Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hey new player on ps4, sent the request for FATT, can’t wait to play. PSN:Glorious_excess (all caps)



I just picked up Destiny 2, and I’m playing through all the content now. I’m not active on the forums but I listen to Waypoint weekly, and figured the Waypoint clan would be helpful & fun to be apart of while I play.

My ID is housemouse#11758 and I’m going to send a request to RTO :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’ve been playing a fair bit of Destiny 2 lately and I was inspired by Cado and company trying to take on the raid to join up with some waypoint folks.

My battle net ID is: BitBandit#1625. I’m sending a request to join Red Tree Owls.


would like to join PALS
bnet is CoralLeaf#11726


Hey y’all!
Watching the Waypoint playthrough of Forsaken a few weeks ago sunk all the awful hooks of Destiny back into my flesh and now I’m helpless to resist! I came back to an empty clan and Waypoint is categorically ‘good people’ so I figured I’d see if there’s a spot in them Red Tree Owls for me.
Bnet is: Memeshart#1705 because that’s my brand now, apparently.


Would love to join back up with the Red Tree Owls, was in back at release and had a great time with the Waypoint community. Request sent as Intangir#1520. Thanks!


Hello all! I’m looking to join Red Tree Owls, battlenet is Enkidu#1479. I used to be in one of the Waypoint PS4 clans but have since migrated over to PC. Hoping to catch you all in the raid!


unfortunately PALS is at capacity but I’ve sent you an invitation to our Red Tree Owls clan that you’re welcome to join!


much appreciated, thank you


Hey there! I’d like to join Red Tree Owls, battlenet is Shaderone#1351. Looking forward to finding a crew to run with, and potentially do the raid!


Hey! I just sent a request to join Red Tree Owls! I did it first because I’m impulsive and bad at reading completely!

I’m looking to join a clan that’s chill and enjoys having a good time.


Applied to FatT as Dornath92. Hoping to play with some really cool people on PS4!


Hi! I’m Brian! I’d love to join the Red Tree Owls on the PC side of clan stuff for Destiny 2! I just got Forsaken and wanna punch a bunch of monsters and put up a big shield of energy to protect my friends. Also get some shiny gear. And have some fun. Did I mention I main Titan and like punching bad guys? My Battlenet tag is Brisaac#1781 :smiley:

Anyway I hope I can get into the clan soon! <3


Hey, I’m GD. Was hoping to get back into Destiny with the expansion and would enjoy playing with the folks in the waypoint community again. My battletag is gdyoder#1364.


Hi! I’m Calculus#1935 on bnet and I just started getting back into destiny with the expansion. I’d love to join RTO and play through the new stuff together with Waypoint folks!


I dropped D2 for awhile but I’m back with Forsaken and really liking it! Looking forward to playing with the Waypoint community and posted a request to join FATT on PS4.

PSN akins286


I just sent a request to join FATT as DaydreamTomb on PSN.


Hi! I’m sending a request to join FATT through the Bungie site. I’m Esquilax1982 (please, Sony, I’ll pay you to change my name) in PSN!



Hello! I’ve returned to Destiny 2 for Forsaken, but my old clan has not. My cousin got me hooked on the Friends at the Table podcast, and now I’d like to join him in this Destiny 2 clan (along with all you other awesome people). My PSN is CaptureThatLight. I’ll hopefully take down some Scorn with you soon.


Hi all,

Getting back into Destiny 2 on the playstations, and would love to play with some awesome people from Friends at the Tower Username is: jerknugget67. (…i wish playstation would really allow you to change your username…)