Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hi! I just asked to join FATT on ps4. My account is ZacFightsEvil. I would love to finally take part in clan activities for Destiny.


Hey, looks like I got bumped from RTO because I fell off from Destiny. Well, I’m comin’ back for the new DLC. Can I get back in?



Hey there, I’m looking to join FaTT on PS4, PSN is ForrestS49. Thanks y’all!


Hi there. I (chase_koeneke on PSN) and my friend Bobby (Lumberjacksmack also on PSN) would love to join up with FATT. I’m sending a request now, and I’ll have Bobby do the same. Looking forward to contributing!


Hi there, I’ve been an on / off lurker on the discord for a while and just started playing on PC. Think it would be fun to play with the waypoint community and just sent a request to join RTO, battle tag is Brion#11833


Hey y’all, I’d love to join up with Friends at the Tower(FATT)! My PSN ID is jlacom. Sending the request now.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!


Heya! I’m on PC, comin back for Forsaken to see what’s up having not played much since launch. Just applied to Red Tree Owls as larkwake. Hope to see y’all there!


Hi, I’m lowgravitas (nickmartens on PSN). I’ve played off and on since vanilla D1 and I’m getting back in for Forsaken. I’d love to join FATT and I’ve sent a request on PSN. Thanks!


Hi, I’m a long time fan of waypoint and getting back into destiny 2 with forsaken and having a lot of fun. I sent a request to join RTO. I’m Charlie#13696 on Bnet.


Hey, my clan…has basically stopped playing. now that rto has reopened, would I be able to join to it? my bnet is Desgardes#1765


Hello, I played through the first expansion on PS4 and then kind of fell off. Looking to jump back in with Forsaken. I sent a request to join FATT over PSN, my screenname there is ams2147


Hey, I’m a long time listener first time poster. I have recently gotten into destiny 2 due to PS+ and I’ve enjoyed it thus far despite not playing any multiplayer games.I looking to join FATT and have some fun. I’ve sent a request, my psn name is NimonaKane321.


Hello, I’m looking to join Friends at the Tower. I started Destiny 2 since it is currently free on PS+. I’m enjoying it so far so I will probably get the expansions at some point. But it’d be cool to run some missions and strikes with some folks. :smile:

My PSN ID is Adjei13.


Hey there! First time Destiny player finally jumping in, really excited to play with you good people. Just applied to RTO as MeatAndBones#1951.


Hey all!

Looking to join [FATT], happy to clan up with some fellow waypointers. ask_greaves is the psn ID

See you all out there!


hey! longtime waypoint reader/watcher. my old clan died off in the past year and looking to join y’all since this is centered as an inclusive, progressive space :star2:

psn: jamiesanerd


Hi - just requested to join RTO (bnet: riffwraith#1398)


Hello everyone! Longtime follower of all things Waypoint and would love to join up with FATT to blast some aliens with folks. PSN: StoicMonkey.


Hello! I just joined up with the Waypoint forums, but I’m hoping I can join RTO. I’m a huge of Waypoint’s content, but very new to Destiny 2. I’m sure I’ll find a welcoming group with all of you!

Username: Detrocko#1783


Howdy! New pc player here, just sent a request to join RTO. My bnet username is Dirrwen#1697