Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hello hello,
I’d love to join Red Tree Owls! Battle ID tag#1570 venlaflaxine

Really hope you re-open it!


Going for PALS


Not to pile on too much, but I’d definitely be interested in joining Red Tree Owls or PALS! I’m androo#11387 on battlenet, and I’ll probably be leaving my old clan as soon as I get the engram for this week. Thanks a bunch!


Hey! I’d like to join the console clan and I applied. Name is Jamezeite on Bungie and Xbox Live.


Hey all! I see that Pals is full and I’m not sure if RTO is still open, but I’ll just log my interest in the PC clan here for now, in case anything changes before Forsaken. (^.^)b

Tag is Brisden#1506


Hey, would love to get in a Waypoint PC clan if spaces become available. Although I’m currently taking it pretty casually currently so it’s not big rush :slight_smile: Battletag is Geektox#1203.


Hi there. I’d love an invite to one of the pc clans once room becomes available. My bnet is derekthered#1821 and I’m currently in one of the giant bomb clans but it’s been something of a ghost town the last handful of times I was playing.


Hello! I’m Woodroez, my PSN is Woodroez, and I believe I applied for FATT this morning without posting here! Hoping to find an active and friendly group!


Hi, I’m RubyHacker on PSN and I sent an invitation to FATT a few minutes ago. I started playing 2 weeks ago (during the free weekend). I haven’t ever played a MMO before and the last meaningful cooperative multiplayer I did was in…the late 90s. Looking forward to it, though.