enjoyed my time with the first game (I put at least 200 or so hours into it). Yet there’s no denying it was a complicated relationship at times. However, I can’t help but feel… good about it after the fact.

Their marketing/design team really deserves some credit, I feel.