Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


PS4 player moving over to PC when shadowkeep drops interested in joining the clan/s. It seems like both PC clans are full or almost full are there any plans to create a new one? Also, the discord thread appears to be locked and couldn’t figure out how to send messages here, what is the current way to get in there?

I’m another PC player looking for a good group to play with. So far I really haven’t been able to do any strikes or raids because most people end up speedrunning it.

Here’s hoping I might be able to get in?

Hey, looking to join one of the PC clans if, but they are both at capacity. Also, not in the discord just yet but hoping to join asap

Hey everyone

I’m also looking to join up in one of the Waypoint PC clans for the upcoming Shadowkeep. I don’t have DMing privileges yet but when I do I’ll be sure to follow the rest of the instructions on how to get access to the Waypoint discord. In the meantime peoples can be free to add on either steam or battlenet.

Steam: klineep
BNet: klineep#1582

I’m also here looking to join up. I know that a lot of the clans might be full, but I’m really just looking for positive (and patient) people to play with on PC. I’m currently light level 700 and haven’t really gotten to do any raids since I don’t have a big enough group. I can’t send DMs yet but if anyone is interested in playing, my steam name is the same as my username here.

Hey folks! I’m happy to say that we have added a new clan to our roster to accommodate new & returning players to Destiny 2. Five Star Raidtimes is that new clan, the title of which was voted on in our Waypoint discord community. It currently has plenty of space so feel free to send in a request if you are interested in joining (as per our instructions please also post in the thread so we know who you are).

As part of introducing this new clan we are also slightly changing how these clans work. Previously our clans would only be open to specific platforms but with the addition of cross-save allowing players to more easily move between console/PC, and our discord acting as the primary space to group up with each other, we’ve decided to remove that stipulation. All clans are now open to everyone, regardless of what platform you play Destiny 2 on.

This shouldn’t dramatically change how our clans behave though I would encourage you to join our aforementioned discord if you are interested in finding people to play with, as that is the best way to stay in touch with other fans of Destiny in the Waypoint community. You can find details on how to join the server in this thread. Additionally, with Destiny 2 moving from Battle-net to Steam this October we have decided to open a Steam group to make it easier for PC players to join games together on that platform. You can find that group here.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone on the moon this October! o7

Hey y’all! Looking to get back in to D2 with Shadowkeep on PC, and I can’t think of any better way than to clan up with some of the good folks of the Waypoint crowd. I have some interest in raids, but I’m expecting that between my commitments to real life and other games (read: FFXIV) I probably won’t be pushing as hard for early clears and others here.

I’ve applied to join Five Star Raid times. I hope y’all will have me!
Steam: Grizzytron
BNet: Grizzytron#1243
Discord: Grizzytron#8140

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I too have applied for the new clan:

Steam: aaa2006 (Zaero)
BNet: Zaero#11237
Discord: Zaero#0923

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This is awesome news. I just submitted a request for the new clan.

Steam: scimoctenalp
BNet: scimoctenalp#1489
Discord: scimoctenalp#5766

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Hey Emily, QQ regarding joining the discord server. The thread talks about DMing someone to request access after introducing myself. For the life of me I can figure out how to DM through these forums, is there something obvious I’m missing or is that no longer required?

If you click on someone’s profile pic there should be a “Message” button.

I was running into this problem, also. If you just joined the forums, you need to get the “Basic” badge to DM people. If you click on the Badges section under your profile on the top right, it’ll give you all the parameters. It’s pretty quick and easy :slight_smile:

I’d like to play some Destiny 2 with ya’ll, and I’ve sent a request to join the new clan. My steam and psn ids are both Reno Beat. Thanks!

Just sent an invite request to Friends at the Tower without realizing I’m the clan leader of a clan I joined at D2 launch, and it won’t let me disband the clan. I can hopefully have this worked out by the end of the day. Really excited to meet new people and play some destiny with y’all!

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I have made a request to live my clan life Five Raid Hours at a time.

Ps4: Mattmitchell_45


Sent a join request to 5Star!

ID Should be Mecha Madoka

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Sent a request as SpiffyBiffy for Five Star Raidtimes

Steam name is DakkonRavencroft (high school angst at its finest)

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Sent a request as Null Set for Popplio Palls!

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Hey, I just sent a req to join Five Star Raidtimes as Rhyme Wilder.
Hype to get back into Destiny 2!

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Hello, atesh/atesh42 wanting to join Five Star. I sent my request. Thank you!

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