Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Just wondering if there is still space on the new console clan and if there are any Xbox people there? Still hopping on occasionally.


I don’t believe I’m in the clan, but there’s a decent chance I’ll hop back in for Forsaken. So if you see me on, feel free to send a game/party invite. And I know what you mean about sparse gaming time. There are so many games I’ve been wanting to play lately, and just not nearly enough time to devote a lot toward any single one.


Yeah, just picked up No Mans Sky and Dead Cells and found myself playing Paladins and Warframe. Still enjoying the improvements that they are making to Destiny 2, but only so much time in the day.



I’d love to join FATT (PS4). I just sent my request and my PSN is jajujd. Can’t wait to join the community!


I’ve been playing more and more of D2 on my PS4 and some on the PC, leading into Forsaken.

I am part of a clan on both, but may jump ship if things remain slow in the groups. Not sure yet.

However, if any Waypointers wish to, I am open to friend requests and requests from friends to play in whatever content they wish, assuming I am up to the challenge and have time, etc.

My PSN is Marikir and my BNet is Marikir#1548. If you send a FR, it’s probably best to mention Waypoint in the message as that will make me instantly accept.


Heyo, I’ve been playing on and off since launch but all my friends have dropped off. I’d love to get in to Pals or owls if there’s room. Bnet ID is Subrandom#1638. I’m on the discord but mostly reading more than posting.


They there, I’ve been playing fairly consistently since launch on PC and would love to join the RTO clan if there’s still space. My Battle Net ID is Leviathan#12346


Hey there, I just sent a join request for RTO and posted earlier in the thread, Btag is Geektox#1203, thanks!


Hey! Just posting in here to say that I’m interested in joining FATT now that Destiny 2 is free on PS+. I’d love to join up with some fellow Gamer’s to play this game that I heard a lot about but wasn’t sure about until they literally gave it to me for free*. Hopefully I’m not alone in that! (I’m EnhancedAcedia on PSN btw)


If people are getting back in for forsaken ive been working on a little primer for new/returning players. I am not sure how to post it here, so ive been typing it out on tumblr. Im also not sure if im allowed to post links so i hope its ok, just let me know if it isnt.

I hope this helps some folks here, let me know if I missed anything vital!


Hey! Sent a join request to RTO now that Forsaken’s around the corner; my BNet ID is roamunit#1405


Hey y’all, former Popplio Pal here who hasn’t played since Osiris. Would love to join up with RTO for Forsaken! My ID is ligeti#1739


Hi! Can I get an invite to either Popplio or RTO? Since Forsaken is almost here and I just joined the forums (didn’t know about the Destiny clans before) haven’t had a chance to get invited to Discord yet, but as a queer woman who is really having trouble to find an inclusive clan to play Destiny with for about 4 years now, I would love to join up with the Waypoint community if given the chance. I’m freelibras#2741 on battlenet, thank you!


Hello! I was originally on OITB and would like to join up on FATT on PS4. PSN is Kneecoco. Thanks!


Hi there! I’ve sent you an invite to our RTO clan :+1:

The group of Destiny players in the discord community are very friendly & inclusive, I hope you get the chance to join!

(for anyone that missed it in the OP, you can find instructions for joining here: Waypoint Discord)


Thank you very much! Yes saw the instructions but wasn’t allowed to send DMs yet at the time to the mod for an invite :slight_smile: Thanks a lot! Looking forward to joining!


Hi. I would like to join RTO. My id is: wolf#19624 I’ve already joined the Discord channel. Looking forward to playing with you all. Best.


I’d love to join FATT, PSN name is FaerieGodfather, same as on here. I was an early member but fell off of Destiny 2 pretty hard not long after launch. I’m getting back into it now, actually making my way through the first two expansions before I play the Forsaken content. I just hate to feel like I’m missing stuff, I very rarely take a game up on its offer to boost my level and blow past a bunch of missions unless it’s a second character or something.


Forgot to mention that I am already on the Discord channel as well!


Hi there! Could I get added to the Destiny 2 RTO group? #ioncewasacat1289