Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Due to the overwhelming interest in Waypoint Destiny Clans, Waypoint has made the decision to make them official. This would not have been possible without the hard work and effort of the clan founders. This doesn’t mean much to you, the clan member, but will allow for increased communication across all Waypoint’s platforms, as mods and staff are going to be in touch with clan leaders and in many cases be parts of the various clans. The goal of these clans is to uphold all the things Waypoint stands for, and to shoot a whole lot of aliens while doing so. Shout out to @crasstiger for these excellent banners.

Right now there are:

Friends at the Tower [FATT]
Owls in the Barn [OWLS] (closed)
Friends at the Farm [FARM] (closed)

Popplio Pals [PALS]
Red Tree Owls [RTO]

In the lead up to the Solstice of Heroes event and the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken we will be reopening our PC clan, Red Tree Owls now that Popplio Pals is near capacity. As part of reopening the clan we have removed any players that were currently in [RTO]. Apologies if you were caught in that wipe, you are more than welcome to request to join the clan again. Folks who are currently in [PALS] and would prefer to be in our other PC clan are also welcome to move over, as well as those not previously in one of our clans.

As far as our console clans go, we will continue with just Friends at the Tower at the moment but we will be watching the activity come the launch of the next expansion in September and will reopen another console clan to accomodate new players if need be.

The goal of these clans are to be inclusive fun places to experience the multiplayer content of the game, organize activities, take part in a group of like-minded players and to make playing online co-op feel safe and less daunting. The following rules of conduct are intended to promote that environment:

  • Rule 1: Bigotry, including but not limited to racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, islamophobic, anti semitic, ableist, neurotypical bias, kinkshaming, etc. speech will not be tolerated.

  • Rule 2: Threatening behavior and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • Rule 3: When joining a group or starting a group, ask people’s pronouns. Use gender neutral language (“everyone/anyone/y’all” vs. “you guys”).

  • Rule 4: Abide by the larger Forum and Discord Rules and Codes of Conduct if/when applicable.

If rules are broken, admins of clans and mods of other platforms will review the incidents and take action accordingly. The most likely outcome is that you will be removed from the guild, if not other platforms as well.

If someone is called out for breaking the rules and aren’t banned, we expect them to admit they might have been wrong, understand and listen to criticism and make an effort to do better next time. Don’t repeat mistakes and learn from the experience.

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, please reach out to the admins. We are here to help.

As a clan member, you will be able to see when fellow clanmates are online within the Destiny roster menu. Don’t be afraid to send a message to someone and ask if they want to play. Alternatively, if you receive an invitation and don’t feel like playing co-op, that’s ok too! Don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back from a player, and never feel obligated to join someone’s fireteam. Respect peoples’ boundaries!


  1. If you haven’t already, we recommend you join the Waypoint discord as that is where we organize for co-operative play. Message Mo per the directions in this thread.

  2. If you are currently in a clan, you must leave said clan before sending a request to one of our available clans.

  3. Request to join our Friends at the Tower [FATT] clan if you are playing on console, or our Popplio Pals [PALS] & Red Tree Owls [RTO] clans if you are on the PC.

  4. As well as sending a request, please post a message in the thread to let as know who you are. Alternatively you can DM one of the admins on discord. Please DM either crasstiger, Cado, or Emily to let us know you’re interested in playing in one of our clans.

FATT clan banner

The Friends at the Tower [FATT] clan roster is currently at 55 members (as of 12th September).

PALS clan banner

The Popplio Pals [PALS] clan roster is currently at 100 members (as of 12th September).


The Red Tree Owls [RTO] clan roster is currently at 30 members (as of 12th September).

The Waypoint Discord is the primary place clan members group up. You can alternatively look up the Waypoint PSN community, Friends at the Waypoint, or Bungie’s Waypoint Clan Group Chats in order to group up with fellow players.

Thanks to @Brandunn for their handy guide to help new and returning players coming back to Destiny 2 with the launch of Forsaken!

Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide for new/Returning players

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Hey there! I just sent in an application to be a PAL. I don’t spend much time on the forums but do lurk the discord, and am looking forward to PC release so I too can be a space wizard.


Please post your PSN or BNet tag here, even if you’re in the Discord. This makes it easier for clan admins to see everyone and insures nobody will get missed! Thanks!


Applied to [PALS] as “miscu”, will be getting the PC version next week.

bnet is miscu#1649


Plakhovna#2486 reporting in for [PALS]


Super stoked about this. Looking forward to Raiding with y’all soon.


Oh hi, Waypoint folk! Long-time listener, first time poster. I’m looking to join [OWLS] on PS4 for some casual D2. I have an anxiety disorder and for that reason tend to play solo, but I’m looking to get out of my comfort zone a bit and actually play with some human beings. Also it just kind of sucks to hit that wall of ‘Oh, I’ve done everything there is to do solo in this explicitly co-op-centric game!’

Anyhoo, hope to play with some of ya’ll soon and I’ll see you around the forums! :wave:


Hello all! Super excited to start the D2 grind on PC! Looking for a cool clan to do some raids with :D:D

I applied for Popplio Pals [PALS] on the bungie site where my name is OMGwill#1316


Hi all! I’m about to submit a request to join FARM, my PSN name is FrypanJack.

I’ve been lurking these forums for a while and have been meaning to join. This gave me a great excuse!


Hello! Just submitted my request for Popplio Pals. BNET is pletho#1288. I’m new to the forums but have been following waypoint since the beginning and super looking forward to playing with this cool group of people.


Hi, my partner and I are Waypoint and FatT fans who’ll be playing on PC (we both played a little of Destiny 1 on console but want to be able to play together, so PC) and would like to join PALS. Battlenet IDs are Karrion#6260 and Embalm#1431.


Hey there! Unfortunately FATT and OWLS are currently full, the current console clan still accepting invitations is FARM.


Hi, this is The_JoE on discord and the waypoint forums. My PSN ID is the_spotted_JoE.

I’d like to join the Destiny 2 OWLS clan if possible as 2 of my friends have joined that clan and convinced me to get into this game. I saw that it was very close to capacity. Totally understand if it’s too full!



I’m gonna apply for PALS. I never played Destiny so I’m really looking forward to Destiny 2 and getting involved in it. My Battlenet ID is Burncoat#1517.


Hello everyone! Excited to be playing the PC version next week and I’ve requested to join PALS, my Bnet id is Shenanigans#1696


Does any of the PC clans lean towards a specific time zone? Or is everything US? More specifically is anyone here on PC and near a European time zone?


Hello all, I’m new to the forum but excited to get started working with the clans in Destiny :wave:

I’ve requested membership in [FARM] on PS4 (same name as here) and [PALS] on PC (SYZYGY#21169). Hope to see you there! I’m also on Discord if you need to say hi.


sent a request for RTO :owl:



Hey guys, I’d like to join [FARM] as well, my PSN is Flappenstein.


Hi. I’l like to apply for PALS

My Battle net ID is Waway#2851. Thank you.