Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hi, I’m Karen, put through a join request to RTO under the battletag Karenko#1806! If there’s still room I’d like to join!!


Hello. I think I missed my invite first time around. I would like to join Red Tree Owls please. Dandyseid#2159 Thanks kindly!


Hello! Would it be possible to get an invite to Popplio Pals or RTO? I’ve been a Waypoint reader since day one, but I’ve only really been kinda active on the Waypoint Facebook group.

My tag is MrSloth#11734. Thanks, and nice to meet y’all!


Hello! My is Kelsomatic#1375 and I’ve just submitted a request to RTO. Honestly, I’m more a Polygon follower than Waypoint, but D2 on PC is pretty dead there. Seeing the official clans here is super exciting, so I made an account just to join up!

If I’m accepted I also have two friends that would like to join as well. In our entire network of friends we’re the only three who play Destiny, but a 3 person clan is pretty sad, haha.


Hi there, I’m Jess and I want to join [FARM]. My PSN is Jesscookie. Thanks!


Hey, it’s your pal Megan! I have a few friends on RTO and I’m interested in joining if there’s still room available! My bnet is ChieGuevara#1620. Thanks!!!


Hey there! Joined the forums because I was looking for a nice Destiny 2 clan for a group I’m passionate about, and I found this Waypoint Destiny 2 clans page!

I’m not on 24/7, but I’d love to have a community of people to do strikes and stuff with when I’m on now and then, and I’m also super looking to get those free weekly engrams (and contribute some!).

I’d like to join Popplio Pals, but if that’s full I’m down to join Red Tree owls too!

my Tag is Draginite#1712


Would love an invite to RTO. Bnet ID is galenblade#1579


Hi I’m posting here again. I joined some random destiny 2 clan after getting no response here. But honestly it’s not been a great experience with casual racist and ableist comments being thrown about after just a week of mild participation.
Since PoplioPals and RTO don’t seem to be accepting new members, maybe there should be a new one with a bit more open policy?
I dunno, I’m not really part of this community and just want to play with people who won’t be casually shitty.


Red Tree Owls is still accepting membership on PC!

And for anyone looking for a console clan Friends at the Farm is the one open console clan.


Hello! I have sent a request to join the Red Tree Owls clan. My BNet Tag is monstermeal#1870

This sounds like a great community to be a part of and while I’ve shied away from being very social on the internet and gaming in general for a long time I’m hoping to find some nice people to maybe do some raids with. My friend is also joining up and they have been a part of the waypoint community for a long time

(I’m totally new to all this so yeah!)


Hey there! Posted on here yesterday, I’d still love to join Red Tree Owls! My tag is Draginite#1712


Hi! I’ve been playing with FATT for a while, but I just switched to PC, so I send a request to RTO! My BNET tag is BK1239#1864


Hi. New here. I’d like to request to join PALS, ive pretty much done all I can solo and want to really enjoy the most out of this game and joining a fun community is the way to do it. I was by referred to you guys by Yojimbo.

My bnet is Mace#2805



Whoops, when I applied to RTO I forgot my bnet #, which is Rei#1434! Sorry, and I hope to play video game’s with you all soon!


IF YOU MADE A POST PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 13, 2017: All previous requests have been cleared. Everyone must go through the new process outlined in the OP to join a clan. If you have already been a part of the discord and forums and made a previous forums post you will still need to make a new request on and DM one of the aforementioned clan admins on the discord.


Hi! I applied to Friends at the Farm as LastGoliath! I’m bad at both forums and discord but hopefully ill figure things out and be a fun addition


Hi y’all just applied for farm as Reedy4k on PSN.


Hiya I just applied to [RTO] on PC ! I couldn’t figure out how to dm for discord access, but hopefully I can get sorted soon :3


Hey everyone! The Destiny admins have finished with clan consolidation. Our current active clans are Friends at the Tower [FATT] for consoles and Popplio Pals [PALS] for PC (the OP post has been edited to reflect these changes). We’ve wiped anyone who didn’t fill out the form we posted earlier this week, so these clans have lots of space for anyone who’s hopping back in for the Warmind expansion!

If you are a member of one of our other clans (FARM, OWLS, or RTO) or if you’re new to our clans, you can now request to join at
or PALS -
Before sending a request make sure you have left whatever previous clan you might have been in, otherwise it won’t work. If you do send us a request, please also post in this thread to let us know who you are! Have fun on Mars next week. :alien: