Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


I’m sorry, I didn’t see the form earlier this week! I just logged in and saw that I had been removed from FATT and figured y’all were cleaning it out to make more space. I just made another request, my PSN name is AmmarTheRipper.


I just submitted a request for admission to PALS. My Bnet handle is Mechanations. Hooray for clans.


Just sent request for FATT. Psn SalamanderIV


Hi Hello I would like to be a Popplio Pal! My bnet id is DrEvilbones#1581. Thank you!


Hey, I was previously in FATT and forgot to fill out the form. I submitted a request again and my PSN is quartermoose


I sent a request to re-join PALS, my battlenet is fleurilu#1743. Thank you!


Hello, I am SlimeyBlob#1747 and I sent a request to Poplio Pals!


Hello, I’m new to Destiny 2 (thanks to Humble Monthly) and I sent a request to join Poplio Pals, I’m danhumphries#2212 :smiley:


Also new to Destiny in general. Sent my request for the Poplio Pals as Subalturnt#1865


Former member of OWLS looking to join Friends at the Tower and get back in for running some of the new content.

PSN- razzdrazz


Much like razzdrazz; former member of OWLS wanting to get into Friends at the Tower for some more active players to run Warmind with. :slight_smile:


Formerly of Pals wanting to rejoin, looking to get back into some Destiny for Warmind. I’m limak#2788


PSN is Clone72608


Hello I’m, Quak0r#2227 on and I’d like to join PALS :smiley:

I’m a casual player and am mostly online on Saturday. I’m on Central European Time.


I’m DrPockets#11368 on and I’m pretty new to Destiny. Hoping to join Popplio Pals and get into some later game content.


hi hi hi I have applied to join Friends at the Tower psn is princessrichard


Reapplying to Popplio Pals, Embalm#1431


Karrion#6260, also re-applying to PALS.


I sent a request for [FATT], my PSN is bIckwatch (that “l” is actually an uppercase “i”, I know it’s confusing, sorry). My discord is rinnegan#6283!


I applied to Friends at the Tower, my name on PSN is VexedPunk, my discord is Prismapunk#1337