Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hi all, I’m a long time Waypoint reader and listener to the podcast (at least as long as both have been around)

Myself and a buddy have both just completed the story for Destiny 2 on PC, and are now looking for a clan to join. We’re pretty casual and usually only find time to play a couple times a week due to relatively busy lives.

We’re both pretty chill folks, and mostly just interested in the PVE content. I primarily play a Titan and he’s a Warlock.

I dunno what happens from this point? If you want send me a request or whatever at AxelAodh#1900 and my buddy at monstermeal#1870 (though he’s a bit wary of folks he doesn’t know)


hiya!! i’m chess!!!

i’m applying to join [RTO]. i’m mostly From Twitter and this is my first post on the forums BUT i’m familiar w/ the waypoint spirit and would be excited to run content and grind out exp w/ friendly folks! especially glad to see the pronoun & boundary guidelines… seems v comfy :>

my bnet id is chess#11268. will you answer the call… of this humble ball???


Waypoint seems like a great choice as far as clans go. I’m missingOrbit#6270 on battle net, sending an application to [RTO].


Hey, throwing my weird hunter cloak into the ring for [RTO] as sentrygun#1789, figure hanging out with some cool folk is a good way to go.


Hey, I’m Turista#11184 on BNet playing a Titan main. Sending an app to [RTO] hoping to play with some chill folks who embody Waypoint values. Mostly interested in PvE.

I played a ton of Destiny 1 but didn’t have enough friends to raid with so I’ve never raided in Destiny! Hoping this changes in D2.

Oh, I’m in California, university lecturer, and game artist. <3


Howdy I’m looking to join Red Tree Owls having a chill community to game with always makes it a better time I"m solun#1842 on battlenet


Hi all! I think RTO isn’t taking new members at the moment but just in case: I’m Katie, my bnet is katiesigh#1938 and I’m excited to try out some nightfall/raid stuff soon hopefully!


Helllo Everyone I just sent in a request to join FARM. My PSN name is jaru. i have never joined a clan before, but I want to try it out.


My buddy and I tried to get into RTO, but got no response at all, so we’re still looking. I’d super like to join a waypoint clan if possible because everything I’ve seen here and elsewhere waypoint related (I lurk a lot) shows me that the community here is really great and I’d like to be involved in some way.
Not sure if there is another PC clan that’s started up or what. It’s getting a bit tricky to find good places that aren’t full.


Hello, everyone! I hope y’all are doing well! My PSN is Oj4breakfast and I’m hoping to join the FARM. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi I’m on PS4 and interested in joining OWLS. PSN is fieldmouse131. My friend recommended you guys, looking forward to finally getting to do a raid!


Applying again I guess? I’m Del#11219 on battle net. Applying for RTO on PC.

Do I need to link my Twitter to prove I’m not a troll?



I would like to join Red Tree Owls. :sunglasses:


They had posted earlier that they were only approving members who had signed up for these forums before October, I’m not sure when they’re lifting that restriction.


Hello everyone! I’d like to join Red Tree Owls. I work nights, so I’ll be on at odd hours, mostly mornings. I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone!



Hi I’d like to join the RTO, my sn is leburgan#1171


Ah, well. Guess I’ll just have to risk the Badnerds then :frowning:

Thanks for the info.


Hey all, I’d like to join the PC RTO clan. I work in the service industry to my times on are not always consistent, but I’m usually free Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m excited to get to play Destiny with a group for the first time, and I can’t wait to meet you all.

My Bnet name is Leviathan#12346.


hey i’m jules, i play on pc & i’d like to join the red tree owls- request from egressive#11405

i don’t typically use forums or play multiplayer anything but i’ve gotten really (really) into destiny and i’m excited to turn that around


Hi! I just submitted a request to join RTO under the bnet tag Rei! :3

i like shooting things like my mouth off and also sometimes even a gun