Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Sent request for PC PALS and would also like invite to discord, keefypants#3371 on discord, same bnet name.


I’ve sent a req for PALS, discord is leburgan#3952


Hey, sent a request to join PALS. Jumped in on the Humble deal (then got the DLC), looking to run some of the endgame stuff.

My battlenet ID is Norseman#1539, Discord is Norseman#0471.


Would like to join the PALS PC clan, was a member on PSN once before, just want to come back this time on PC. Battlenet is Rinzler#1497 and Discord Rinzler#8644


Hey there, just sent a request to join all you Popplio Pals on the PC. I just picked Destiny 2 up from Humble Monthly after bouncing off games like Fortnite and Warframe, and I’m loving it so far.

My Battlenet is Alcasm#1138

I’ve been seriously into Waypoint for some time now, but I have a lot of online social anxiety so it’s been tough for me to engage. I’ve been in some good groups in Lord of the Rings Online and Final Fantasy X|V though, so I’m hoping to have fun with y’all in Destiny 2!


Applied to PALS. MiBasse here and on Battlenet


Hi, I just applied to Friends at the Tower, psn: critconfirm

Looking forward to playing with everyone!


Hey there! Looking to join the PS4 clan [FATT] (sent request already through Bungie site)

used to be hardcore player downgraded to semi-frequent after everyone quit before Osiris. Loves to raid, clear them all weekly usually, average at PVP, buys too many microtransactions. Overall fun guy you should totally invite :slight_smile:

PSN: Pathrifter


I just sent a join request on Xbox Live - Gamertag: SvenNomadsson


Returning player on the PC. I hope to play pretty heavily for the next few months now that my life has shifted around a bit! Irvandus#1408 on Blizzard. Request already sent in.


Hey, I sent a request to join PALS as Demiro.


So I started Destiny 2 up this afternoon for the first time (thanks, Humble Bundle!). I didn’t think it was actually gonna run well on my machine, but it seems to be running fine! Let me get through the tutorial stuff and then I’ll join the clan!


I just quit my old clan that wasn’t active anymore and never really invited me to anything, and I just requested to join FATT on PSN. I haven’t ever completed a raid in Destiny or Destiny 2. Looking forward to completing them with the fun and chill folks here. My PSN is podmuishka.


Hello, I like to get an invite to PALS please. I was surprised to see how smooth D2 ran on my PC. My Bnet is VideoGh0st#1828.


Does anyone have a good feel for how many euros are in Pals? I haven’t got access to the discord yet, but once I do I was hoping to get to do the raid and stuffTM.


Sent an invite for PALS a few days ago but just say about posting here…oops.

I’m DrGonzo456 on Destiny if I could get an approval. Thanks!


Hey folks, thanks for all the interest in joining Popplio Pals. At 97 members I’ve went ahead and closed join requests, leaving those last few spaces for new admins and to help with moving folks around down the road. If there’s enough demand for it we’ll talk about reopening Red Tree Owls (our second PC clan) but for the time being you’re still free to request to join our console clan, Friends at the Tower.

Rest assured, come September when the Foresaken expansion hits and there’s a renewed interest in Destiny 2, we’ll be reorganising the clans to make sure everyone can get in.


Hey! I just sent a request to [FATT]! Would love to start playing with people in this community. Hope whoever reads this is having a good day.


Just started playing D2 on PC, working my way through Osiris right now. I would love to join a Waypoint or Waypoint-adjacent casual clan. My last clan experience (MWO) a couple of years back involved more salty dude-bros than I’m ready for, and that was before 11/9/2016.

Thank you,

ETA: battletag: Mendon#1474


Hello! I’d love to join Red Tree Owls if you re-open it, or join Popplio Pals if spots open up. Battle ID tag is Selawik#1805. Thanks!